Pride Decorations Kicked Aside At A Polish Pride Fair

A video of a group of men kicking around a LGBT rights and pride stand is being shared like crazy.

Polish LGBT group Lambda Szczecian recently joined together with the “Equality on the Wave” association to release a small fair.

“There will be healthy cakes, salads, books, games, photo exhibition and other attractions,” said Lambda Szczecin on Facebook before the event.

The project in Szcezecin, Poland took place on Rayskiego Street and stretched from Zamenhof Square to Grunwaldzki Square, according to local news source Głos Szczeciński.

Unfortunately, a group of men stopped the fun as they started to violently kick the rainbow umbrellas placed across the street.

A few phones caught the moment on video and one such video made its way onto Facebook. It has then spread online through several posters like the Racist and Xenophobic Behavior Monitoring Center.

The police are currently investigating the situation, but no arrests have been made at the moment.

 “We’re looking into it,” says Commissioner Mirosława Rudzińska from the Police Headquarters in Szczecin. 

“If offenders are caught, they will most likely face charges for hooliganism,” added hate crime officer  Dr Piotr Godzisz according to Gay Star News.

“Most likely, there will not be a penalty top-up for the homophobic motivation.”

h/t: Głos Szczeciński, Gay Star News

Apple Blocked The Apple Watch’s Gay Pride Feature In Russia

Come Pride month, Apple is constantly promoting its commitment to celebrating equality and diversity in all ways, but it looks like Apple has its exceptions.

For instance, Apple announced the Pride Apple Watch face back in June. The design is reminiscent of the Pride flag and is meant to boldly announce Apple, and Apple users’, support for LGBTQ people.

Unfortunately, iOS developer Guilherme Rambo discovered yesterday that the Apple Watch face has been “hardcoded to not show up if the paired iPhone is using the Russian locale.”

After Rambo made this announcement, Verge reporter Tom Warren tested out the device and found that the Watch face disappears as soon as the connected iPhone switches to a Russian location.

Plus, the Mirror reports that the optional Apple’s Watch Pride strap also doesn’t sell in the country of Russia.

Again, this development is confusing as Apple has openly supported LGBTQ rights before, but it seems like it all comes down to money and the law.

In 2013, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed in a “gay propaganda” law. The law is supposedly designed to protect Russian citizens, specifically the youth, from being subjected to viewing LGBTQ content.

It seems that by banning the Apple Watch Pride face, Apple preemptively blocked the design from appearing in Russian quarters. As such, there’s no risk of being fined by the government.

That said, that’s only an assumption made by those who have discovered this hardcoding. In addition, Apple hasn’t made a comment on this development since Rambo initially pointed it out yesterday.

h/t: The Verge, The Mirror, Fast Company

The First Official Russian Pride Parade Was Banned Before it Occured

A tiny village known as Yablonevy in Russia was set to hold the nation's first officially approved LGBTQ+ Pride parade but the permission was denied by local authorities. The government of Novoulyanovsk holds jurisdiction over the village so its mayor approved the Pride parade which activists originally wanted to hold in that city's center but then decided against. In order to avoid conflict, they decided to move the parade to Yablonevy, a small town in Russia with 7 residents. However, the city manager overrode the decision to have the parade and claimed their permit was invalid because he had not been consulted before the city change had been made.

The city manager, Gennady Denikayev, said:

"I made a decision, there will be no gay parade. We intend to protect traditional family values and, foremost, our children from the propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations."

That type of "propaganda" was explcitly banned by 2013 Russian law when they stated that any positive mention of LGBTQ+ rights or identity is prohibited. All attempts to hold Pride events in major Russian cities have been banned by the government. However, there was a "rogue" Pride rally held in St. Petersburg in 2017 that was not approved by authorities. Since the city of Moscow issued a ban in 2012, gay Pride parades have been banned for the next hundred years.

h/t: Advocate, ProudOut.com

Viral Instagram Post Shows Church Goers Giving Hugs To Austin Pride Paraders Who Need It

Austin Pride may have finished up, but Instagram users are still talking about it thanks to a heartfelt post from a Texas church member.

According to Pink News, Jen Hatmarker, a religious writer who has faced backlash for her support of LGBTQ people and her opposition to President Donald Trump, organized a free hug “giveaway.” This “giveaway” saw church goers attend the Pride parade and offered hugs to anyone who wanted them.

She then created an Instagram post about the event, shared several photos of these now famous huggers, and shared an endearing message about the moment.


A post shared by Jen Hatmaker (@jenhatmaker) on

“Our arms were never empty. We ‘happy hugged’ a ton of folks, but dozens of times, I’d spot someone in the parade look our way, squint at our shirts and posters, and RACE into our arms. These were the dear hearts who said:”

‘I miss this.’
‘My mom doesn’t love me anymore.’
‘My Dad hasn’t spoken to me in three years.’
‘Please just one more hug.’

“You can only imagine what ‘Pastor Hugs’ did to folks. So we told them over and over that they were impossibly loved and needed and precious. And we hugged until our arms fell off. This is what we are doing here, what we are here for.”

There are plenty of wonderful moments that happen at Pride parades across the globe, but its good to focus on a specific sweet one like this every now and then.

h/t: Pink News

June and in America Isn't the Only Time and Place to Celebrate Pride

When it comes to Prides, do you stay local? We use our travel pieces to share with you our own personal experiences.  Our writers are on the go and visiting these places they write about.  In the past year, I personally have visited two great locations during their pride celebrations.

International Prides are amazing with so much energy, freshness, activism, and foreign men.  We branched out from the US covered in the above two posts, but is it time to explore outside of June, too?

These FIVE international Pride events continue to spread love and equality through August and September in some of the most sought-after locales. From boat parades in Amsterdam to drag shows in the Dominican Republic, these celebrations will not disappoint. 
Amsterdam Gay Pride — July 28 thru August 5
We missed the boat on this one (pun intended) for this year, but we can still plan for next year!  This unique European celebration is different from all the rest as their parade involves hundreds of decorated boats that sail through Amsterdam’s canals. More than 500,000+ spectators line the canal and watch as these vessels sail through the Reguliersdwarsstraat, Amstel Rembrandtplein and Paardenstraat areas. 
For more information, visit www.pride.amsterdam/?lang=en


CSD Berlin — July 28 
Also known as Christopher Street Day, this celebration is one of the biggest gay Pride events in Europe. This one-day event focuses on the fight for equal rights for same-sex marriage throughout Germany. The parade takes place around Kurfürstendamm street and an abundance of street festivals and dance parties can be found across the city. 
For more information, visit www.csd-berlin.de

Copenhagen Pride — August 13 thru August 19
Copenhagen Pride takes place around the Town Hall Square, where thousands of colorful people line the city center for the Parade on Saturday, August 18. Multiple parties will also be taking pale throughout the city. Fun Fact: Copenhagen Pride will be hosting World Pride in 2021!
For more information, visit www.copenhagenpride.dk/#!/en/home

Caribbean Pride — September 15 thru September 22
This year CHIC Punta Cana is excited to bring back their second annual Caribbean Pride Week. This celebration of fun and inclusivity will include performances from world renowned DJ’s such as DJ Citizen Jane and Johnny Dynell, as well as electric drag performances from Toronto star Miss Conception. 
Check out our Travel Thursday: CHIC Resort Won Us Over With Its Staff, Relaxation, & Luxury post we did last year as well as the video of their weekly foam pool party and imagine it LGBT-ified.
For more information, visit www.caribbeanpride.com

Curacao Pride September 27 thru September 30 
Curacao Pride is a five-day celebration with plenty of parties and activities for both the local and international LGBTQ travelers. The highlights of the event include a Pride Walk, Beach Party and Pride Happy Hours. 
For more information, visit www.curacaopride.com

Where have you been out of state and out of country and out of June?  What as the best non-American Pride you've attended.  Help us plan the rest of this year and next!

If you have travel ideas, places we should visit, or work for a PR company and are looking for writers to visit, please reach out to customerservice@instinctmagazine.com and address your comments to the Managing Editor.


This Gay Man Threw Glitter At A Homophobe Who Called Him A "F*****"

A gay man from Brighton gave two homophobes a hell of a surprise.

To prepare for Brighton Pride, 27-year-old Nick Hurley just happened to have a bag of glitter on his person. This became an unfortunate coincidence for two homophobes who passed him.

As Hurley was walking around, a car stopped beside him. One of the two men inside decided to yelled out the anti-gay slur “f*****.”

Hurley, the quick thinker, then thought up a creative way to combat the hate.

“In a moment of creative frenzy I realized I had a bag full of glitter. I opened one tube and reached inside the window,” he told Metro.

“I thought ‘this might be a bad thing to do’ and launched the tube of glitter in the passenger window,” he added.

“The traffic lights changed and the guys in the car looked flummoxed, as if to say ‘did that really happen?’”

Hurley later made a post about the moment on Twitter with a tweet that now has over 152,000 likes, 17,000 retweets, and 1.6 thousand comments.

Hurley also made sure to use the attention he was getting online to share that the glitter was biodegradable and to promote donations to the Stonewall Charity.

Through all the humor and laughs, Hurley shares that he’s had it way worse, and is thankfully he found a quick and creative solution for this much lesser attack.

“I have had death threats, a glass bottle thrown at me, a brick thrown at my house, all of these things have happened in Manchester.”

“I have been thrown off my bike while cycling to work. This isn’t the most horrific crime that has happened to me, but I wanted to raise awareness – in a funny way.”

h/t: Metro

Jerusalem Pride Sees Record Turnout Amidst Heavy Police Presence

A record 30,000 demonstrators turned out for Jerusalem’s Pride March on Thursday, reports Jewish News

This is one week after Israel’s legislature and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu passed a controversial surrogacy law excluding

Over 2,500 police officers, some uniformed and some in plainclothes, monitored security at the event. All participants were questioned and searched before they were given a bracelet and permitted to march. 

The march through Israel’s capital took a 1.25 mile route from Liberty Bell to Independence Park.

Several ultra-Orthodox Jews protested the march. They were sprayed with water cannons by Israeli police. At least four protestors, members of extremist far-right Lehava organization, were arrested.

In 2015, an Israeli man named Yishai Schlissel murdered 16-year-old marcher Shira Banki, who was attending the march to support her LGBTQ+ friends.

At this year’s march, a flower-draped memorial was set up in the corner where Banki was murdered.

This year’s march was organized by the Jerusalem Open House for Pride and Tolerance. This year’s banner was “Community Heritage: Honouring the Seniors of the Community…[to] celebrate the senior individuals and pioneers who have persistently fought for equality, freedom, and human rights of the LGBTQ people in Jerusalem and throughout the country.”

h/t: Jewish News


Trinidad & Tobago Citizens Danced In The Streets At First Pride Parade

The Caribbean countries of Trinidad and Tobago held their first ever Pride Parade.

According to LoopTT, the parade was a high point in a month’s worth of events held by the Trinidad and Tobago Pride Arts Festival. More than a hundred people, decked out in a rainbow of colors, walked down Tragarete Road in Port of Spain and walked all the way to Rust Street, St, St Clair.

“The visibility we share here, today, is going to shine a light on the issues that LGBTI people face, that so many people want to stifle and keep us in the closet and don’t want to deal with to find the kind of solutions we are looking for,” Kennedy Maharaj, chief administrative officer of the Silver Lining Foundation, a Trinidadian advocacy group, told Newsday.

“We have finally reached a point in our country where we can have an open LGBT pride event that speaks to how far we have come as a country, as a society and more so, as a people,” Maharaj added. “That is what we value as success here, the fact that we can be out an open and have this kind of event, that is what we are banking on.”

In addition, Committee Leader Rudy Hanamji spoke to LoopTT about the event:

“It's a moment of sheer joy and appreciation for all the people who came together to make this possible. I feel inspired and happy, and proud that we were able to defy the odds and make this a reality."

"I'm happy as well to know that young people and not-so-young people are feeling equally inspired by this an that they're feeling better about being a member of the LGBTQIA community. We have achieved our objectives and we move forward in strength, onto next year," he said.

Back in April, a high court within the Caribbean islands ruled that the buggery law (criminalizing anal sex and essentially homosexuality) was unconstitutional. Many LGBTQ citizens, on the islands or outside of them, celebrated. This parade is now the most recent celebration.


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h/t: LoopTT, Washington Blade, Newsday,

California Governor Jerry Brown Signs Bill Legally Declaring June As Pride Month

California has become the first state to legally declare June as LGBTQ+ Pride Month.

The Advocate reports: on Monday, CA Governor Jerry Brown signed the bill, AB 2969into law. It goes into effect on Jan. 1, 2019, and requires the governor to make the proclamation of June as Pride Month every year. The bill was written by California State Assembly member Evan Low. He said in a statement:


“California has the largest LGBT population of any state in the union, and the state is home to over 40 LGBT Pride celebrations each year. I want to thank Governor Brown for adding Pride to the list of celebrations codified in statute.”

The world’s first legally permitted Pride parade was in Los Angeles on June 28, 1970 a year after the Stonewall riots in New York.

Ever since then, Pride gradually become a more widely recognized celebrated occasion—with the glaring, infuriating exception of Trump’s White House failing to recognize it, after Barack Obama’s administration did every year he was in office.

Equality California executive director Rick Zbur said this in a statement:

“In the face of a president who refuses to recognize Pride Month, we're deeply grateful to Governor Brown, Assembly Member Low, and the entire LGBT Caucus for recognizing the LGBTQ community’s role in California and California’s role in the LGBTQ civil rights movement.”

AB 2969 was supported by the Los Angeles LGBT Center and Equality California, and coauthored by all members of the California Legislative LGBT Caucus. Note: California is the first country in the nation with an official caucus of LGBTQ+ legislators. Evan Low, a Democrat from Silicon Valley, is chairman.

h/t: The Advocate 

h/t: History 

Price Adopts To Fight Against The Stigma Of Being A Gay Pro Sports Player. #oneteamonegoal


Mr Gay Wales 2018 was once afraid to come out because of what he did for a living. When you participate in sports, there is well-understood reservations about coming out as LGBTQ+. And that was where Christopher Price was.

The 26-year old Price who fights for Wales and team GB was crowned Mr Gay Wales on June 1 and has stated that a major part of his platform, beside fighting for LGBTQ+ rights, is to work on encouraging other LGBTQ+ sports individuals to come out. His campaign slogan is 'one team, one goal' with the team being the LGBT+ community and the one goal as equal rights.  He wants to highlight all aspects of LGBTQ+ sports players citing in certain countries, if you are born a man and you transition, you have to compete in the men's category even after having a full transition.



With nine world titles "under his belt," Price has been successful at a profession he has been doing since 2007. Some poeple are claiming he only did kickboxing to get close to other men. Well , if he is closer to men and that successful, sounds lie a win-win!

"When I first decided to come out, it was difficult. I didn't know whether to come out as it is such a men dominated environment.  I didn't know what would happen, how it would affect my chances of traveling, as being gay is frowned upon in countries such as Russia. It did worry me. I was also worried the squad would drop me because of that."

Christopher Price didn't just come out yesterday.  Suffering with anxiety and slight depression and 2 years after starting to deal with his attraction to men, he came out at 21 in 2012.  He was already a success with 7 world titles.

Now he will travel to Poland at the beginning of August to compete for the title of Mr Gay Europe 2018.  During his time as Mr Gay Wales, he is also fundraising for two charities; the Jacob Abraham foundation, which raises awareness of mental health and suicide, and a foundation which supports transgender people through their operations.

We wish you the best of luck Christopher!















h/t: walesonline.co.uk