RuPaul Makes Animated Debut On 'The Simpsons' This Sunday

You know you’ve arrived at the pinnacle of pop culture when you get that call to guest star on an episode of The Simpsons.

This Sunday, Emmy Award-winner RuPaul makes his animated debut on the long running animated series as “Queen Chante.”

FOX released a quick video tease of the upcoming episode along with some clues about the storyline.

From what we know so far, Marge makes yet another attempt at finding a successful career, this time as a Tupperware salesperson. 

But to get an edge on her competition, Marge’s hairdresser, Julio, suggests selling the plastic storage products in drag. Apparently, drag queens sell the most Tupperware - who knew?

Showrunner Al Jean told Entertainment Weekly in a recent interview, “This is true - most successful Tupperware sellers are drag queens.”

Dang, queens are good at everything!

Also in the mix, Homer makes HIS drag debut complete with full-on runway strut adorned in a blond wig and black dress. 

How the animated series has gone 30 seasons without Homer in drag almost boggles the mind.

Plus, not only do we get Mama Ru in the drag-tastic episode, but RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 3 winner, Raja, makes a cameo as herself as well.

In an Instagram post, Raja shared the cartoon image writing, “The Simpsons was a huge part of my childhood, being asked to be on an episode was surreal and mind blowing, to say the least.”

Watch the teaser below. And remember, Mama Ru’s “Queen Chante” will come to slay this Sunday at 8/7c on FOX.




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Rock n Roll Royalty, a Naked Olympian, and More to Guest Judge RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 4

We are about a month away from another season of RuPaul's Drag Race beginning! This time it's All Stars 4, which will premiere on December 14th at 8:00 PM on VH1.

In addition to the new season, next month promises to be a Drag Eleganza Extravaganza as we also have the RuPaul’s Drag Race Holi-slay Spectacular on December 7th at 8/7c.  It will involve eight fan favorites (Eureka O’HaraJasmine MastersKim ChiLatrice RoyaleMayhem MillerShangelaSonique, and Trixie Mattel) competing for the first ever title of America’s First “Drag Race Xmas Queen.” 

But the news about next season just keeps coming. The All Stars 4 judges have officially been revealed, and this may just be the show's most sickening guest appearances yet. It's a bevy of stars from yesteryear to today, young and old, gay, bisexual, straight, and everything in-between.

Let's break down each and I'll add the one thing that comes to mind when I see their names.

Jenifer Lewis: Shangela's impression of her on AS3

Ciara: Having naughty times with my ex while "Goodies" played in the background. 

Kacey Musgraves: Groundbreaking Country Music Artist (listen to "Follow Your Arrow" ASAP). 

Gus Kenworthy: Naked ESPN photo. 

Keiynan Lonsdale: Please marry me. 

Zoë Kravitz: That second to last scene in the first season of Big Little Lies.

Yvette Nicole Brown: Community legend. 

Cecily Strong: Criminally underrated SNL star who should be much bigger than she is. 

Rita Ora: Singer and host in her own right.

Susanne Bartsch: A needed presence on this show to educate the younger audience on what gay culture was and should still be. 

Ellen Pompeo: McDreamy vs. McSteamy. 

Frances Bean Cobain: Rock n Roll Royalty. 

Felicity Huffman: The original "Housewife". 

Jason Wu: Great designer, but I can't fit into any of his clothes. 

Erica Ash: Way prettier than me.



Who are you excited to see on All Stars 4 as a guest? 

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Here’s Why All Stars 4 Will (More Than Likely) Be Amazing

We got two separate surprises from the World of Wonder/RuPaul’s Drag Race people over the past two weeks. First they announced a special one-off episode that will crown America’s First Christmas Queen on December 7th. Then, one week later, All Stars 4 will premiere, making it the first time that two separate All Stars seasons aired within the same year (not entirely, but you get the point).

It’s clear that the hunger for more Drag Race is evident given the immensely successful year the show has had. They won a ton of Emmy’s back in September (including their first for Outstanding Reality Competition Program), had its highest ratings ever and further solidified what a force this show is to be reckoned with. And it shows no signs of slowing down soon with All Stars 4 being released before 2019 begins which will (assumedly) lead to season 11 premiering sometime in the late winter/early spring. GAG.

The promos for All Stars 4 were released on Friday morning… and they look incredible. The list of this season’s queens competing for the coveted All Stars crown has been rumored for a couple of months now and I’m thrilled that all that chatter online became a reality as I can see any of them winning.

I think this crop of girls will fare much better than All Stars 3 did, mainly because it was a season that just didn’t really work for the most part. AS3 was kind of the spinoff equivalent to season 7: great group of girls, just not intertwined with one another.

It was just… confusing. You had two quitters (BenDeLaCreme and Chi Chi DeVayne was bursting at the seams to get off that set), two somewhat delusional competitors (Milk and Bebe Zahara Benet), two queens who are amazing in real life but aren’t cut out for the Drag Race gameplay (Thorgy Thor and Morgan McMichaels) and the rest were really there for the right reasons and to win in the end (Aja, Trixie Mattel, Shangela, Kennedy Davenport).

In the end the twists and turns that this show provides once again got f***ed up and Trixie won due to the popular vote from the eliminated queens and not what was right in presumably Ru (and many other eyes) for Shangela to win. It’s nothing against Trixie, but her track record paled greatly in comparison to Shangela and it really was a head scratcher as to how she won in the end when she never won a single competition in both her seasons. So yeah, meh, bad season.

Perhaps All Stars seasons do better as even numbers, given how electrifying AS2 was and how god awful AS1 was. It appears as if this show has listened to the fans and maybe figured out a formula that will actually work this time around so that in the end they crown the deserved queen.

The group itself consists of girls that are extremely real, blunt and will keep it that way throughout. Farrah Moan and Naomi Smalls may seem like the reserved ones from the bunch but based on their promos I think they are trying to overcome that. For as much hate as Valentina gets, she’s held her own, especially during the S9 reunion when everyone was coming at her for winning Miss Congeniality.

Then you have those bold personalities that are some of the most loved to this day. Latrice Royale and Monet X Change are the other two Miss Congeniality’s competing in AS4 where its hard to find anyone who really has anything bad to say about them. I’ll throw Manila Luzon and Monique Heart in there are they are also beloved in their own ways and will be fun to watch all over again.

The wild cards to me for this will be Jasmine Masters, Trinity Taylor and Gia Gunn. Trinity is someone who I would not want to mess with, yet she’s in a group of girls who won’t put up with her mouth for one second just like some of the S9 queens did like Charlie Hides. Jasmine and Gia went out very early in their seasons and are more known for being catchphrase queens (“No tea, no shade no pink lemonade,” “ABSOLUTELYYYY”) than anything else. They are two very smart choices as it gives them a second chance to show the Drag Race fandom a hopefully elongated side to them that they didn’t really show the first time around.

This grouping just feels more cohesive and not a hodgepodge like AS3 was. There’s a lot of pressure moving forward for this show to be good, given how popular it has gotten, and I really think that they have developed the right formula for AS4. Here’s hoping that it will be everything and more when it premieres December 14th on VH1… henny.


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Is RuPaul's Christmas Special Just for Shangela to Win?

RuPaul’s Drag Race fans got an early holiday gift courtesy of Ru and World of Wonder when it was announced this week that they will be airing a special called A RuPaul’s Drag Race Holi-slay Spectacular. It is set to air December 7th on VH1. 

Essentially the show is bringing back 8 legendary Drag Race contestants who will compete for the title of America’s First Drag Race Christmas Queen. This could also mean that they will announce the premiere dates of either All Stars 4 or season 11 of RPDR… but I might be getting ahead of myself here.

I was all excited to hear about this very fun event, as at this point I’ll pretty much watch Victoria “Porkchop” Parker downing a pork chop herself as long as it relates to the show (I’m a super fan as you can tell). When I found out who the 8 queens were that will be part of the special, however, my excitement paused.

Here are the 8 listed:

Eureka O’Hara (Seasons 9 & 10)

Shangela (Seasons 2 & 3 and All Stars 3)

Jasmine Masters (Season 7)

Kim Chi (Season 8)

Mayhem Miller (Season 10)

Latrice Royale (Season 4, All Stars 1)

Sonique (Season 2)

Trixie Mattel (Season 7, All Stars 3 Winner)

This is actually a very fun group, and it makes me think that the date for All Stars 4 will be released first instead of season 11 (just like they did this year) as Latrice and Jasmine are on the rumored list of queens competing.

It’s fairly obvious, from a diehard fan like mine’s POV, that Shangela will win. I really don’t think they would put her through something for a fourth time only for her to lose.

Let’s break down Shangela’s time on this show. Season 2 she was out first against her late friend Sahara Davenport. Did she deserve to go that soon? Arguable, but we may not have her as the star she is today if she made it further into the competition.

Season 3 emerged a much more confident and ballsy Shangela. She took on anyone who came in her path, got rid of not one but two of the “Heathers” clique and made her way all the way to the top 5.

All Stars 3 was a different ball game for her. She was already an All Star in the real world having scored major acting gigs and becoming one of the most recognizable names the industry has seen in years. Not to mention this was before word got out that she and Willam were in A Star is Born, which is poised to take home several Oscars next year.

She made it to the final four alongside Trixie, Kennedy Davenport and Bebe Zahara Benet, only to lose due to the eliminated queens not voting for her to make it to the final two. It confused Ru, the judges and everyone else at home who felt that she not only belonged in the top two but should have easily won over her three competitors.

Was this Holiday Spectacular specifically made just for her to win? A lot of comments on social media seem to think so, and to be honest it would be nice to see someone as talented and amazing as Shangela finally take home a crown she should’ve won this year. Then again… you never know.

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5 Things I Want to See Happen on RPDR Season 11

The 2018 calendar year is ending, which means we have the holidays to look forward to, the ability to gain a couple of pounds and hide it in some bulky sweaters, and the inevitability of a new year beginning. Oh, and another season of RuPaul’s Drag Race starting.

Several RPDR fans got super excited this week when it was announced that they are doing a holiday spectacular that will air on VH1 in the beginning of December. Does this also mean that they will reveal when season 11 of RPDR will air in 2019… as well as All Stars 4? It seems like that might happen, but who knows as the schedule for both is still unknown.

Regardless of which show premieres first, we are in for another wild ride of Drag Race that will happen over the course of several months (just like it did in 2018). I am an avid watcher and lover of this show and have been following it since it began way back in 2009. Several elements of it has changed since then, but the core of what the Emmy-winning program is has remained the same: to discover the next big group of girls who will become global superstars.

There are 5 things I need to see happen for season 11 that will help make it that much more incredible. Take a look at what needs to happen in order for RPDR to score another Emmy next year.

1. LEARN TO SEW. A staple of RPDR revolves around at least one challenge per season where the queens have to create an outfit from scratch. Not knowing how to sew at this stage of the game should really require an easy disqualification as the eye rolls can be felt around the world when a later season queen (Naysha Lopez, Kandy Ho, etc) claims that they don’t know how to. NEXT!

2. No More Separation of Big and Skinny Girls. Weight is something that is often brought up on the show, especially when it comes to the girls that are deemed “big”. A couple of them have fought against the stereotype (Delta Work), some have used it for their comedic abilities (Eureka), and others have become fierce contenders for the crown for simply being talented (Ginger Minj, Kim Chi). The hope is that this is a non-discussion in the future and everyone who goes on Drag Race is seen as equal.

3. Edit Snatch Game Better. Snatch Game is the episode we all wait for every season. It’s the one that separates the front runners from the girls who will leave shortly, yet for the most part it is heavily edited down to where we barely see several of the queen’s answers. If this is such an important episode for the fans to see, why not make it 90 minutes so that we can get a better judgment of their impressions overall?

4. Fellow Drag Queen on the Panel? Am I the only one who realizes that the show has never had another drag queen on its panel since the beginning? This may be a RuPaul kind of decision, however it would be nice to have another opinion from a legendary queen like Coco Peru or Lady Bunny as opposed to the tragic and boring ones from other celebs who have already made an appearance (Vanessa Hudgens, anyone)?

5. Culinary challenge? There’s been so many acting and singing challenges that it makes me wonder why the show hasn’t done a culinary one yet. The puns would be amazing like, America’s Next Top Vers Bottom Drag Queen Chef or something.

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Drag Race Will Have a Christmas Special. Put That in Your Gingerbread House and Ice It!

Just as the jack-o-lanterns and spider webs disappear from the stores, the Christmas trees and lights come up and you know that the most wonderful time of year is just around the corner. And if you’re feeling a little Bah-Humbug because you’re not done with all the Pumpkin Spice everything—well then your tune may soon change when you learn that RuPaul has something in store for you that will get you in the holiday spirit.

According to EW, VH1 announced that RuPaul’s Drag Race will have a holiday special that will jingle your bells. The Emmy-winning series will air RuPaul’s Drag Race Holi-slay Spectacular, a festive celebration that will bring back eight Drag Race queens as they go wig to wig in hopes of being the first Drag Race Xmas Queen. The television special will bring back Eureka O’Hara, Shangela, Jasmine Masters, Kim Chi, Mayhem Miller, Latrice Royale, Sonique, and reigning All-Stars queen Trixie Mattel—Yaaaasss, Claus—the Yuletide is already gay!

Michelle Visage and Ross Mathews will return to join Mama Ru on the judges’ panel as the contestants perform a series of routines choreographed by Todrick Hall and to the tune of RuPaul’s holiday albums Slay Belles and Christmas Party. Put that in your gingerbread house and ice it!

Will Shangela come out of a big box with Christmas wrapping only to be snatched of the crown once again? We’ll have to watch and sip all the Christmas T.

h/t: EW

The 10 Best Lip Sync Battles on RuPaul’s Drag Race

Part of what has made RuPaul’s Drag Race such a success over the past 10 years revolves around the super dramatic “Lip Sync for Your Life” battles that occur at the end of every episode. For anyone out there reading this who hasn’t seen the show yet (get on that), the bottom two queens pull out all the stops necessary to stay in the competition by lip syncing to a song in hopes that they will win against their opponent. In other words, they want to hear RuPaul say “Shantay you stay.”

Over ten regular season and three All Stars versions, this show has given us so many memorable lip syncs that it’s hard to pinpoint which ones were truly the best. Here are 10 that this writer deems to be the most thrilling ones to date, in no particular order. Do you agree? Let us know.

Kameron Michaels vs. Eureka, Season 10. Song: Patti LaBelle: “New Attitude”

These two Tennessee natives became the lip sync divas of the season (minus Monet X Change, more on that later), and this battle proves that and then some. The runway challenge for this episode was for them to evoke what they would look like 50 years from now, but that didn’t really matter with the song they were singing. Each of them excelled so well in this lip sync that Ru decided to keep both when it was done.

Latrice Royale vs. Kenya Michaels, Season 4. Song: Aretha Franklin: “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman”

A lot of the lip syncs on RPDR revolve around a ton of movement across the stage and high energy. This song didn’t require that, and its why Latrice stayed and Kenya left. The runway challenge was pregnancy realness, where the girls had to dress up as a mother-to-be. Kenya was sort of all over the place, taking her wig off and not making much sense for this song. Latrice stayed right in her place, holding her fake baby belly, and really making the audience believe every word she lip synced.

Alyssa Edwards vs. Coco Montrese, Season 5. Song: Paula Abdul: “Cold Hearted Snake”

This was an inevitable battle we were all waiting to see, given the drama that occurred between these two on the show and off of it. They both really gave such an incredible version of Paula’s #1 hit, with Alyssa excelling in her dance and Coco relying a lot on how tight her lip sync was plus how well her gorgeous yellow dress flowed with the song.

Shea Coulee vs. Sasha Velour, Season 10. Song: Whitney Houston: “So Emotional”

This was the first season where the girls had to lip sync for the crown as opposed to just RuPaul picking a winner. Sasha clearly came prepared for this performance, where two words really come to mind: rose petals. She won against her close friend, which became a highly debated issue in the Drag Race community given how many people thought that Shea should’ve won the season.

Sharon Needles vs. Phi Phi O’Hara, Season 4. Song: The Weather Girls: “It’s Raining Men”

Sharon and Phi Phi were the first two queens to become true enemies on RPDR. Just like Alyssa and Coco, this was a battle we all saw coming, but it really was for nothing as they disqualified Willam at the end of the episode. Still, it was amazing to see both of these eventual frontrunners go against one another, where Phi Phi utilized the stage while Sharon relied on her facial reactions and lip movement for the upbeat song.

Carmen Carrera vs. Raja, Season 3. Song: Paula Abdul: “Straight Up”

This to me was memorable because of how god damn sexual it got. Carmen pretty much was butt ass naked, and Raja grinded on top of her during a lip sync that could’ve gone from LOGO to Cinemax late night easily.

Monet X Change vs. Dusty Ray Bottoms, Season 10. Song: Nicki Minaj: “Pound the Alarm”

What was amazing to watch during this performance, outside of Monet’s split “fake out” was how Dusty really gave her a run for her money. This is a song that was totally in Monet’s wheelhouse yet Dusty kept up with her for the most part even though she lost in the end.

Alyssa Edwards vs. Tatianna, All Stars 2. Song: Rihanna, “Shut Up and Drive”

This was the first time on All Stars where two queens competed against one another to get back into the competition. It was very clear that both had their game faces on the minute they walked onto the stage. Each gave one heck of a performance to Rihanna’s big hit, causing RuPaul to bring both of them back into the competition.

Dida Ritz vs. The Princess, Season 4. Song: Natalie Cole, “Everlasting Love”

Dida basically took us to church with her version of Natalie’s hit, and we were mesmerized from the beginning to the end with it.

Alyssa Edwards vs. Roxxxy Andrews, Season 5. Song: Willow Smith, “Whip My Hair”

The biggest wig reveal this show has ever seen. Do I think this was a worthy double-shantay? No. Roxxxy kind of just stood there and Alyssa didn’t know all the words. But, the energy was incredible to see and made for such an emotional moment for Roxxxy when it was over as she cried hysterically while revealing some very sad news about her upbringing.

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Who Should Really Be on RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 4?

It comes as no surprise that World of Wonder and everyone behind RuPaul’s Drag Race decided to do a fourth version of All Stars already. The heat from RPDR is at its all-time high: snatching a ton of trophies, skyrocketing in ratings and establishing itself as the best damn reality show on television (IMHO).

All Stars 4 has reportedly been filmed already (RuPaul talked about a crazy experience during judging on one of her podcasts where she flipped out on the contestants), so now it’s just a matter of time until we find out if this will air before or after season 11. Just another opinion, but it would make sense for them to follow the format of All Stars first, regular season last that they did this year as it was a seamless transition from one to the other for all the diehard fans out there.

The alleged cast for AS4 has made its rounds over the past couple of months, and the list itself looks incredible. There are, however, queens that did not make this list that really should be part of it and ones that are included that really aren’t at an All Stars level yet.

That being said, here are 10 contestants that I think should compete on RPDR.

Ongina (Season 1). How has this not happened yet? Ongina was such a standout from the “lost season” of RPDR and her name has been thrown into the All Stars list for several years now. She was arguably robbed of the crown during the show’s premiere season and it would be great for an entire new generation of fans to get to know her similarly to what Tatianna and Bebe Zahara Benet has experienced.

Jessica Wild (Season 2). In a season that was hella dramatic and bitchy, Jessica was the one to keep things friendly and nice amid all the backstabbing chaos. She was fun to watch, both on and off the runway, and was hysterical in several challenges including Snatch Game (where she portrayed RuPaul correctly) and the book challenge. Here’s hoping she gets her time to shine again all these years later.

Stacy Layne Matthews (Season 3). Such an underrated queen when it comes to how talented she is from a fashion and comedic standpoint. I think several of us would be ecstatic to see “henny” walk through those werk room doors one more time.

Ivy Winters (Season 5). I’m sort of surprised that Ivy has never been asked back given the plethora of season 5 queens that have been on All Stars already. Her fashion sense was out of this world extraordinary during s5 and she was crowned Miss Congeniality by the end of it. Would be nice to see her give it another go given how far her style and looks have come since then.

Joslyn Fox (Season 6). Criminally underrated and did so great at many of the challenges that were unfortunately overshined by other competitors. Snatch Game, the rapping challenge and so much more proved what a force Joslyn was in her season, and my hopes is that she gets invited back at some point to do it all again.

Mrs. Kasha Davis (Season 7). Her elimination against Kandy Ho was crap and the fact that Ms. Ho lasted longer than her and Trixie Mattel is still one that I scratch my head at. Kasha is hilarious! She was needed in season 7 amid a group of girls that just got so hostile and mean towards one another yet was cut too short over flubbing one word during the DESPY’s challenge. We are ready for that cocktail again, Mrs. Davis.

Naomi Smalls (Season 8). I’m fine with Naomi coming back, however she needs to excel in all types of challenges that aren’t just about fashion. Part of what propelled Naomi to the top three in her season was her style, of course, but also her likable personality that helped bring her there over big competitors like Thorgy Thor and Chi Chi Devayne. If she’s able to do that then she will have a big chance at the crown (if that rumored list is true and she is actually on it).

Shea Coulee (Season 9). She was robbed for the crown, we all know this. Not taking anything away from Sasha Velour’s win but it's pretty obvious that Shea would’ve won had it been the same format the show has done since season 4. I don’t think she is part of AS4, but it would be vindication in the biggest way for her to come back and “slay” it all over again to win something she should’ve taken home the first time around.

Peppermint (Season 9). Peppermint has done what others like Milk and Trixie have in that they've established a major career outside of RPDR. She landed a major role on Broadway in Head Over Heels and has built up quite the resume when it comes to her music as well. I don’t think anyone saw Peppermint making top 2 in s9, but she did and made New York proud with her incredible acting talents and lip sync abilities.

Valentina (Season 9). She’s another one on the rumored list... and rightfully so. I’ll just say this: remember your lip sync words. Other than that, it will be interesting to see how this polarizing contestant will do for a second time given how talked about her first go at it was.

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Your Big Blue Wig is About to be Snatched with The Simpsons/Drag Race Cross-over

Do you like The Simpsons? Do you like drag? Do you like The Simpsons and drag? Well, if you do, your big blue wig is about to be snatched!

At DragCon Los Angeles in May, RuPaul’s Drag Race season 3 winner Raja moderated a panel with Yeardley Smith (the voice of Lisa Simspon), Tress MacNeille (voices many supporting characters on The Simpsons), and Carolyn Omine (writer/producer) where they talk about the importance of having a Simpsons episode that features drag.

At the beginning of the panel Raja shares how influential the family on 742 Evergreen Terrace was on his childhood.

The panel also talks about an upcoming episode of The Simpsons that will air on November 18th where RuPaul will make a guest appearance. In the episode Marge begins selling ‘Tubberware’ and she’s not very good at it. Marge gets a makeover by a hair dresser ‘Julio’, who we later meet as ‘Penelope Cruising’, and gives Marge the confidence she needed to start selling the products non-stop. With her new look and new personality, everyone starts to think Marge is a drag queen so instead of bursting everyone’s bubble she goes along with the fierceness. But will she lip sync for her life?

Yesterday, Mama Ru shared what her character will look like in the upcoming The Simpsons episode. Her character Queen Chante bares a great resemblance to RuPaul—snatched and painted for the yellow gods! Shantay, you stay!



I’m “Queen Chante” on #TheSimpsons Nov. 18 at 8PM. So excited about this!

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Another great surprise that Drag Race and Simpsons fans discovered is that Raja, who moderated the panel at DragCon, will also be appearing on The Simpsons episode. Unlike RuPaul, Raja will be playing herself in the cameo and will share a scene with Homer.

Raja shared what her Simpsonized character will look like and shared a thoughtful note about what the experience has been like for her.

Wanna see some fierce queens take over Springfield? Tune in to The Simpsons on November 18th to catch the RuPaul’s Drag Race/The Simpsons cross-over you’ve always dreamed of!


Yum! Let’s Take a Closer Look at the ‘Drag Race’ Pit Crew

RuPaul’s Drag Race has become a pop culture phenomenon over the past decade, winning a ton of Emmy’s and earning millions of fans from all backgrounds in the process. Heck, they even created DragCon, which rivals all the other “cons” out there in terms of sheer size and chaos, so all that tucking and padding that they do is worth it at the end of the day.

A vital part of the show’s success isn’t just the queens, RuPaul himself, his fellow judges or the endless catchphrases that have come out of it, it’s the barely-clothed men who are there during many of the challenges that provide a yummy distraction each episode.

They are the “pit crew” and have been there since the show premiered back in 2009. Many have come and gone, but all of them have provided something really fun to look at as the show has progressed. Essentially, they are there during the mini and maxi-challenges to either show off what the queens will be doing during each or become part of something being filmed or shot in order for each of the contestants to hopefully score a W. Regardless, it’s a great sight to see no matter what the situation is.

Let’s take a closer look at all the men who have been a pit crew member for at least one season.

Jason J. Carter: Season 3 through 10



Bryce Eilenberg: Season 7 through 10



Jared North: Season 9




Im in a cave

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Yadier Despaigne: Season 9




Let’s flex and be mean because summer is around the corner. #motivation#fitness

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Simon Sherry-Wood: Season 6




Hi it’s me again Underwear from the upscale Irish shop @irelandpenneys #saturdaynight #penneysalldayway

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Miles Davis Moody: Season 6 through All Stars 2




When I was Hair, Body, Face.. triple threat 4 ya

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Shawn Morales: Season 3 through 6




Just out of the shower with @h1z1 just waiting for me to jump back in

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Keon Hunt: Season 1



Kenyon Glover: Season 1



Preston Taylor: Season 1

Max “The Body” Philisaire: Season 2




Why they got us all dressed up for the pool when most people don’t get in the water? #MaxOut

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