Heads Up: 'Mary Queen of Scots' Features a Sexy Gay Love Triangle

Awards season is now in full swing, and you’re faced with a ton of choices as to what you can see in theaters.

The period drama Mary Queen of Scots opens next week. For one, it’s a pretty good movie. About what you’d expect when buying a ticket for a lavish period piece, with a great performance by Saoirse Ronan. Clearly inspired by the popularity of Game of Thrones, it’s a violent drama/thriller about the power struggle between Mary Queen of Scots (Ronan) and Elizabeth I (Margot Robbie). It’s not a great film like The Favourite, but it’s well done and highly entertaining.

Some mild spoilers ahead:

One of the film’s central story threads is the dynamic between Mary and her second husband, Lord Darnley (Jack Lowden). Despite definitely not being heterosexual, Darnley charms Mary into marriage. Then he sleeps with Mary’s trusted servant David Rizzio (Ismael Cruz Córdova), causing all kinds of trouble.

This becomes a love triangle, sort of, that’s way more sad than romantic. Frankly, it’s pretty hot seeing Darnley and Rizzio wake up naked in bed together. And it’s nice to know that in 2018, we can finally have period pieces that acknowledges men slept with other men in the past. Mainstream movies have just kind of been pretending that didn’t happen for the most part.

Oh, and Lowden is really studly.

This is a period piece about literal backstabbing. That’s like, the main theme of the movie—royals literally stabbing each other in the back. So it doesn’t feel like much of a spoiler to say these characters don’t have a happy ending.

Focus Features releases Mary Queen of Scots Dec. 7.


Hugh Jackman Discusses Those Pesky Gay Rumors... Again

Many actors in Hollywood deal with gay rumors on an ongoing basis. Hugh Jackman is definitely one of them. 

The Aussie hunk has battled them for several years now, even though he's been a happily married chap to Deborra-lee Furness since 1996.

Although it might be bothersome to others, the rumors don't seem to annoy him at all. "Some dudes do get upset, some dudes say, “Don’t say I’m gay” [but] I am good,’ he said in a recent interview.

Hugh thinks he knows, however, how this all started when he played an openly gay singer-songwriter in The Boy From Oz back in 2003. "I was literally just locking lips… I started to laugh so hard," he explained.

"So I stay kissing him, because I thought, “I’m just going to laugh," he continued. "I’m going to stay here until it subsides” and it never subsided and the whole audience could see my body shaking, so they started."

The focus for Hugh now, professionally at least, is in the movies once again as he is earning rave reviews for his portrayal of former Presidential candidate Gary Hart in The Front Runner. Good thing for him this time around is that there will be no same-sex lip locks as the man he's playing was in a much different kind of love affair (with several women). 


Willam Releases Music Video That is All About 'Daddy D'

Willam has been one of the standout drag queens who have released a ton of incredibly savvy hits over the years that are not only funny but are ones you can jam to as well.

From her time with Detox and Vicky Vox in DWV (“Boy is a Bottom”), the AAA Girls alongside Alaska and Courtney Act (“American Apparel Ad Girls”) and as a successful solo artist (“RuPaulogize”), Willam has always found a way to think outside the musical box much to her fans delight.

Her latest release is no different as it entails something many of us enjoy and would love to have daily: “Daddy D”. She released the video for the song earlier this week and suffice to say that it might be her hottest yet based on the bevy of smoking hot daddies that appear throughout.

Here's what you can find in the 3 minute clip:

  • Plenty of daddies
  • Eating a banana in all the wrong ways
  • Willam with googly eyes
  • Armpit smelling
  • Grabbage 

NSFW clip (for obvious reasons) can be found here

Don Lemon Says White Men Are the "Biggest Terror Threat in This Country"

Earlier this week on CNN, openly gay anchor Don Lemon said that white men are “the biggest terror threat to this country.”

In light of current events including the Kentucky Kroger shooting by a white man that left two black people dead, Lemon got really, really blunt on air.

Lemon contrasted the mass murders committed by white men in this country with the “threat” many Americans perceive in the incoming caravan of 5,000 Central Americans fleeing violence.

"But we keep thinking that the biggest terror threat is something else, some people who are marching, you know, towards the border, like it’s imminent. The last time we did this, a couple hundred people came and most of them got tuckered out before they even made it to the border," Lemon explained.

"So we have to stop demonizing people and realize the biggest terror threat in this country is white men, most of them radicalized to the right, and we have to start doing something about them.”


Some on social media have accused Lemon of being anti-white. Others have taken his side, noting that he didn’t other an entire race, and that statistics technically support his comments. Here are the facts:

Lemon famously rang in 2018 by kissing his boyfriend on live TV.

How do you feel about Lemon’s comments? Please let us know in the comments.

h/t: The Advocate

Austin Wolf's Internet Ranking Skyrocket Amid Flight Attendant Scandal

Porn star Austin Wolf has something to be very proud of amid the Delta Airlines scandal he’s currently involved in. 

He found out via his Pornhub account manager that he was the number one gay porn star on the highly visited site for the month of October, and number 270 overall. It’s a high ranking for both considering the amount of people in the industry, both active and retired.

One Twitter user made a comment about his surge to the top spot, where they said, “Perhaps something to do about naughty play on a Delta flight”. That may just be the case, given how what happened between him and a flight attendant made not only the rounds on the gay publications but in the mainstream media as well.

For those of you who are unaware about what happened, Austin got a ton of people talking after 2 separate clips of him having sex with a Delta Airlines flight attendant was circulated on the internet last week.

It was enough for the airline company to suspend said flight attendant pending further investigation. The young man in question said “I just want to be left alone” in text messages sent to The Daily Mail after word got out about the mile-high scandal.

Austin has not gone into hiding, like many others who have to deal with such a fallout but has done exactly the opposite by attending the Str8UpGayPorn Awards in Los Angeles last week and posting a video of him hooking up with an alleged Uber driver.

Gay Australian Penguin Couple Welcome Baby Chick. Get Ready to 'Aww.'

Well, here’s some good news.

As reported by CBS News, Magic and Sphen, the two male penguins who made headlines earlier this month when it was reported they were incubating an egg, have welcomed their adopted baby into the world.

Sphengic, as the same-sex celebrity penguin couple are called, became close during breeding season. The staff at Sea Life Aquarium Sydney gave the couple a dummy egg as an experiment. Magic and Sphen incubated the egg in their pebble nest. As is the norm for penguin couples, they’d swap roles daily: one penguin would sit on the egg while the other roamed the perimeter for danger.

The staff at the aquarium were so impressed by their commitment that they took a chance in giving them a real egg.

Sea Life Sydney wrote on its website:

"They were absolute naturals and displayed great care for their egg, so much so, the team at Sea Life Sydney fostered a real egg to them from another couple who had two.”

On Friday, the baby penguin hatched. For now, it’s been given its parents’ portmanteau, Sphengic, as a name.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

h/t: CBS News



Sesame Street Writer Confirms He Always Wrote Them Like Gay Couple

This week,   of Queerty published an interview he did with Emmy Award-winning writer, Mark Saltzman, who worked on Sesame Street for a large portion of his career. Mr. Saltzman spent 15 years with The Muppets and wrote scripts and songs for Sesame Street during that time. During the interview, Queerty asked whether he thought about Bert and Ernie as a gay couple. Giving his honest perspective, Mr. Saltzman said:

“I always felt that without a huge agenda, when I was writing Bert and Ernie, they were [gay].”

As the interview continued, he said that during the time he was working on Sesame Street he was in a relationship with Arnold “Arnie” Glassman, film editor, and drew from those experiences to write the two characters as a loving couple. He elaborated:

“The things that would tick off Arnie would be the things that would tick off Bert.”

However, he also added that he would never tell the head writer that the characters were being based on his experiences with his partner.

The characters have always had a complicated past due to the nature of their relationship. While many consider the two to be LGBTQ+ icons and adopting them as a gay couple, the show thought otherwise. When a Change.org petition was created about 7 years ago to have the men be married on the show, the show released this statement:

“[The characters are] best friends and created to teach preschoolers that people can be good friends with those who are very different from themselves. Even though they are identified as male characters and possess many human traits and characteristics (as most Sesame Street Muppets do), they remain puppets, and do not have a sexual orientation.”

Now, in 2018, Sesame Workshop has tweeted the same message, maybe in response to Reddish's interview.


In a similar perspective, Gary Knell (Sesame Street Workshop boss) once said Bert and Ernie “are not gay, they are not straight, they are puppets.”

h/t: Queerty, PBS

Chicago Couple Gets Married with Toy Story Themed Wedding

Garrett Smith and Jason Bitner were engaged at Disneyland two years ago after a beautiful proposal. This week, the two tied the knot as their favorite Disney characters: Buzz Lightyear and Woody.

The couple from Chicago dressed up as the iconic characters from Pixar’s 1995 hit movie, Toy Story. They decided on those characters because of the song they wanted for their first dance- “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” from the Toy Story soundtrack. On the topic, Bitner said:

“Garrett wanted to dress as Buzz and Woody because ‘You’ve got a friend in me’ is one of his favorite Disney songs, and has known for a long time he wanted that to be the song he danced to as his first dance. So of course [I] had to be Sheriff Woody. Both characters are reminiscent of each of our personalities. About a year out from the wedding we started to get more serious about the wedding. That’s when we were like this is our special day we should do what we want and have the things that we like. We love Halloween and we throw an elaborate themed party every year. We also enjoy Disney-bounding in our everyday and cosplaying at comic cons and the renaissance faire. So it was a logical decision to combine all of these things for our wedding.” - Pink News

The best part is, their parents joined in on the costumes too, dressing up as characters from The Little Mermaid, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Peter Pan.

Here are some photos from the wedding, courtesy of Tiffany Brandt Photography, Tiffany Brandt and second photographer Kip Gire ( tiffanybrandtphoto.com ).


See the video of their first dance below:


CBSNews even covered the wedding.



h/t: Pink News, tiffanybrandtphoto.com

'Ex on the Beach' Star Zach Tull's Nudes Hit the Web

Every couple of days, it seems as if some reality star's naked photos magically hit the web. It makes you wonder if this is done on purpose or truly by accident. Either way, they are always fun to look at, especially with our latest "nude" find. 

Zach Tull, who appeared on the 8th season of MTV UK's popular show Ex on the Beach (it's also airs separately in the states), has found himself as the latest TV hunk to go commando on the internet.

He's a 23-year-old from across the pond whose profession happens to be a roofer. Not sure how we wouldn't lose our minds if this showed up at our doorstep:



I don’t believe in HATE I believe in JEALOUSY

A post shared by Zach Tull (@thezachtull) on


He told MTV UK the following before Ex on the Beach premiered in March: "One thing you need to know about me is that I can't keep it in my pants. That's always been my problem."

So it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that what is in his pants is now online. And the particular photo circulating the web looks to be him based on the extensive chest tattoos he sports in almost all of his photos.

Kudos to ! OMG BLOG ! for getting this. NSFW link here.

Opinion: Grindr Can't Be Kindr

Last month, Grindr unveiled a new site (kindr.grindr.com) that shows the Grindr logo accompanied by the word “Kindr” and voice over from various interviews about sexual discrimination. Although the changes aren’t set to appear until September of 2018, no change can make Grindr kinder. Its racial discrimination doesn’t come from the app itself but rather the people using it and a simple app update cannot change that.

The Grindr app is simply an application that allows people to talk to others within their immediate location- anything past that is up to the user. Whether it be drugs, sex, or discrimination, the application is simply a means for the user to interact. It is clear that Grindr is an app that facilitates a toxicity within the gay community but it only enhances the toxicity that is already there.

The first problem with the Kindr campaign is that Grindr itself has not changed. Their advertisements across all platforms have perpetuated the Eurocentric standards of beauty and lean towards a gay, white, muscular man. Advertisements (such as those pictured in this article) show stereotypically “hot” white men in groups, already excluding any other race or body type. In an effort to add more voices to their campaign, Grindr has begun to reach out to its users about being interviewed in Los Angeles on their experiences with sexual discrimination. However, their ad to join the interviews had a photo of toned, tall, mostly white men. If they are open to changing the discrimination within the app, they must stop perpetuating the idea that those are what ideal gay men look like. When every ad for Grindr shows a singular body type or a majority of one race, it is perpetuating the idea that those are the most desired kind of people. Grindr’s marketing, advertisements, and pages for products like “Grindr Premium” thrive on the objectification of one kind of man.

The second problem with the Kindr campaign is that people cannot change with an app update. Whether the update bans discrimination in bios or gives users an equal platform, people’s preferences cannot change. Our inner homophobia is rooted deep and our “types” are a collection of our upbringings. Every ad for a commercial, every billboard for Calvin Klein briefs, every popular gay character on television has been a certain kind of body and we’ve engrained it into our heads. What will make Grindr kinder is self-reflection: thinking about what you like and why you like it. Until then, all an update will do is take up a little more space on your phone.