Is 'RuPaul's Drag Race' Pushing Eureka On Us Too Much?

I'll be the first one to admit it... Eureka O'Hara is a bit too much for me.

Season 10's resident plus-size gal (sorry Kalorie) has been doing quite the superb job on RuPaul's Drag Race as her story line of being tragically sent home on s9 only to rise from the ashes and excel the following year has definitely been a consistent theme throughout the show. 

Did I say consistent? I should say consistently annoying, as the clip of her doing a split from last season pretty much ends up in every single episode as it relates to the challenge she's currently doing. And its bringing me to my point: is it too much? Like, are we actually enjoying Eureka for her talent or is this becoming a force-fed situation when we are already full?

I will say some positives about Eureka. Her style is completely on point, there hasn't been a challenge yet where she doesn't look absolutely stunning. She's also funny when she's not trying to steal camera time from the other queens. Just needed to put those in there so not everyone who reads this thinks I'm an a**hole.

I called it, even before the show started this season, that her angle was going to be overcoming her adversities that sent her home in the first place and seeing how well she can do with a completely different group. The way she has gone about it, however, is a little ridiculous as she brings up some major trauma every single episode that doesn't really have anything to do with the show itself. 

Take for instance last episode, when she talks about not being able to perform in front of a crowd due to something that happened with her father as a child. Whereas I can have sympathy to an extent as we all go through things, it begs the question... why are you a drag queen then? This is your job, its what you are designed to do which is to perform in front of large crowds. So how does this relate? You've performed on stage before and done well, so it all seems like a moot point. 

And enough bringing up the split that sent you home last year. It's redundant. You get a clean slate which is more than about 95 percent of these queens wish they did but don't. Instead of dwelling on the past so much in your confessionals, why not just enjoy the fact that you get a round two which happens to be on the path to actually winning?

The show might be setting her up to win, as she's gotten a pretty good edit so far except for the drama between The Vixen and her which I am still confused about so many episodes later. A plus-size girl has never won this show, but many have come close (Latrice Royale, Ginger Minj, Kim Chi, etc). The thing with those three (primarily Latrice) is that they can command focus without stealing from others.

Eureka has stolen focus from many of her competitors this year, almost to the point where its like "chill". Is it her fault that the other queens can't keep up? Sure, but when you are coming into a situation that you've been in before, that you understand how things roll over everyone else, it may be a good idea to fall into the background sometimes and let others shine as it should come naturally to you to do so and not, as said before, forced. 

At the end of all of this, I am still a fan of hers (seriously). She brings something to this competition that is needed for a reality show to succeed, and she's done fairly well so far and may even win. If there is one word to metaphorically "tighten that corset up" it is this: "edit". A fine tune of things can bring a world of difference, especially in the very judgmental world that RuPaul's Drag Race exhibits (no shade). 

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'RuPaul's Drag Race' Power Rankings, Episode 8: Just Crown Her Already

Episode 8 of RuPaul's Drag Race season 10 aired last night, where the focal point was all about the one and only Cher

The only drag queen this wouldn't be a challenge for is Chad Michaels, who pretty much is Cher reincarnated at this point, so this episode really was a fantastic one to see just how well each of the girls could emulate such a major icon in the pop culture world and the LGBTQ community. 

After Snatch Game, it becomes pretty hard for any queen who is left to hide their flaws when it comes to the challenges that are presented to them. With only seven queens left, there were a handful that really rose to the occasion and did their version of Cher proud, while others simply struggled to get the job done.

At the end of it (spoiler alert), The Vixen went home, and what she said at the end of Untucked regarding how her outbursts will outshine her performance in the competition is fairly on the money as it took her getting eliminated for her to really see how she was on RPDR

Just from the POV of a RPDR lover, its very obvious at this point who will win. Don't get me wrong, there are some contenders that could prove my theory as false, but its becoming apparent who will win the title at the end of this season and I'm (sort of) OK with it. 

Each week, we are doing a power ranking of who is on the top, the middle and the bottom.  In last week's rankingsEureka stayed at the top for a 2nd week in a row. Who will fall where this week?

1. Eureka (last week: #1). The show wants her to win. I don't think the public really does, but overall she's done a great job and they have shown her that way through and through. Eureka has really been killing it on every single challenge (minus one early one), and that momentum isn't stopping anytime soon. It would be an absolute shock to see some sort of a fall from grace here at this point, so expect her to coast to the finale and potentially win. 

2. Kameron Michaels (last week: #4). Kameron has truly been this season's biggest surprise, and I am here for it. She did an amazing version of Cher as well as her glitter-based look on the runway later on in the episode. She hasn't had to lip sync yet, and was only low in one of the challenges. Sometimes the quiet ones really do win the race, and as of now, she's Eureka's biggest contender to win it all.

3. Monet X Change (last week: #2). I would've placed Monet at number two had she won the challenge, but her outfit on the runway was unfinished and she knew that. Monet has found her stride, and can easily find her way into the top four at this point, but she has yet to win a challenge. She is one of two queens left who hasn't won a challenge yet, and that will catch up with her if that doesn't change over the next two weeks.

4. Miz Cracker (last week: #5). What the f**k does Cracker have to do to win a challenge around here? I never in a million years thought she would be a queen who would find herself consistently safe throughout this competition, but that has been her case for the past two episodes. Just like Monet, she hasn't won anything yet, and its concerning me because she has the best personality out of everyone left and it's not being showcased to its best abilities. This top four ranking is who I personally would like to see make it to the finale, but that won't happen for either if they don't pull a W at least once.

5. Aquaria (last week: #3). My gut instinct tells me that she will make it to the finale. I don't personally think she deserves it. I still haven't been sold on her brand and why she would be up there with the 9 previous winners (plus three All Stars), as to me she's just a look queen who got lucky with a good Snatch Game performance. I'll give her this: the glitter ensemble she did was my favorite last night. 

6. Asia O'Hara (last week: #5). Girl, what are you DOING? You shouldn't be next to go, but from episode four on you have found yourself in the low group twice, safe twice, and in the bottom two this week. You started so strong, and now are making every excuse possible to not place any blame on what happened this week or any other. Step it up! 

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A 'RuPaul's Drag Race' Superstar Attended the Met Gala And We Had No Clue

Monday night's Met Gala, which is considered the biggest fashion event of the year, brought in some major celebrities including Kim Kardashian, Nick Jonas, Sarah Jessica Parker and many many more who dressed according to this year's theme which was "Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination."

Unbeknownst to many of us, there was an actual superstar from RuPaul's Drag Race who attended the event on Monday night, and we were shocked to see what they wore when the photo was released! Who could it be though?

If we are thinking of fashion forward, there are a couple of RPDR stars that come to mind who think outside the box (hehe) and helped propel them to either win or make it very far on the biggest reality show on television.

It could be Sasha Velour, whose avant garde type of fashion helped her win season 9 (not to mention: rose petals). Other fashion forward gals include season 3 winner Raja, season 4 winner Sharon Needles and season 7 winner Violet Chachki. Turns out the one that "showed up" was one that we are "relishing" on the current season of RPDR.

Yes, the one and only Miz Cracker "went" to the 2018 Met Gala dressed as her character Dr. Dill from the "Bossy Rossy" episode this season. And in some odd way, she does fit the theme, as pickles are heavenly and we do "pray" for a big one every once in a while. Nice work Cracker!


'RuPaul's Drag Race' Power Rankings, Episode 7: Who Got Snatched?

The episode that everyone waits for each season has finally arrived on RuPaul's Drag Race: the one, the only... Snatch Game. 

It's sort of like a big gift you know you are getting for your birthday, but can't tell if it is something you would like or not.  Sure, there have been these sorts of presents that have delighted in the past (season 6's group for the most part was stellar) and then there have been ones that we would truly like to forget (All Stars 3 please).

This group sort of performed in the middle.  We didn't get our Xbox One that we were all hoping for but we certainly didn't receive a fruitcake either.  Five out of the eight queens remaining did a decent to hilarious job at impersonating their celebrities while the other three should've done their homework prior to getting onto this show.  It's the equivalent of going on Project Runway and not knowing how to sew at this point. Oh, and spoiler alert... Monique Heart went home.  I started to love her as the season went on, but I never really saw her going the distance and making it to the finale. 

Each week, we are doing a power ranking of who is on the top, the middle and the bottom.  In last week's rankings, Eureka shot to the top and dethroned Asia O'Hara.  Who will fall where this week?

1. Eureka (last week: #1). Her consistency over the past five episodes has been nothing short of impressive, as she has only been safe once and in the high group for the other four challenges (winning twice). Her impersonation of Alana Thompson (aka Honey Boo Boo), was spot on, and she was able to hand the nonstop tornado of The Vixen's mouth fairly well.  This is a soft number one for now, as there is still something missing about Eureka that makes me not get hard for her just yet. 

2. Monet X Change (last week: #3). I'm so happy that Monet has found her stride after being in the bottom two twice recently.  She did what Chi Chi DeVayne couldn't do in Snatch Game: make Maya Angelou funny. And she did. Monet is hilarious and proving to be a major force on this show, just like I expected when it was announced that she would be on.  Keep. This. Momentum. Going. Hunty.

3. Aquaria (last week: #7). Her choice of Melania Trump turned out to be a brilliant one and snatched her a second win for the season.  I still think she is lacking when it comes to personality, hence why I cannot give her number two or number one (eww) at this point.  But, she's impressing me for now. 

4. Kameron Michaels (last week: #2). I had no idea that Kameron would even make it this far.  Sometimes the quiet ones either fizzle out really quickly or make it to the end.  Her choice of doing the late & great professional wrestler Chyna was brilliant as she's been able to work in her "muscular" storyline very well over the past two weeks.  She hasn't won a challenge yet, however, and that's why she falls into this spot.

5. Miz Cracker (last week: #4). It's painful that Cracker hasn't won anything yet. Her comedy is so irreverent, and its frustrating that it hasn't earned her a W. Dorothy Parker was a great choice for her, albeit weird for many of the viewers who are unfamiliar with her, but it didn't earn her a spot in the top. She was just safe again.  I'm hoping that she's able to pull a W sooner if not later, because she doesn't deserve to be a middle of the pack kind of queen.

6. Asia O'Hara (last week: #5). Here's a fun memo: no one should do Beyonce. It's never gonna work, it's never going to be funny, and I hope to god that another drag queen doesn't impersonate her on future seasons.  I had Asia pegged to win this show many episodes ago, and her star has fallen quite a bit over the past four challenges that saw her in the low group for two. Please step it up ASAP.

7. The Vixen (last week: #8). I supported her in the beginning when she was feuding with Aquaria and Eureka. Now, it's enough. You didn't do well last challenge, and you didn't do anything to make Blue Ivy funny or interesting. That's why the other queens picked you to go home, nothing else. It's gotten to the point where these scenes with her are becoming uncomfortable to watch. I've issued supportive messages for some of the queens listed above in order for them to improve or earn a win. For The Vixen, I got nothing. 

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Now or Never - Blair St Clair Gets Us Sashaying On The Dance Floor

When May hits, so doesn't our desire for a good summer song.  The need to get the juices flowing, to get ready for the beach, boys, and bailamos (thanks Enrique Iglesias).

It may be too early to start listing off candidates, but we think Blair St Clair may have a hook that, if it's not the top one, may have some legs on it to last through the entirety of 2018. 

Like most dance songs and videos you can cut off the first 50 second if all you want is the tunes, but if you do that, you'll miss Max Emerson playing the not-so-supportive husband. His attitude pushes Blair St Clair's character over the edge, to the bottle, and to her song title, Now or Never.

I've liked Blair St Clair (BlairStClairVEVO) since the second I saw her walk into the workroom on Ru Paul's Drag Race this season. Now, after this song/video, I'm liking what she has to offer even more. She definitely gets the job done, with a little assistance from Max, Jinks Monsoon, and Manila Luzon.


Eliminated queen?  Far from it!

Are these some of the best vocals from any queen from the Ru World? We're thinking they're pretty damn good and WE WANT TO HEAR MORE!

Let me show my age a little here with my praise and how the song hit me. The song reminds me of one of the power anthems of summers past.  You know those not so equal summers, the ones before Obergefell v. Hodges and marriage equality, before Obama, before we had ever been to a big city pride. Now or Never reminds of one of those songs that gets inside us and helps us stand a little taller, giving is that extra bit of self-worth to smile and hold our heads up level or even a little higher.

When we first heard Now or Never, it was at the 11th spot on the Top 40 US Dance Tracks List.   Now, it's at 24 (at 22 in Australia). Maybe we could get her into the top 10?


What do you think? Will it be one of those songs to get you on the dance floor this summer?

If you need another listen, here's the audio cut with no theatrical pauses.

Best of luck Blair! Keep singing!



Blair St. Clair. http://www.blairstclair.com https://www.twitter.com/blairstclair https://www.instagram.com/blairst.clair https://www.facebook.com/theblairstclair

Executive Producer: David Charpentier
Produced by: Producer Entertainment Group & Brad Hammer Productions
Directed by: Brad Hammer & Shawn Adeli
Director of Photography: Shawn Adeli
Production Manager: Winston Abalos
Makeup: Kalyd Odeh Hair: Timothy Willy Stylists: William Clark, Kiki Extravaganza Editor: Shawn Adeli Lighting: Justin Madsen PA: Nicholas Monaco

Cast: Blair St. Clair, Max Emerson, Jinkx Monsoon, Manila Luzon, Jody Bradley, Candace Pittman, Jason Kropik, JC Mounduix, JT VanCollie, Jayla Carter, Andrew Kendall, Jayne Clair, Presley Roy, Penny Peyrot, John Walker, Evan Michael Lee, Chris Jorie



Who Made the List of the 5 Best 'Snatch Game' Impersonations on 'RPDR'?

The most anticipated episode each season of RuPaul's Drag Race or RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars has to be Snatch Game of course.  What started as a simple challenge in season two has become the go to episode of one of the most popular reality shows on television, where the remaining queens impersonate a celebrity or famous person of their choosing.  Generally this is the challenge that separates the queens that will go the distance from the ones who go home shortly after this episode airs. 

These queens have brought some incredibly memorable and not so memorable impersonations over the years, from Dame Maggie Smith and Judge Judy to stars that have passed like Marlene Dietrich and Joan Crawford.  Who in our opinion made us laugh the most on their "star-studded" panel?  Take a look at who we think made the top five.

5. Alyssa Edwards as Joan Crawford, RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 2

I laughed at this one for all the right yet all the wrong reasons.  The funny thing is, this performance only made Alyssa safe (compared to her awful Katy Perry impersonation in season 5), but her take on Joan Crawford in Mommie Dearest was truly incredible and kept Ru laughing the whole time.  It's something that Mariah Balenciaga did in season 3, but didn't do well at all.  Alyssa redeemed that for both of them when she shrieked "NO WIRE HANGERS... EVER!" and "BRING ME THE AXE!" which even made Detox start giggling.  Alyssa's impression of Joan sort of resonates with her humor in real life: unintentional and totally unexpected, and that's why we love her so much.

4. BenDeLaCreme as Dame Maggie Smith, RuPaul's Drag Race Season 6

It's interesting how they edited Ben wanting to do Dame Maggie Smith prior to the Snatch Game portion of the program airing.  Her conversation with Ru about it almost caused doubt in the fan favorite, and she was even thinking about changing her character to season 5 funny lady Alyssa Edwards as a result. Thank the lord she didn't, because her impersonation of a Downton Abbey type of Maggie was absolutely hilarious and hit the spot each time she got asked a question.  The pinnacle of this was when Nicki Minaj (played by Trinity K. Bonet) insulted her about speaking proper English, to which Maggie clapped back with "Excuse me, we originated the language!" 

3. Stacy Layne Matthews as Mo'Nique, RuPaul's Drag Race Season 3

It's "Henny" time! Stacy happens to be the only Snatch Game winner who never made it to the top five of her season.  She was actually eliminated the episode after in the Face, Face, Face of Cakes challenge.  Up to the point of Snatch Game, Stacy was being questioned by several of the other queens regarding her desire to be there as she tended to not let her personality shine the way others had up to that point.  Her role as Mo'Nique from the movie Precious completely changed that, as she stayed in character the whole time and was hilarious in doing so.  Who knew a downright nasty villain could be so funny? When Ru asked "Freaky Fanny is so freaky.  Instead of shaking hands, she shakes...", Stacy responded as Mo'Nique with "A chicken leg cuz a bitch know I'm hungry! I'm hungry as hell!"  LEGENDARY. 

2. Tatianna as Britney Spears, RuPaul's Drag Race Season 2.

This may be a controversial pick, but hear me out.  Tati was the first ever winner of Snatch Game almost a decade ago, and her version of "space cadet" Britney really was incredible to watch.  Keep in mind, this was around the time of her 2007 madness and all the crazy s**t she was doing in the media, and Tatianna played that incredibly well to her strengths while pretty much everyone else that challenge was mediocre. When Ru asked her what her favorite game is, she cleverly replied with "Hide the cucumber!  I love that one. I always win!" Oh Britney.

1. Jinkx Monsoon as Little Edie, RuPaul's Drag Race Season 5.

I mean, this was a bit of a no brainer here.  What's so fascinating is how Jinkx chose such an offbeat character compared to the other famous people that tend to become predictable each season.  Little Edie is such a character in herself, that it made Snatch Game such a breather for the eventual winner, as she was not only able to be funny in her own questions but also in others as well.  When Ru asked Marilyn Monroe (Ivy Winters) if she was into "politics"... she didn't exactly get it.  Little Edie then stepped in and said "Quite the scandal actually!  With my cousin-in-law really.  It was in all the magazines at the time," while playfully using her magnifying glass.  It's episodes like this that proved what a force Jinkx was and is in her drag, and helped propel her to the win at the end of the season. 

Who was your favorite Snatch Game impersonation? 

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RuPaul's Drag Race Star Naomi Smalls Has A Not so 'Small' Package

RuPaul's Drag Race season 8 finalist Naomi Smalls (Davis Heppenstall) just might be one of the show's most handsome men outside of her leggy & gorgeous drag personality.

Her upbeat and fun presence, beat mug and killer looks easily propelled her from being the first one to enter the werk room in episode one all the way to the finale at the end of the season, where she fought for the crown alongside Kim Chi and Bob the Drag Queen.  Spoiler alert two years later: Bob won.

Naomi, who boasts an Instagram following of roughly 800,000 people, took to her Instagram stories yesterday to discuss how a psychic medium told her she wouldn't make it as a drag queen and should focus on underwear modeling instead.

That psychic may have a point, based on the photo she posted.  And if this is the real deal (it looks to be), then she deserves an award for best tuck job given just how big it is in that pair of Calvin Kleins.

Fun fact about Naomi.  I interviewed her during the season eight finale party in NYC, where one of my guests happened to be a legendary gay porn star.  When she realized who it was, she told me she was worried that she would, well, lose her tuck.  Now I understand why she was so concerned.

Pic below:



RuPaul's Drag Race' Power Rankings, Episode 6: 'Proportionizing'

We are nearing the halfway point of RuPaul's Drag Race, and as of now there isn't someone that we can officially call a clear winner yet.  So many of these queens have spent time on the top and the bottom, with very little Bianca Del Rio/Bob the Drag Queen type of consistency that truly makes it anyone's ball game right now.

In my honest opinion, there hasn't been one queen who has separated themselves from the pack to call themselves a superstar.  Not saying that this season has been lackluster, but with the exception of maybe one or two girls that are left, its hard to really figure out who can really take what they are doing now and propel themselves into superstardom.

Last night's episode saw the queens performing in groups of three and doing live DragCon panels, which is a really great idea.  They were split into teams consisting of Hair (The Vixen, Blair St. Clair, Miz Cracker) , Face (Asia O'Hara, Monique Heart, Aquaria) and Body (Eureka, Monet X Change, Kameron Michaels).  The Body team did the best, whereas the Face team was middle of the road and Hair was in the bottom, causing (SPOILER ALERT) Blair St. Clair to go home.

Each week, we are doing a power ranking of who is on the top, the middle and the bottom.  In last week's rankings, I had Blair at number six after consistently having her towards the top.  Now that she is out, which queens falls where as we are leading up to the most anticipated challenge of the season, Snatch Game?

1. Eureka (last week: #4). She's really stepped her game up over the past two episodes.  Both were easy wins, as she is clearly able to command an audience.  Eureka has presence, albeit an annoying presence at times, but her momentum is building and I have a hard time believing she will do badly in Snatch Game next week.

2. Kameron Michaels (last week: #7).  I really give Kameron props for her ability to stand her ground against big personalities like Eureka and Monet.  She really did a fabulous job at explaining why her body shape (muscle) is so important in the world of drag, and she's serving something we haven't seen on the show before.  

3. Monet X Change (last week: #9).  Monet needed to do well this challenge otherwise she would've went home.  She excelled very well in both the DragCon panel and on the runway with her sickening Sunday church look that I may have to steal at some point.  Keep this momentum going, girl.

4. Miz Cracker (last week: #1).  I think Cracker just got stuck in a group that didn't gel with one another.  She's hilarious, and this was a challenge where you didn't necessarily have to show that off as it was more about your personality and how you can perform in an arena like this in front of a big crowd.  Get rid of all that shtick, and just be you.  You have the talent.  I'm also dying to see who she picks for Snatch Game!

5. Asia O' Hara (last week: #2). Asia is concerning me a bit, as she's fallen somewhat into the background over the past couple of episodes.  I have no doubt that she will do well in Snatch Game given how she's performed in the comedic challenges so far, but it does worry me that her presence isn't as felt as it was in the beginning of this competition.

6. Monique Heart (last week: #6).  She's safe again, and hasn't even come close to winning an actual challenge yet. However, humor is her strong point, so I hope she's able to finally get a W next week for Snatch Game.  Otherwise, it may be the end of the road for her soon.

7. Aquaria (last week: #5). I have yet to see any reason why Aquaria should win this show.  Her presence outside of the runway portion of the competition is very lackluster, and she didn't bring much to her DragCon panel last night.  I don't know, I just don't see her being able to command a stage like some of the other queens above her in the long run.  We will see though. 

8. The Vixen (last week: #8).  I'm going to be honest here: Blair won that lip sync.  Just because you do a bunch of gymnastics all over the stage doesn't mean you should win.  Blair stayed focus and relied on her face to really perform that song, whereas The Vixen, just like her outfits, have been all over the place.  This is the second time where she's worn a bra and underwear and built off of that (she did it in episode 1), and she bombed during the DragCon panel.  I just don't see where else we can go from here with her. 

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GASP: Which RuPaul's Drag Race Queen Voted for Trump Allegedly?

There's a new mystery on RuPaul's Drag Race, and no it doesn't involve which queen will utter the words "Miss Vanjie" next.

It looks as if one of the queens from season 10 may have voted for our current president Donald Trump.  One particular Twitter user took a screenshot from contestant Asia O'Hara's Instagram story, with the caption "Wondering if I should release which season X Queen voted for Trump..." 

Of course, this particular Twitter user decided to pair it with a photo of last week's judge Shania Twain, who found herself in a hot mess express kind of a situation over the weekend when she said that she would've voted for Trump had she been a citizen, but it does raise the question as to who Asia is actually talking about.



Who do you think voted for Trump (allegedly) from this year's cast, and why? 

LOL: 10 Best 'Miss Vanjie' Memes Are Revealed!

You gotta give Vanessa Vanjie Mateo some serious credit here as her repeatedly stated phrase of "Miss Vanjie" while making her exit on episode one of RuPaul's Drag Race season 10 might just be the show's most memorable moment so far this year. 

It's incredible that a queen who went out first has developed quite a following for simply saying those two words on repeat (I mean, does anyone really remember who was eliminated first the past couple of seasons?  I'll wait), and that catchphrase has inspired some of the most hysterical memes to hit the internet this year. 

The lovely people at MsMojo (who have posted a ton of RPDR lists over the past couple of years), decided to get in on the fun and post what they think are the 10 best Miss Vanjie memes out there.  

This includes a remix of Katya's verse from "Read U, Wrote U," ("But your dad just calls me 'Miss Vanjie,'"), watching a Little Mix member try to do a Jamaican accent as Miss Vanjie, Call Me By Your Vanjie, and oh, so much more.  Take a look: