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Survey Says Over Half of Gay Men Have Cheated

Apparently, more than one half of gay men have cheated on a partner (or FS Magazine thinks so).

The Health Equality and Rights Organization (or HERO for short) and FS magazine conducted a survey that found that result. The survey, which was mostly focused on infidelity, asked 961 gay and bisexual men about their relationships.

The results found that 58% of respondents said their partner had cheated on them before. In addition, 52% said they’d cheated themselves before. Within that, 45% said their partner still doesn’t know and 61% said they’d continued the affair multiple times without informing their partner.

The questions also set up difficult conversations like what you could possibly bring home after cheating, such as contracting an STI. 17% of respondents said they had gotten HIV or some other STI from an affair.

This also isn’t just a problem for couples in more traditional relationships. 40% of respondents in open relationships said they or their partner had broken the rules of the relationship before.

Ian Howley, who’s the chief executive of HERO, reflected on these results and insisted that they show a need for more communication between gay couples, especially concerning sex.

“What’s clear to us from the results of the survey and what gay men told us about their experiences is that some gay men are making the same mistakes regarding communication, trust and boundaries.”

“There’s huge issue of gay men not being able to talk to one another about what they want sexually.”

He continued: “Of course sex is important for any relationship to work but you cannot and never will be able to meet the needs of someone 100% of the time. And we are foolish to put that pressure on ourselves.”

“If you are lucky to find someone that does it for you, is there for you emotionally, physically and treats you with the respect you deserve, then you must work on the relationship. Letting a relationship die because of sex is silly. More often he will work with you and you can work together to explore options that will keep your relationship tight.”

That said, let's not forget that this is one online poll. On top of that, the sample size is incredibly small. These results, while interesting, do not really reflect gay and bisexual men.

While the survey is interesting to talk about and start discussions, it isn't one to use as true representation of gay men. We'll leave that to an actual study (or a much larger survey at the least).

But, if you’re interested in checking out the issue of FS Magazine, you can download it for iOS, Android, or Kindle.

h/t: GayStarNews

These Instagram Accounts Celebrate Black, Gay Love

Now I’ll be honest from the start, the point of this post is diversity (and proud of it).

While wrapping up my work for today, I wanted to end the night with a little diversity. Lord knows this site needs it.

While sadly, I didn’t have any particular news to share, I at least decided to spotlight Black, Gay love. And how am I doing that, by sharing some Instagram accounts with you all.

If you’re looking for some uplifting, lovely, funny, sexy, and just all around good pics of black gay couples on Instagram, check out the three pages down below.

  1. BlackGayCouples

While this account has the least amount of posts, the pictures it have are all adorable. Most shots depict selfie sessions, hubbie hugging, kind kisses, and miraculous men.

Its just full of cuteness.


  1. BlackGayGoals

Now for this one, know that this page doesn’t just show black gay men. A few pictures of lesbian women and interracial couples are included.

That said, the majority of pictures depict male melanin magic. The whole point of this account is to celebrate blackness, black love, and really just love in general (but it doesn't forget to celebrate other forms of love too).

Warning: Some pictures on the account are NSFW.



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  1. BombGayCouples

Lastly, we have BombGayCouples.

While this page is mostly full of black gay couples, it also includes interracial couples (and some white male couples).

This is a Safe For Work page that celebrates gay love but doesn’t equate gay love to only mean white gay love.

Check it out and see for yourself.



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Keep in mind that this post and these Instagram accounts aren’t to denounce white gay love (which is why its included in two), but to celebrate black gay love (which is often put second).

Italian Gay Couple Dies and Families Hold Joint-Funeral

An Italian gay couple died after breathing carbon monoxide that was emitted from a defective wood-burning stove on Tuesday, January 2nd. Alex Ferrari and Luca Bortolaso, both who were 21, were staying with two female friends in Ca’di Sotto, Verona when they were found dead due to the dangerous levels of CO. They had been dating for over a year.

The couple was sleeping together in one room where they inhaled the toxic fumes while their friends were in another. Their friends were not affected because they were using an electric fire.

According to the Italian media outlet Cronaca, Ferrari and Bortolaso’s families requested that their lives be celebrated with a joint funeral in the church of San Giovanni Battista.

Both individuals saw an outpour of love at their parishes which was demonstrative of how loved they truly were.

A spokesperson of the bishop of Vicenza, Don Alessio Graziani commented on the tragedy with:

The choice of celebrating together the funeral of Alex and Luke responds to a specific request of their families to whom the Church at this moment of immense sorrow wishes to be close with the words of faith.Following the death of two young people, every other comment it seems at least inappropriate

Senator Monica Cirinnà took to Facebook to pay her respects to the couple and their families by saying, "These families are a virtuous example for everyone who loves and respects their children with dignity even in extreme pain."

Their love will be remembered.

Italian Mayor Introduces Tax Cuts For Couples, But Not If They Are Gay Couples

Luigi Carozzi / Image via Corriere Bergamo

An Italian mayor has decided to piss off all of his gay townspeople by specifically omitting them from a tax deal.

Luigi Carozzi, the mayor of Pontida in northern Italy, and his council have found a way to cut waste disposal tax, but it won’t be for everyone.

"The council of Pontida has cut waste disposal tax (Tari), introducing new exempt categories," he said, according to La Repubblica. "Also this time, however, there are exceptions, such as civil unions between people of the same sex."

But, it's not only just gay couples who get screwed over. Straight couples bonded by a civil union and those married with a religious rite not recognized by the state will also be unable to enjoy the tax privileges.

Of course, this decision is earning criticism from many people both in the government and outside of it.

Matteo Salvini, the leader of the Northern League party, remarked that, "It is not fair, all couples are couples.”

Also, Emanuele Fiano, from the ruling Democratic Party, felt the tax cut exceptions were a bad move.

"The Northern League heads back towards the Middle Ages in Pontida, the mayor tries again: Tax cuts on waste disposal, but not for gay couples," he wrote.

And as the International Business Times reports:

“The move just came weeks after Carozzi sparked criticism for proposing parking permits for pregnant women and young mothers, but only if they were married, straight and from the European Union.

At the time, his proposal sparked widespread criticism, forcing the mayor to make a U-turn on his decision, which was - again - condemned by Salvini.”