Jon Hamm Eats Bull Privates to Avoid Talking About His Own

Jon Hamm is an A-list actor, Emmy award winner, and known for wearing no underwear while out and about.

Tons of paparazzi photos have captured him swinging his pendulum back and forth while walking around in New York City or shooting a scene in Los Angeles, as it always seems like he's rocking the whole freeball thing with an IDGAF attitude about it (we aren't complaining).

He appeared on James Corden's talk show last night and played a game called Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts. Basically he asks you something very personal that you wouldn't want to reveal, and if you don't, you have to eat something grotesque in front of you.

Jon was asked a variety of questions throughout the interview, but James saved the best for last. He had the option of either answering it, or eating the bull penis that was sitting right in front of him. Decisions, decisions. 

James asked Jon about what is referred to online as his "Hamm-aconda", otherwise... his d**k, and how many inches it is.

Here's what happened (starts at 11:35):



It was Comedy Gold During the Will & Grace Season Premiere

Will & Grace’s 2nd season of its revival began last night on a somewhat different path compared to its 1st season finale.

They switched gears from Will & Grace’s mother and father (respectively) announcing that they were getting married on the finale to the latter meeting a guy that appears to be someone of interest for the interior designer.

For Jack and Karen, it’s comedy as usual with their own hilarious issues in life and Will’s storyline goes nowhere besides him mocking them both in the process. Let’s look at some of the highlights from the 2nd season premiere.

David Schwimmer, who famously played Ross for 10 years on another NBC sitcom, Friends, appears as Noah Broader, otherwise known as “The West Side Curmudgeon”, which happens to be the title of the season 2 premiere. The two are very similar in their approaches in life in that they both complain about pretty much everything that’s going on around them in NYC, yet he’s more known about being like that in a public/social media kind of way.

After having an accidental run-in in the lobby of Grace’s building, she hands him a flyer for a position she’s vying for in hopes that he will share it on his social media due to the number of followers he has. He then made a mean tweet about it which brings Grace to confront him several different times inside a local diner. It is here where she eventually breaks him down and the two of them end on a promising high note (possible relationship?). David did sign on for a bunch of episodes this season, so expect to see him a lot more as the show goes on.

As for Karen, she finds out that there’s a plastic surgery procedure known as the “Karen Walker” which has to do with someone requesting a breast job to look like hers. She runs into Will’s apartment and asks him to help protect the intellectual property in this matter, even though he left his lawyer job last season. Still, her opening line of “Grace, where’s Will?”, when Will is sitting right there is comedy gold and why we’ve loved her character for 20 years now.

Sean Hayes’ portrayal of Jack has always excelled when it comes to the physical comedy he puts into his character. That could not have been truer during last night’s episode, where he panics before meeting Estefan’s family via FaceTime as he wants to look younger than he already does. He overly applies a numbing cream to his face and lips that renders both useless and hilarity ensues from there. He can barely use his hands as well, as he used them to slather the cream. Will is there to simply mock him and falsely tell him that a banana will relieve him from all the numbing, which only makes the scene that much funnier.

What did you think of last night’s premiere?

Kathy Griffin Flaunts Her Cutie Boyfriend And Takes it All Off

In a span of 48 hours, legendary comedian Kathy Griffin flaunted her hot as f**k boyfriend for the masses to enjoy and got totally naked outside of her pool... all on social media. In her world, as far as we see it, that's a pretty tame couple of days.

One of our favorite gay icons has made a sizable turnaround since the whole Trump mask fiasco that happened to her last May. Her Laugh Your Head Off World Tour has been a major hit for the 57-year old, as she's sold out iconic spaces over the past couple of months like Radio City Music Hall and Carnegie Hall in New York City.

A simple photo of Kathy with her much younger marketing executive beau Randy Bick caused a ton of commotion for her when she posted it on her Instagram Wednesday.



‪Deal With It ‬

A post shared by Kathy Griffin (@kathygriffin) on


The caption from the post simply read "Deal With It," next to a nail-painting emoji. Her followers showered her with compliments about her amazing bikini bod and the hot dude standing next to her. Anyone who trolled what she was doing was pretty much shut down immediately.

As if that wasn't enough, Kathy took it all off in an effort to promote her upcoming shows. She playfully posed outside her pool while showcasing a bit of her backside, 



Werk. Werk. Werk. Werk. Werk Kathy. 


Sacha Baron Cohen's "Pervert Wand" Goes Haywire Around Roy Moore

Sacha Baron Cohen’s Who Is America? is kind of addictive. It’s hard to imagine the British comedian will ever be able to pull off another Borat given his level of international fame, but the new Showtime series is, in many ways, his most successful venture into confrontational prank comedy since that 2006 mega hit.

I’ve watched all of the first three episodes. Who Is America? is always cringe-inducing, frequently laugh-out-loud funny and fitfully genius.

Perhaps the series’ most uncomfortable yet gratifying run-in occurred on last night’s show, when Cohen, in character as fake Israeli anti-terrorism expert Col. Erran Morrad, confronted Republican Roy Moore, a former senate candidate from Alabama.

Moore lost the Alabama election in Dec. 2017 amid allegations he’d sexually assaulted several women, including minors, in the past.

After a brief chit-chat of half-assed niceties comparing Alabama to Israel, Cohen-as-Morrad told Moore Israel had developed exciting new technology, a wand that beeps whenever it’s around a pedophile— the “science” behind it being that pedophiles release an enzyme that’s three times as strong as it is in “non-perverts.”

Of course, the went haywire, beeping erratically, when waved over Moore.

At first the former senate candidate kept a tight smile, before getting defensive.

“I’ve been married for 33 years,” said Moore. “I’ve never had an accusation of such things.”

Cohen, a brilliant improviser, handled everything Moore threw at him, claiming the technology was “99.8%” accurate, but he wasn’t accusing Moore of being a pedophile. Cohen-as-Morrad waved the wand over himself and his “security guard”—silence. Then he waved it over Moore and it beeped wildly again.

Eventually, Moore finally walked off.

Moore recently attacked Cohen on Twitter, saying he was duped. He thought he was receiving an all-expenses paid trip to Washington D.C. to receive an award for his support of Israel.

To watch the scene in all of its squirmy entirety, head on over to YouTube.

Who Is America? airs on Showtime Sundays at 10pm.

French Photographer Recreates Iconic Madonna Looks With His Dog Max, and Everybody Wins

French high fashion photographer Vincent Flouret loves his Golden Retriever, Max, and now the pooch is his favorite subject.

According to Bored Panda, Flouret starting photographing Max more and focusing less on fashion ever since taking pics of shelter dogs in LA three years ago.

Flouret’s latest passion project is called “Maxdonna,” and he’s recreating some of Madonna’s most iconic looks on Max for charity.


Highlights of the shoot include Max as Madonna’s “Ray of Light” album cover with locks waving in the wind, Max in Madonna’s iconic Jean-Paul Gaultier corset, and Max cracking the whip as “Dita” from Erotica.

Proceeds from sold prints of Maxdonna will go to Raising Malawi, Madonna’s charity for the welfare of children and orphans in East African country Malawi.

To see the best of Maxdonna, check out Bored Panda.

For all the info about Maxdonna and where you can purchase, head to Instagram.

Ummm... No Thanks! 3 Foods to Avoid Before Bottoming

Let's face it: bottoming isn't exactly the easiest thing in the world to accomplish.

Sure, they made it look super easy to do when we were watching those "special films" prior to actually doing the act, but it was a completely different story once s**t was going down in real life. I would equate it to thinking you would be enjoying a bread and butter pickle chip but instead they present to you a Big Papa Dill Pickle (yes, it exists, I googled it), that you have to swallow whole in order to really feel like you are "doing the deed."

As time goes by for many of us, the act of bottoming gets easier. There are some that either don't like it or would simply prefer to top in many circumstances (both are fine), but preparing for this sort of Titanic-esque situation (the iceberg always hits, if you know what I mean), has a lot of factors to it.

One of those include what sort of food to avoid prior to. After all, you want this to be a fun situation with the guy(s) you are about to go to town on, not one that requires you to head to Bed, Bath & Beyond shortly after. 

So, in a very funny sort of way, here are three  different types of foods that you should avoid prior to your feet going higher than Britney Spears' voice in her latest Instagram upload (see here).


This is a bit of a no brainer here. If enjoying a massive burrito already gives you the runs 0.3 seconds into your first bite, do you think it will be any different from when the guy you are with slides it in like a pencil into a sharpener? 

No Meat. No Meat. No Meat.

This is sort of a continuum from the burritos post. Here's a fun story. I took two separate friends to a steakhouse of sorts last year. I knew that the amount of meat they were going to give me was gonna be a lot, so I ate what they provided in moderation. Those two, on the other hand, slobbered all over that meat like a piggy-type dude on the 2nd floor of the Eagle, and I got texts from both of them after I left, saying that they had to run into the Uniqlo bathroom (right next door) as their bodies couldn't even make it to the subway. Once again, you're welcome.

Junk Food 

Do you want your bed to end up looking like a bag of Cheetos exploded all on it? Linens are hella expensive, and junk food's salt and fat content will only exacerbate that nightmare happening if you shove a big bag of some sort of chip prior to playing "My Neck, My Back" by Khia and getting your freak on. 

This was created by one of our Contributing Writers and does not reflect the opinion of Instinct Magazine or the other Contributing Writers when it comes to this subject.  Also you should consult a specialist about this sort of thing... not my bad taste in humor. 


5 Ways to Become a Very Basic Gay on Facebook

Are you interested in becoming your most basic self on a platform that was once designed for college students and has now become a gigantic s**tshow?

Have you ever gotten to a place on Facebook where you thought, "God, I'm tired of contributing my own brain power and unique thoughts in the world of social media,... how to I dial it down a bit and fit in with some of these other dudes?"

Well fear not, because I am here to show you the five easy steps you can take to becoming the most basic of gay men on Facebook. And it really isn't that difficult at all when you get down to it!

Read these five steps, study them, and by next week, you'll be racking up those "Likes" based on the most absurd and repetitive posts/uploads one can ever do. 

Step One: Check into your gym location at least 6 times a week!

This lets your "friends" know that you earned yourself that cheat meal (in this case, it's usually a healthy burger of sorts) because you recorded all your cardio sessions and included them in the post. Well done!


Step Two: Share a meme that's been seen in various forms for so many years.

"Shut up and give me my money," Homer Simpson backing into a bush, and so on and so forth. They usually coincide with the ones that are about "when you see a hot guy at the gym" or "leaving work early feels like..." 


Step Three: Post a shirtless pic of yourself and caption it with "Thirst Trap."

This lets everyone know that you are fully aware of what you are doing but that we love you for it anyway (okkkkkkkkk Honey).


Step Four: Share thousands of photos from your fifteenth vacation this year.

It basically tells your friends "sucks to be you right now!", when you are in Mykonos/Madrid/San Diego/Miami or someplace hot and they are in their cubicle.


Step Five: Send someone a photo of your nether regions which wasn't asked for and most of the time not wanted/needed.

In most cases, you'll be blocked faster than the time it took ABC to cancel Roseanne.

What other ways have you seen your gay friends being uber basic on Facebook?  What basic kinds of posts did we miss that make you think wow, I. MUST. LIKE. cuz it's so basic.

This was created by one of our Contributing Writers and does not reflect the opinion of Instinct Magazine or the other Contributing Writers when it comes to this subject. Also, this was meant to be funny. Please don't take any of it seriously or to heart! 

Five Funniest Things Gay Men Do in the Summer

This article was penned by internationally known comic entertainer Peter Bisuito. For more information on him, please check out his official website here

It’s June 2018 and summer is right around the gay fabulous corner. It’s time to stretch our smiling muscles, warm up the gag reflexes and laugh at some of the funny shit gay men do in the summer!!


Oh yes, summer is the best time to get engaged. Whether it’s at the beach, a restaurant or on top of a ferris wheel, gay men love to pop the question in the most dramatic way possible. And they especially like to do so after only 3 months of dating. THREE MONTHS!! Now what could possibly go wrong with THAT scenario?? And of course their pronounced love for each other must be dispersed all over social media through cute little poems they’ve written for one another that we all must painfully endure:

“I love Philip and he loves me,

We’re as happy as 2 can be.

I’m so happy that we met,

2 weeks ago on the internet.

Our love is more than enough,

I hope he doesn’t find out I’m still on Scruff.”

And then they finally post that one photo we’re all just waiting for. You know the photo…one guy is on bended knee holding a ring and their caption reads, “HE SAID YES!!” OH PUL-EEZE!! Like I’m supposed to be impressed he said yes after 3 months. What can possibly go wrong with THAT scenario?? My partner and I have been together for 17 years, if I ever posted a photo of myself holding a ring, my caption would read, “HE SAID I GUESS SO.” Ever notice how the word “gag” is in the middle of engaged?? Trust me, it’s NOT a coinkedink.


Summer time is pride time and pride time is gay time and gay time is FUN time! The gays come out of the woodwork and dress up in their most outrageous outfits to participate in pride parades across the globe. And with good reason! We worked hard and we’ve earned the right to do so! Pride parades are getting so popular that straight people and children also partake in the festivities. YES…KIDS!! There’s a whole new generation of acceptance coming up through the pike. Pride parades with little children marching in support. Take THAT Anita Bryant!


It’s almost summer and now’s the time to look your best. I’ve always been astounded at how the gays love to groom themselves. And I’m all for it. You wanna look good then you need to werk it gurl. Hair salons, days spas, teeth whitening, botox…you name it, the gays are doing it. I even saw a place that offered anal bleaching. Apparently there’s a lot of gays in this world who just don’t like the color of their shit-stained anus. So they have it bleached. Since I’ll try anything once, I decided to look into it and the least expensive anal bleaching I was able to find was $120. I was NOT going to spend 120 bucks to get my anus bleached. So I just ran over to the drug store and bought a bottle of Sun-In for $6.49. I sprayed my anus with Sun-In and laid in the sun for over 4 hours with my legs in the air. Unfortunately my anus turned orange, however I did make lots of new friends!


Now, I don’t know about you, but I hate sports. I was awful at sports growing up. I was that moron in basketball always running the wrong way on the field trying desperately to avoid that penalty dug out. I still have visions on my father sitting in the bleachers hanging his head in shame. But for some gays, they love being on a team and participating in something that NO gay man should participate in unless it’s gymnastics or ice-skating. To me gay men who play sports is the equivalent to lesbians in musical theater.


Summer is best time for the gays to get political. Why?? Cuz we LOOOVE to march in protest. Not just because it’s good cardio and firms up the triceps by lifting heavy signs up and down, but because gays love to fight for justice. Haven’t you noticed whenever the gays get pissed off, all the arts & crafts stores raise their rates on poster board & markers? Fighting for injustice is what we do. But what the gays don’t understand is that all this marching is completely unnecessary. If you want to change the laws in this country and fight injustice, all you really need is a pissed off lesbian. It’ll free up much of your time so you can concentrate on much more important things. Like getting engaged, going to pride parades, having your anus bleached or playing volleyball.

Funny: Viewers Demand More Male Full-Frontal On HBO

Have you ever noticed the amount of female nudity on HBO? Why so little "full frontal" from the male characters?

The ladies of College Humor called out HBO a few years ago demanding equal time for their viewing pleasure asking for more 'Full Monty' from men on the premium channel.

And still today, they have a point, don't they?

"We're not saying 'no more boobs," say the girls. "We just think you should show dong."

"I want a little 'Dude Tube' on my 'Boob Tube,'" says another.

They even point out the easy opportunities the channel blew. "You had a show called Hung about a guy with a big d*ck - and we never got to see it??”

"Game of Thrones? We were promised a 'storm of swords.'"

The ladies come armed with suggestions - like two guys showing naked peen. You know, like, comparing sizes. 

"Ooh, and it's a tie, so then they have to wrestle naked and there's some cross-dong action."

No argument here ;)

I think these ladies have a point. And to be fair, they offer up a compromise: “For every minute we have to sit through this dumb double standard, you owe us an inch of Grade A man meat.”

Since nothing's really changed, it's time to level the playing field.

What do you say, HBO?

Watch the video below.



These Sexy, Gender-Swapped "Star Wars" Pics Will Bring Balance to the Force

A fun, sexy fan twist on an infamous Star Wars moment just went viral thanks to a shout-out from Luke Skywalker himself. Last November, actors America Young and Dove Meir posed for a series of photos sending up Carrie Fisher’s “slave” outfit in Return of the Jedi. Meir’s original Instagram post read: “What if Han Solo was cast as a woman and Leia a man?”

The shoot recently caught fire on Twitter, and it blew up on May 8 when Mark Hamill posted this to his Twitter:

Even 35 years ago, the “slave Leia” costume was controversial for its depiction of female objectification. These days it’s laughable, and a little sad. One of very few elements of the original trilogy that hasn’t aged well (this was a family film for goodness’ sake!).

Fisher was outspoken in her disdain for the costume. She told Daisy Ridley, “Don’t be a slave like I was. … You keep fighting against that slave outfit,” in a conversation with Interview before she passed away in late 2016.

The new shoot, on the other hand, is an impressive, edgy and hugely enjoyable display of good sportsmanship. As an added bonus, Meir has a washboard stomach and legs for days. These photos will age a lot better than Princess Leia’s first chunk of screen time in Return of the Jedi.

The Advocate recently tracked down Young and Meir for a conversation about the shoot. Check it out, along with the rest of the photos, here: