Youtube Banned Man Who Exposed "Gays Should Be Executed Humanly" Preacher Matt Powell

Last May, we shared with you the story of Matt Powell and Skylar Fiction.

Fiction is an atheist who runs a Youtube channel where he discusses, and sometimes confronts, religions and religious figures.

Back in May, Fiction had a livestream broadcast in which he spoke to Christin Preacher Matt Powell. The conversation quickly turned into how fundamentalist Christians demonize LGBTQ people and homosexuality.

Within eight minutes, Powell opened up about his true thoughts on homosexuality.

“As far as homosexuality goes, I believe the Bible puts the death penalty on it,” Powell said. “I believe it’s disgusting. And incidentally, every scientific test has come back and said that homosexuals are 50 more times likely to get AIDS… we got this AIDS thing spreading… it’s a fact that this is the case.”

“I believe the Bible puts the death penalty on it,” Powell continued. “Obviously, not by me or anybody in a regular society, obviously. I believe it’s the government’s job to execute criminals. I believe that the Bible says clearly that homosexuality is a criminal crime. It’s a crime. It’s one of the worst crimes ever.”

While many on the internet were shocked and disgusted by Powell’s words, many also applauded Fiction for confronting and debating with the preacher. Unfortunately, Youtube wasn’t as appreciative.

At the start of this week, Fiction found that Youtube not only took down the video of Fiction and Powell’s debate, but also punished him for even having it.

Fiction reached out to news source DeadState to share that Youtube had taken down the video since it promoted “hate speech,” added a strike to his channel, and banned him from live streams for three months.

“It’s sad that I can’t even ask people questions about what they believe without getting flagged for promoting hate speech,” Skylar said. “This is obviously not what I was doing. I was showing the ignorance of Matt’s point of view and countering his positions. If people in this country are not aware that people like Matt exist, they have no opportunity to challenge their ideas.”

To counteract this decision, Skylar Fiction tried to appeal the temporary ban, but he was quickly rejected.

“It didn’t go well,” he says in the video below. “My appeal has been denied … Now I’m on I guess a probation period for 90 days I cannot go live.”

“Matt was telling his opinions which are disgusting and awful, but the point of my program is not to promote hate, and I was arguing against it.”

While all of this was happening, Matt Powell’s Youtube channel remained up and running.

Thankfully, reaching out to news sources and asking for the support of his fans led to Fiction getting the ban lifted. As he shared with fans last night, the strike on his channel has been taken off and he is free to have live stream debates again.

This is just another issue caused by Youtube’s reporting system and censorship algorithm. You’d think the company would want to fix its system to prevent further issues, but each new incident is proving to us that they don't intend to.

YouTube Takes To Twitter To Apologize To LGBT Users Just Before The Closing Bell Of Pride Month

Is this a little too late? Haven't we been dealing with this issue for the past year and then some?

YouTube apologized to the LGBTQ community on Saturday over its enforcement of certain policies on its platform that have been criticized by LGBTQ YouTube video creators.

It's all about the money as well as tagging appropriately.  YouTube acknowledged that it "had issues" with "inappropriate ads" and concerns over how it enforces its monetization policy. YouTube was stripping ads from videos that seemed to violate its monetization terms of service, a practice which prevents the video’s creator from making a profit off of the video.





“We're sorry and we want to do better.”  Are we all good now?  A tweet fixed everything, right?  Well, it was a 4-part tweet.

The limiting of air time for and monetization of LGBT videos was mentioned quite well in this video from Arielle Jane and was shared originally on August 18, 2017, where she mentions videos tagged with LGBT were buried because at one point they were deemed not safe for the youth, but more recently, not safe for advertising.



The company's tweets, coming at the end of LGBT Pride Month, follow criticism from members of the LGBTQ community earlier this month over YouTube's enforcement of its ad and monetization policies.

There was also a point where YouTube seemed to be swinging the wrong way completely and becoming anti-LGBT. In some cases YouTube was placing anti-LGBTQ ads next to LGBTQ content.  Whoops,  an engineering issue, sorry, said YouTube.

YouTube, we get enough discrimination and weeding out, not being heard and pushed aside.  Put your money(tization) where your mouth is and follow through with being a welcoming place.


Homophobes And LGBTQ Creators Complained In Droves After Youtube Uploaded A Pride Video

Youtube has released its official LGBTQ Pride video for 2018 and haters flooded it.

The video features several LGBTQ celebrities such as Olympian Adam Rippon, singers Janelle Monae and Hayley Kiyoko, Youtuber Tyler Oakley, and more.

The message behind the video is Pride and the creation of LGBTQ content in many mediums.

That said, haters flooded the video to give it over 113,000 dislikes. In addition, several comments held negative words like, “This is trash,” or “I lost braincells watching this rubbish.”

On top of that, there were also comments criticizing Youtube and calling the company a hypocrite.

"Thanks for screwing over creators for the past year," said one commentor.

"But you guys still demonetize people for acknowledging their LGBT lives in video titles?" asked another.

The video platform has had many controversies over censoring LGBTQ content in the past few years. Last year, LGBTQ youtubers became aware that the site was hiding their content behind a “restricted mode” wall. After several Youtubers complained, the company released a statement apologizing and saying that it would rework the censor's algorithm.

That said, video creators are still reporting problems this year. For instance, singer (and lead actor for the South African film The Wound/The Inxeba) Nakhane found earlier this year that the music video for his single “Clairvoyant” had been censored.

With haters swarming the video and jilted LGBTQ youtubers leaving criticizing comments, it seems that this year’s Pride video on Youtube was a big mess.

Twin Youtubers Luc and Cooper Coyle Came Out To Their Mom

Another pair of brothers are coming out to their parent in a Youtube video.

The Coyle Twins are photographers, Youtubers, and brothers living in New York City. Luc and Cooper started their channel back in 2016 and have successfully grown it since then. Now, they have a stable 35,000 member following who will watch their vlogs about their everyday lives.

But, one special video that the twins put out recently was especially important. The twins decided that it was time for them to finally come out to their mom.

Let’s be honest, the boys aren’t exactly hiding their sexuality. That said, they’ve never openly talked about it to their parents, so they decided it was time to change that.

As Luc shares at the start of the video, “We’re not really hiding it, it’s just that awkward elephant in the room, break the ice, how do you say it?”

Want to see what their mom says after they come out to her over the phone? Check out the video down below to find out!

Aussie Musician Now Claims Anti-Gay Rant Was A "Joke"

Australian electronic musician Pogo, aka Nick Bertke, says his anti-gay rant wherein he cheered the Pulse Nightclub massacre posted yesterday was just a bit of fun to attempt to "trigger" people.

YouTube has since deleted the Aussie's hate rant which probably has something to do with his "explanation" today.

"It's time for me to 'man up' and clear the air of some of this controversy. I'm turning 30 soon, and I think it's well past due."

Pogo now claims in a new video the whole bit was a bit of trolling to "grind the gears" of Internet folks who get triggered too easily.

“The things I said in this video I think have deserved the reception that the video has had. I love confusing people. Then I took it too far.”

“There is no pinch of salt big enough to be taken with what I have said. It’s all good and well for me to open a valve and to draw people out into the open – people I don’t like, you know, hypocrites etcetera, but I feel very strongly that it’s been very naive behavior on my part. 

"If I’m going to tuck my tail between my legs and admit anything it’s that these posts and these videos and these things I’ve made for the sake of being edgy have not contributed to any productive conversation.”

He then takes a left turn by giving props to professional provocateur Milo Yiannopolous saying, “I like some of the things people like Milo Yiannopoulos say, but I don’t like the way he says them."

Predictably, he eventually plays the "I can't be homophobic because I have gay friends" card.

“Apparently I hate gay people," says Pogo. "Many of my friends and supporters are gay. There is definitely a degree of irony.”

Pogo also shares in an accompanying note that empathy is "muddled" for him because he himself is "bicurious" and also says he has Aspergers and Bipolar disorder.

“I don’t hate gays. I am in fact bicurious myself, and it has not been easy within the culture I have been raised. The 2016 video circulating was a satirical sh*tpost made in bad tastes and I never intended for it go public. I have Asperger’s and Bipolar disorder so my sense of humour and empathy for people is often very muddled. It’s a condition I’ve struggled with for many years as an artist who feels passionately about things and who faces the public eye every hour of my life. The internet has taken the video very far out of context and proportion, but I am very sorry to the people who I the video has hurt or confused.”

I think someone got a talking to. What do you think?

Watch the "explanation" below.



22-Year-Old Preacher Matt Powell Says The Bible Asks For Humane Killing Of Gays

Nowadays, it seems that people will do anything to get a following online.

Matt Powell is a 22-year-old Christian preacher who’s trying to build his Youtube channel. While he only has a little over 350 subscribers right now, he’s gaining attention for his anti-gay rhetoric.

As DeadSlate reports, Powell appeared on a webcast with atheist Youtuber Skylar Fiction and shared his hateful thoughts on the program.

Fiction argued that Christianity promotes harmful mentalities like anti-homosexual rhetoric, and Powell only proved him right.

“As far as homosexuality goes, I believe the Bible puts the death penalty on it,” Powell said. “I believe it’s disgusting. And incidentally, every scientific test has come back and said that homosexuals are 50 more times likely to get AIDS… we got this AIDS thing spreading… it’s a fact that this is the case.”

“You don’t believe that gay people should be stoned to death, do you?” Fiction asked.

“I believe the Bible puts the death penalty on it,” Powell replied. “Obviously, not by me or anybody in a regular society, obviously. I believe it’s the government’s job to execute criminals. I believe that the Bible says clearly that homosexuality is a criminal crime. It’s a crime. It’s one of the worst crimes ever.”

“Is that what you’re advocating for?” Fiction pressed. “That our government should stone gays to death to execute them?”

Powell responded, “By whatever means they execute people. And obviously, I believe in humane, you know, putting to death.”

Skylar then pointed out the hypocrisy of a “humane killing,” and asked how other biblical offenses, such as disobedient children, should be punished. Powell responded by saying the same punishment was appropriate.

Its scary what some homophobes will say.


New LGBT-Friendly YouTube Show Dissects Superheroes, Comics, And More

From the makers of Next of Ken, a popular countdown series on YouTube, which just crossed over 100,000 subscribers, The Amazing Offenders and Friends is a new weekly YouTube talk show where a team of nerds discuss the latest superhero news, review comic book movies, and debate which hero or villain would win in a segment called, “Superpowered Matchup.”

The LGBT-Friendly show aspires to merge straight culture with gay culture in order to create a dialogue between sexualities using a popular form of media that’s universally-beloved by all – comic books.

The show features nerds of varying ethnicities and some from across the sexuality spectrum including Gay, Straight, Bisexual, and Queer with the intention of introducing new and unique perspectives to both the hosts and the audience.

“The show doesn’t necessarily focus on LGBT politics,” co-host and co-creator Ryan O’Connor said. “It’s really just a platform for nerds of different sexualities and ethnicities to discuss and express our shared love of superheroes, comic books, and more. It’s an LGBT-friendly web series that’s accessible for everyone.”

The first two episodes have already gone LIVE on YouTube with new episodes uploaded each week.

To catch the latest episodes and subscribe to the channel, hop over to The Amazing Offenders and Friends and join the nerdy fun!

And if you don't want to leap over small cookies with a single click, here's episode 1.


South African Singer Nakhane "Livid" After His Music Video Was Censored On Youtube

Youtube’s done it again with censoring gay content.

South African singer-songwriter Nakhane (who alo starred in the film The Wound) is criticizing the video sharing platform for putting up an age-restriction on the music video for his song “Clairvoyant.”

In the video, Nakhane is seen expressing a relationship with another man. The two argue, cuddle, laugh, share intimate touches, and kiss. That said, no explicit depictions of sex are included.

To be fair, the music video does contain partial nudity, which could have set off the warning. But there are plenty of other "sexually suggestive content" that don't get put behind an age-restriction. 

When he noticed the censorship, Nakhane was deeply offended and assumed it was because of the gay content. He then shared that frustration online.

Some, like actress and TV presenter Sade Giliberti, agreed. Giliberti stated in response to Nakhane’s tweet:

“The model is messed up. 3 of my videos have been flagged due to the ‘lesbian’ content. It’s trolls flagging & getting them either demonetised or restricted. YouTube need to up their game in how they just allow this without actually viewing content themselves.”

Do you think Nakhane’s music video should have been censored? You can watch the video down below and then let us know what you think.

h/t: GayTimes

Enemies of Dorothy Release A Comedic Twist On A Classic Horror Movie

Last year, we shared with you the video announcement of queer power couple Pennywise and Babadook getting engaged. Now, we have to share with you the video of a hostage negotiation.

In reality, we’re sharing with you one of the latest videos released by comedy Youtube Channel Enemies of Dorothy (the most recent video being a “Mike Pence is Probably Gay video”).

The video we’re talking about is titled “Social Justice Strangers” and it puts a politically correct twist on the horror story, The Strangers.

In the video, we see channel creators Ryan Fisher and Chris Bryant tied up and terrorized by Zack Ogle, Jenny Yang, and Hayley Shaw. The three strangers are planning to kill-off the two men, but they then realize that the two are a gay couple.

“Is this a hate crime?”

The video goes off the rails, in the best way, from there. Check it out below.



h/t: Advocate

Youtube Channel "Cut" Celebrates LGBTQ Life With Inclusive Skits, Games, And Fun

So, I’ll be honest with you guys from the jump, this post is just a shameless promotion for a Youtube channel that I like. But, I hope you’ll at least see that the channel’s fun enough to warrant a post.

The channel that I’ll be talking to you guys about is Cut. Cut is a sort of Buzzfeed-esque channel that specializes in a variety of segments to entertain and sometimes enlighten the viewer. As the channel’s About page simply states, “Cut is for everyone.”

But what kind of videos does Cut publish more specifically? Well again, it varies. Some of their more popular series include Fear Pong, where exs, random strangers, siblings, parents/children, and more engage in a game of beer pong with some funny dares included.

Another series includes Truth or Drink, which is pretty self-explanatory, and is usually played by the same groups of people.

Then finally, another fan favorite is the LineUp series, which has an ever-changing topic from video to video. Some videos will have people guessing whether people in a group of strangers are porn stars or not, or they could be guessing zodiac signs, guessing sexual orientations, racial ethnicities, or much more.

And that brings us to the, “Why are we talking about it here?” topic.

Cut is a fantastic studio that dares to match that label of being “for everyone.” That means, they’re not afraid to tackle interesting videos like, “Parents Explain School Shootings,” "Blind People Describe Beauty," or “A Rabbi, a Priest and an Atheist Smoke Weed Together.” On top of that, the show is ever inclusive when it comes to LGBTQ people and life.

By including awkward conversations between exs, flirtatious first dates, committed couples, and hilarious strangers becoming fast friends, this Youtube channel humanizes LGBTQ people.

All of this is to say, if you’re looking for a new Youtube Channel to watch (something to enjoy while you’re running on the treadmill, hanging out with friends, on the tube/train, or whatever else), Cut is worth a click.

This post shares the opinions of one of the contributing writers of Instinct Magazine.  It does not represent the magazine's beliefs or the beliefs of the other Contributing Writers.