YouTuber Asks Straight People To Prove Their Sexuality With His "Straight Asylum Questionnaire"

Time for your daily dose of internet funny (or possibly your 10th dose today).

YouTuber Jazza John decided it would be funny to ask people to prove whether they’re straight or not (and he was right).

Jazza John got the idea after he heard stories of gay immigrants not being allowed asylum because they don’t seem gay enough. This reoccurring event was made especially apparent when one man from Afghan was denied asylum in Austria because he didn’t know the meanings behind the pride flag.

In order to both shine a light on this problem and also make a joke out of it, Jazza John decided to create a questionnaire for straight people.

Do they have a favorite straight song? What do the colors of the straight flag mean? Do they know there’s a straight flag? What attracts them to the opposite sex?

All these questions are fair game in Jazza John’s video, and you can see how people respond below.

Troye Sivan Checks Out Fan Thirst Tweets About Him (And Instantly Regrets It)

The latest video of a male celebrity reading thirst tweets about him is out and we can’t get enough of it.

From John Boyega to John Cena, Jeff Goldblum, and Henry Cavill, Buzzfeed has recorded many male celebs as they read the desires of their fans.

Now, singer and actor Troye Sivan is joining the ranks of those earlier men and having a great time while doing it.

“Good morning, America, I am awake and I want Troye Sivan to spit on me,” wrote one twitter user.

Sivan’s response to that? “I was about to say I’m into that but like ‘Whoa, whoa.’”

And that’s just the start of the video. It only gets crazier and thirstier from there.

Want to see how crazy Sivan fans get on Twitter? Check out the video below.

Online Petitioners Balk At YouTuber Who Teaches Kids About LGBTQ Terms

This YouTuber is facing backlash for teaching kids about the meanings of the LGBTQ-alphabet.

According to GayRVA, YouTuber Lindsay Amer, who uses they/them pronouns, says that they want their channel called Queer Kid Stuff to be the Sesame Street or Mister Roger’s Neighborhood of YouTube.

Every episode, Amer, and co-host Teddy the teddy bear, break down different sexualities, gender identities, and terms within the LGBTQ umbrella in a format created especially for younger viewers.

While the channel has gained 17,000 subscribers and each video earns an average of about 100,000, the show has also garnered controversy.

While there is need for conversation and education of younger viewers looking for answers about LGBTQ concepts and issues, some have found Queer Kid Stuff to be offensive to the channel for focusing on children around the toddler age.

In response, an online petition has appeared that says Queer Kid Stuff is unsuitable for children.

“The young lady responsible for the Queer Kid Stuff YouTube Channel, is making videos that are ideological and political. The videos on the channel explain what LGBTQ+ is, to a target audience of toddlers, telling them it's not only OK to be LGBTQ+, but that it's cool, unique and makes you special, and almost better than cis.”

While the idea of teaching young children about sexuality and gender identity is certainly a tight rope act in terms of responsibility and timing, there is also a counterargument that can be had against these petitioners.

For instance, it’s not like Amer is out forcibly teaching kids this content. They are only providing the content in case any younger viewers later become curious and search for answers about LGBTQ concepts.

That said, is it really ok to be focusing on children at the kindergarten level? How many 3 to 5-year-olds (the age of children watching Sesame Street and Mr. Roger's Neighborhood) are looking up what bisexual means?

Because of the pushback, Amer has had to remain on the defense. Ultimately, Amer says that they take the time to read every comment that appears on the channel to filter out hate speech or comments from neo-Nazis. This is all to make sure that the channel remains family-friendly.

In an article they penned for Business Insider, Amer shared their tips for how to get past online trolls and haters. They also shared a little secret.

“I'm going to let you in on a little secret. The joke's on them. My videos are monetized. I get roughly a dollar for every thousand views. I literally have a penny for every name they called me. Their hate is putting money directly in my pocket. And that's truly how I sleep at night.”

h/t: GayRVA

Alarming Stats Show Tyler Oakley's Losing Fans (But Should We Believe Them)

Are YouTube fans over Tyler Oakley?

I was preparing to write up a quick and simple post about YouTuber Tyler Oakley’s latest video, which was a team up with singer and actress Lady Gaga.

The gay YouTuber and the A Star is Born actress joined together to surprise fans at a screening of Gaga’s film.

While all that is good and fun, one commenter on another site had this writer contemplating a hard truth. Is Tyler Oakley no longer popular?

The comment posted a screenshot of some statistics about Oakley’s plummeting viewer count. It looks like since 2016, the YouTuber’s channel is seeing a decrease in viewer numbers.


I then did a little search myself and found the website where these graphs came from.

It seems SocialBlade was the site of origin and they reveal that Tyler Oakley’s channel has seen better days.

The detailed statistics page reveals that Oakley’s views per month have dropped from 10 Million in 2016 to below 5 Million in the current year. In addition, his number of subscribers has dropped and so too have his daily views for the most of 2018.

Then looking at his videos page on the YouTube channel, you can see that there does seem to be a change. While videos from three years ago often earned 1 Million or more views, Oakley’s most recent views rarely break the 200,000 mark.

One could say this difference is due to the accumulation of views on the older videos as time went by, but the overall image is still concerning.

Keep in mind that this post isn’t meant to infuriate fans. It’s simply from one person, who is neither a fan nor a hater, who always thought of Oakley as a top LGBTQ YouTuber. As such, these lowered numbers seem eye-opening.

Decreasing subscriber/viewer counts aside, that title is still accurate. Tyler Oakley has more than 7.5 Million subscribers to this day, he uploads at least one video a week, he is often honored for bringing visibility to LGBTQ issues and people, and the general populace still knows him as a popular gay YouTuber.

Even if his popularity is waning, his worth as an outspoken gay content creator is as strong as ever.

If Lady Gaga thinks he’s a worthy guy to work with to surprise and benefit fans, then Tyler Oakley is doing just fine in my eyes.

But what do you all say? Is Tyler Oakley in or out?



This article is the opinion of the individual Instinct writer and does not reflect the opinions or stance of Instinct Magazine.

YouTubers Mark E. Miller & Ethan Hethcote Post Video Explaining Their Breakup

Another YouTube couple had decided to call it quits.

Breaking up in a relationship can be really hard. But, breaking up in front of millions of people is even harder. This is a problem that many YouTube couples, who publicize and monetize their relationships, have to deal with. Or even worse, it’s a threat that will haunt them as they continue on in their relationship.

Unfortunately, for YouTuber Mark E. Miller, he had to announce to the world that his long-term boyfriend Ethan Hethcote is no longer his boyfriend.

The two started dating back in 2013 and through Mark’s channel, they have had more than 680,000 people watch them and support their relationship.



A post shared by Mark (@marke_miller) on

As such, the two, in a fashion that’s much like when parents share with their children that a divorce is on the way, made a video about why they broke up.

“We’ve had a very fast, very fun, very exciting five years,” said Hethcote. “We started a company together, we made videos together, so it was like our professional live and persona lives got really intertwined.”

“I don’t mean to say that in a bad way, because it’s an awesome thing,” he added. “I’m so grateful for the experiences that we’ve had. We just need to re-evaluate how we’re doing individually, because everything was just so habitually together.”

The two then quoted a famous RuPaul saying:

“The moral of this story is the RuPaul saying: ‘If you can’t love yourself, how the hell are you gonna love somebody else?’” he added.

You can check out the video down below.

'The Shallow End' is a Funny NSFW Series, think Sean Cody--if Mel Brooks Directed

You may be sad that summer is ending soon, but there’s a new comedy YouTube series that is here to keep you hot and sweaty—all while laughing your ass off at some awkward situations that may hit close to home. The Shallow End is a new LGBTQ comedy series created by comedians Jason Michael Snow, Lucas Hazlett, and Mathew Francis.

The show features three gay friends sipping cocktails poolside as they reminisce on their comical hookup horror stories—we’re talkin’ the good, the bad, and the UGLY! The show features gay artists Brian Jordan Alvarez (Will and Grace, Caleb Gallo), Drew Droege (Heathers, Bright Colors and Bold Patterns), Zeke Smith (Survivor), Blake McIver (The People’s Couch), Nick Adams (Broadway’s Priscilla Queen of the Desert) and Zach Noe Towers (Just for Laughs 2018).

The Shallow End was released on August 1st and has released three episodes to date that will both haunt you and make you spit out your martini with laughter. Oh and did I mention that the series is definitely NSFW? The creators clearly point this out at the beginning of each episode. The sexually suggestive storylines feature implied nudity and scenarios that co-creator Snow asserts are completely real!

Here’s the trailer:



Some of you (us) may have encountered situations that are similar or WORSE than those told in The Shallow End so you should feel right at home with the queens as they kiki in their towel turbans and lounge on their pool floaties. Just think Sean Cody—if Mel Brooks directed it.

Season one of The Shallow End will feature 6 original episodes with a behind-the-scenes ‘Gag Reel’ episode being released next week. The season finale will include original culture vulture from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, Jai Rodriguez and Vincent Rodriguez III from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

So if you’re craving the raunchy cabana pillow talk without that awful chlorine taste—take a dip in The Shallow End.

Episode 1 | Therapy is a F@#%ing Joke



Episode 2 | Mexican After 7:00



Episode 3 | Dark Knight Surprises




h/t: The Shallow End


YouTube Algorithm Out Of Control: Site Bans Gay Fetish Account Recon

YouTube’s censorship algorithm strikes again! The latest victim? A gay fetish channel.

The fetish-focused dating app and website Recon received word on July 25th that it’s informational/educational YouTube account had been disabled, according to them.

Company brand director Sandy Pianim then reached out to a few select friends to share the news before he later went public. That then led friend and fellow YouTube creator Amp Somers to make a Twitter thread about the incident.

“I tweeted because I’m tired of people being deleted and people being quiet about it all,” Somers told them.

Keep in mind, the entirety of the account was disabled. Meanwhile, several other fetish channels, where you can watch videos of women in latex, were left unaffected. Clearly, this is not an issue of censoring fetishism and an issue of censoring LGBTQ fetishism.

Even worse, this isn’t the first time that the channel has been banned by YouTube.

According to Buzzfeed, the account was banned back in 2016. YouTube’s excuse at the time was the same as this time. “It’s a hitch in the algorithm.”

“With over 400 hours of video uploaded every minute, we rely on our community and machine learning technology to flag content that may violate our Community Guidelines for human review,” a YouTube spokesperson said in a statement. “With the volume of videos on our platform, sometimes we make mistakes and when this is brought to our attention we reinstate the videos or channels. We give uploaders the ability to appeal these decisions and we will re-review the content.”

It seems that these problems with LGBTQ content and the censorship algorithm have been happening a lot lately. In fact, there have been constant problems for the past two years or so.

For instance, 2017 saw several YouTube creators complaining about their LGBTQ-themed content being pushed behind a “restricted mode” wall. These were not just videos about overt sexuality, but everyday videos about bullying, weddings, and life as an LGBTQ person too.

Then earlier this year, South African singer and lead actor of the film The Wound/The Inxeba shared that the music video for his single “Clairvoyant” had been censored by the website.

These constant aggressions against LGBTQ people have left creators feeling resentful against the video sharing platform, and it has yet to correct these “kinks” in the program.

Unfortunately, the disabling of this LGBTQ fetish account, which again is not the only fetish account on the site, proves that YouTube has a problem with LGBTQ people (whether they admit it or not).

Back in 2016, the channel’s site was later reinstated after Buzzfeed made headlines about the incident. Hopefully, us raising a stink and getting in YouTube’s face about it will get their attention.

That said, will something like this happen again with its faulty algorithm? Most assuredly. And it seems to YouTube, that’s just another day on the job.

h/t: them., Buzzfeed

Youtube Banned Man Who Exposed "Gays Should Be Executed Humanly" Preacher Matt Powell

Last May, we shared with you the story of Matt Powell and Skylar Fiction.

Fiction is an atheist who runs a Youtube channel where he discusses, and sometimes confronts, religions and religious figures.

Back in May, Fiction had a livestream broadcast in which he spoke to Christin Preacher Matt Powell. The conversation quickly turned into how fundamentalist Christians demonize LGBTQ people and homosexuality.

Within eight minutes, Powell opened up about his true thoughts on homosexuality.

“As far as homosexuality goes, I believe the Bible puts the death penalty on it,” Powell said. “I believe it’s disgusting. And incidentally, every scientific test has come back and said that homosexuals are 50 more times likely to get AIDS… we got this AIDS thing spreading… it’s a fact that this is the case.”

“I believe the Bible puts the death penalty on it,” Powell continued. “Obviously, not by me or anybody in a regular society, obviously. I believe it’s the government’s job to execute criminals. I believe that the Bible says clearly that homosexuality is a criminal crime. It’s a crime. It’s one of the worst crimes ever.”

While many on the internet were shocked and disgusted by Powell’s words, many also applauded Fiction for confronting and debating with the preacher. Unfortunately, Youtube wasn’t as appreciative.

At the start of this week, Fiction found that Youtube not only took down the video of Fiction and Powell’s debate, but also punished him for even having it.

Fiction reached out to news source DeadState to share that Youtube had taken down the video since it promoted “hate speech,” added a strike to his channel, and banned him from live streams for three months.

“It’s sad that I can’t even ask people questions about what they believe without getting flagged for promoting hate speech,” Skylar said. “This is obviously not what I was doing. I was showing the ignorance of Matt’s point of view and countering his positions. If people in this country are not aware that people like Matt exist, they have no opportunity to challenge their ideas.”

To counteract this decision, Skylar Fiction tried to appeal the temporary ban, but he was quickly rejected.

“It didn’t go well,” he says in the video below. “My appeal has been denied … Now I’m on I guess a probation period for 90 days I cannot go live.”

“Matt was telling his opinions which are disgusting and awful, but the point of my program is not to promote hate, and I was arguing against it.”

While all of this was happening, Matt Powell’s Youtube channel remained up and running.

Thankfully, reaching out to news sources and asking for the support of his fans led to Fiction getting the ban lifted. As he shared with fans last night, the strike on his channel has been taken off and he is free to have live stream debates again.

This is just another issue caused by Youtube’s reporting system and censorship algorithm. You’d think the company would want to fix its system to prevent further issues, but each new incident is proving to us that they don't intend to.

YouTube Takes To Twitter To Apologize To LGBT Users Just Before The Closing Bell Of Pride Month

Is this a little too late? Haven't we been dealing with this issue for the past year and then some?

YouTube apologized to the LGBTQ community on Saturday over its enforcement of certain policies on its platform that have been criticized by LGBTQ YouTube video creators.

It's all about the money as well as tagging appropriately.  YouTube acknowledged that it "had issues" with "inappropriate ads" and concerns over how it enforces its monetization policy. YouTube was stripping ads from videos that seemed to violate its monetization terms of service, a practice which prevents the video’s creator from making a profit off of the video.





“We're sorry and we want to do better.”  Are we all good now?  A tweet fixed everything, right?  Well, it was a 4-part tweet.

The limiting of air time for and monetization of LGBT videos was mentioned quite well in this video from Arielle Jane and was shared originally on August 18, 2017, where she mentions videos tagged with LGBT were buried because at one point they were deemed not safe for the youth, but more recently, not safe for advertising.



The company's tweets, coming at the end of LGBT Pride Month, follow criticism from members of the LGBTQ community earlier this month over YouTube's enforcement of its ad and monetization policies.

There was also a point where YouTube seemed to be swinging the wrong way completely and becoming anti-LGBT. In some cases YouTube was placing anti-LGBTQ ads next to LGBTQ content.  Whoops,  an engineering issue, sorry, said YouTube.

YouTube, we get enough discrimination and weeding out, not being heard and pushed aside.  Put your money(tization) where your mouth is and follow through with being a welcoming place.


Homophobes And LGBTQ Creators Complained In Droves After Youtube Uploaded A Pride Video

Youtube has released its official LGBTQ Pride video for 2018 and haters flooded it.

The video features several LGBTQ celebrities such as Olympian Adam Rippon, singers Janelle Monae and Hayley Kiyoko, Youtuber Tyler Oakley, and more.

The message behind the video is Pride and the creation of LGBTQ content in many mediums.

That said, haters flooded the video to give it over 113,000 dislikes. In addition, several comments held negative words like, “This is trash,” or “I lost braincells watching this rubbish.”

On top of that, there were also comments criticizing Youtube and calling the company a hypocrite.

"Thanks for screwing over creators for the past year," said one commentor.

"But you guys still demonetize people for acknowledging their LGBT lives in video titles?" asked another.

The video platform has had many controversies over censoring LGBTQ content in the past few years. Last year, LGBTQ youtubers became aware that the site was hiding their content behind a “restricted mode” wall. After several Youtubers complained, the company released a statement apologizing and saying that it would rework the censor's algorithm.

That said, video creators are still reporting problems this year. For instance, singer (and lead actor for the South African film The Wound/The Inxeba) Nakhane found earlier this year that the music video for his single “Clairvoyant” had been censored.

With haters swarming the video and jilted LGBTQ youtubers leaving criticizing comments, it seems that this year’s Pride video on Youtube was a big mess.