Travel Thursday: Florida Hotspot Named The Most Popular Gay Bar in the United States.

Some of the most iconic gay bars to ever exist are located in the United States. I mean, Madonna doesn't just stop by Stonewall Inn in Manhattan for nothing! 

Each of us have our all-time favorite gay bar, as it evokes some sort of memory within us that still tickles our emotions with delight all this time later. Which bars, however, rank higher than the rest when it comes to its overall popularity?

Gravy Analytics sorted out a ton of data to provide a list of the top 50 most popular gay bars in the United States. The company tracks mobile data to verify attendance at places and events throughout the United States and the company turned their focus on gay bar attendance from November 1, 2017, through October 31, 2018.  

Last year's list saw Nellie's Sports Bar in Washington D.C. hit the number one spot, with The Abbey in West Hollywood taking silver and TRADE in DC taking third. 

Only two of those have remained in the top 3: TRADE (number 2) and The Abbey (number 3). A brand new entry has hit number one this year, so much so that they weren't even on last year's list in the first place.

Let's break down the top 10:

10. Pegasus Nightclub: San Antonio, Texas.

Pegasus celebrates its 25th year in business by providing the folks of San Antonio with fabulous drag shows, outdoor karaoke and more. They managed to stay in the top ten again this year after landing at number 8 in 2018.

9. Georgie's Alibi Monkey Bar: Wilton Manors, Florida.

There are several things Georgie's is known for, meat being one of them (they were voted the Best Burger 2 years in a row). It's also known as the most popular LGBT hangout in Fort Lauderdale, which makes sense given that it ranks higher than any other bar on this list.

8. Twist: Miami, Florida.


Not surprising that Twist pulled itself into the top ten after landing at number eleven last year as this place has become one on everybody's lips in the Miami nightlife area due to the amount of eye candy and space inside of it.

7. Micky's West Hollywood: West Hollywood, California.


A new entry on the list! You'll find this jam-packed spot filled with locals, tourists and super cute gogo dancers.

6. Town Danceboutique: Washington, D.C. 


This will sadly be the last year for TD to make the list as they closed its doors back in July.

5. Posh Bar & Lounge: New York City, NY.

Hells Kitchen has become the new space for gay nightlife as Chelsea has become overpopulated with stroller moms and whatnot. Posh is at the epicenter of fabulousness in Hells Kitchen, enough so that they are the only NYC bar to crack the top ten on this list.

4. Bulldogs Bar: Atlanta, Georgia.

A hometown classic that remains popular 40 years after it initially opened. 

3. The Abbey: West Hollywood, California.

When celebs like Diana Ross and Britney Spears party at your establishment... you must be doing something right.

2. TRADE: Washington, D.C. 

Described as a "narrow" and "no nonsense" type of gay bar. Both must work given how high TRADE ranks on this list. Go for the huge cocktails and the huge... other things.

1. Parliament House: Orlando, Florida.

It's surprising that Parliament House didn't make last year's list at all given how popular this location has become. Several legendary drag queens like Ginger Minj and Roxxxy Andrews have been performing here for years, not to mention the plethora of gay porn stars who perform in next to nothing while on stage. 

Do you agree with the list? Among our writers, we've been to all of them and have mixed reviews. Some of our favorites were not on the list. But since Gravy Analytics tracks mobile data to verify attendance and Parliament House is located in one of the most transient/vacationland cities in the country, there might be an advantage there. 


One of Our Top 18 Stories of 2018: Straight Guy Explains Why He Goes To Gay Bars

In no special order, we're going to recap Instinct Magazine's Top 18 stories of 2018.

Here's one originally from 2016 that we reposted for Memorial Day Weekend.

It seems that the subject resonated well again, 2 years later.

 YouTuber Chris Thompson (SupDaily06) opens up about why he, a straight guy, frequents gay bars. 

See what you think of his explanation!


Straight people in gay clubs has been a topic that we all have talked about way too much and way too long. We all have different opinions and they are always right.

Let's go where we are comfortable, let our dollars do the talking and let the chips fall where they may.

What do you think?


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Nashville Gay Bars Receive Disturbing Flyer Featuring An Assault Rifle

NewsChannel 5 in Nashville, Tennessee, reports that a disturbing flyer with an image of a gun has been sent to several gay bars in the city.

Melvin Brown, owner of the bar Stirrup, told the local news channel he received the flyer in his mail last Thursday.

The flyer depicts the letters “LGBT” but instead of representing ‘lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender,’ above each letter are images of the Statue of Liberty, a gun, a beer bottle and Donald Trump.

On the back of the flyer was a stamp of the word 'MAGA,' the common Trump campaign slogan ‘Make America Great Again,’ and a return address that led reporters to a vacant lot in downtown Nashville.

"When you put a picture of an assault riffle on there - which was used in the Pulse shooting, and you mail it to every LGBT bar in Nashville, that is coming from a hateful place,” Brown told NewsChannel 5. “To say that it's disturbing is an understatement.”

The flyer, which some are calling ’targeted hate mail,’ didn’t mention or appear to be associated with any particular political campaign, but Brown says he believes it was inspired by the midterm elections.

“The midterms are right around the corner and I think somebody is trying to incite a reaction,” Brown added.

At least four gay bars in the Nashville area have reported receiving the flyer.

Watch the report from NewsChannel 5 below.


(h/t NewsChannel 5)

The Abbey Owners Ban Dancer After Social Media Post!

The Abbey Owners Ban Dancer After Social Media Post!

Allegedly, The Abbey Owner Is Cutting Dancers' Pay!

Ohh sis, this is some tea! We all can argue, but I’d have to say West Hollywood’s The Abbey is the most known gay establishment outside of New York’s iconic Stonewall. I’m a WeHo resident and am familiar how The Abbey has certainly blended the heterosexual and LGBTQ+ communities throughout the last five years of my attendance.

According to WeHoVille, The Abbey’s CEO, David Cooley, sent an email to the dancers at his nightclub that he would be cutting their pay by 25%. In response, one of his dancers called for a boycott of the establishment. Allegedly, the dancers were being paid $100 a night (Side Note: WHAT?! That is a pittance!) to shake what their mama gave them to four different songs. So, if you do the math properly, they are allegedly getting paid $25 per song. It was stated in another email, Cooley scolded the dancers for not working hard enough, being in poor shape, and socializing too often with the clientele.

WeHoVille also shared that the dancer known as Teddy Bear has been fired and banned from The Abbey and its sister-bar, The Chapel, after taking his voice to social media. In a since removed post, he told his side of the story:

“David Cooley is one of the richest men in Los Angeles, his bar The Abbey is the most profitable bar in West Hollywood (known around the world) but that doesn’t stop his greed. Recently minimum wage was increased in Los Angeles, to counter this he thought of a (evil) genius idea to cut THE DANCERS pay by the equivalent of asking us to dance one set for FREE now! Oh … but it doesn’t stop there, the pay cut also came with a long message reminding every dance that they are replaceable and that they should be danc(ing) even harder and can be fired at any moment (on top of the pay cut). Also we are no longer allowed to talk to customers when we are on the box, so if a dancer won’t take a pic or say hi to you…don’t get mad at them. So if you care about the community, if you care about fair pay and honestly human decency … please join with me, and #BOYCOTTTheAbbey”

The Abbey recently made national headlines after their one-season reality television show, What Happens at The Abbey, premiered on E! in 2017. Cooley himself made headlines after facing alleged discrimination when his partner was asked to switch seats so a straight couple could sit with one another on an Alaska Airline flight.

h/t: WeHoVille


Memorial Flashback 2016: Straight Guy Explains Why He Goes To Gay Bars

As many of our writers enjoy the Memorial Day weekend here in the US by traveling to see family or hanging with friends, we look back at the top 2 stories from this weekend in the past years of 2013 to the present. Here's the Top Story from 2016.

 YouTuber Chris Thompson (SupDaily06) opens up about why he, a straight guy, frequents gay bars. 

See what you think of his explanation!



What do you think?


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Get Your Fur Game Ready: What are the 10 Best Bear Bars in the World?

The bear community has come a very long way since the new millennium in terms of visibility and acceptance, not only from other gay men, but from society overall.  Where bears used to be the outcasts due to their body types not fitting the eight pack norm has now done a complete 180 and several bars that cater to our furry friends are performing on the same level (if not greater) than the ones where twinks and muscular men inhabit.

These bars have become a watering hole of sorts for bears and bear aficionados to get together and enjoy each other's company while drinking some beers and either dancing the night away and or engaging in activities that are a bit more debaucherous than that.

After doing some major "fur" related research, we have found the most common answers to the question "where are the best bear bars in the world?"  The locations cover the globe from the states to Paris, London and more.

Check out the list of the ten best bear bars in the world, in no particular order. 

Did your favorite make the cut?  Let us know! 



Duke of Wellington (London, England)

Spacious, gay-friendly corner pub with busy downstairs bar, music videos and quieter upstairs area.



Pantibar (Dublin)

Fun joint that bills itself as a homo activity centre with entertainment every night of the week.



Lone Star Saloon (San Francisco, California)

Gay bar & local hangout with a pool table, patio & events like Sunday afternoon beer parties.



Diesel (Seattle, Washington)

Comfortable gay bar with a short menu of pub grub, a long daily happy hour & a pool table.



Le Bear's Den (Paris, France)

"Amazing place, if you are up to a beer (or a bear), this is the place."



Woodshed Bar (Charlotte, North Carolina)

Unpretentious gay leather bar offering daily drink specials, diverse theme nights & a patio.



Rockbar (New York City, New York)

There's an anything-goes vibe at this well-worn haunt, where weekends attract a lively crowd.



Eagle, Los Angeles (Los Angeles, California)

Long-standing gay hot spot caters to a leather-wearing crowd, with cheap beer nights & DJs.



Le Stud (Montreal, Canada)

Dark gay bar with a casual vibe offering weekly events such as pool tournaments & house-music DJ's.


JJ's Clubhouse (St. Louis, Missouri)

Easygoing gay bar offering entertainment such as DJs & karaoke nights, plus billiards & darts.



The Iron Bear (Austin, Texas)

Lively LGBT-friendly hangout offering DJ parties, pool, karaoke & daily happy hour.

This list was created by one of our Contributing Writers and does not reflect the opinion of Instinct Magazine or the other Contributing Writers when it comes to this subject.