Amateur Porn Star Is Back - "I Was Kinda Missing All Of You Guys"

He’s baaaaack.

Amateur gay-for-pay porn guy Michael Hoffman has announced via Twitter that he’s coming out of retirement.

Hoffman gained some fame (or infamy) as a tatted-up, muscular hunk who shot and sold homemade self-videos on pay-for-view porn sites.

The majority of the vids were solo (Hoffman identifies as straight) and earned him tens of thousands of dollars.

But last July, Hoffman shared a video on his official Twitter account saying he regretted ever getting involved in amateur porn.

“My decision four years ago to start making videos has really f*cked me up,” he said. “I lose girl after girl. I can’t land a relationship. Can’t get a job. Can’t go anywhere. Can’t do anything.”

“Every single person I meet finds out or knows about it, gets creeped out, doesn’t want to be f*cking friends with me.”



But you know the old saying, ‘time heals everything.’ Or at least you get over porn-life angst.

Last month, the 25-year-old told his Twitter followers that he’s on the comeback road after “missing all of you guys.”

“I know it’s been a good couple months,” he wrote. “I’ve been going through a lot. I was working. I thought I was gonna move on. But, honestly, I was just kinda missing this. And I was kinda missing all of you guys.”



Hoffman is now back and he’s dropped a new video which shows him getting  a very NFSW massage from another guy, complete with a happy ending. 

You can find more info about Hoffman's past video escapades here.

Here's more from the muscular hunk's Instagram account.

(h/t Queerty)