One Man Hopes to End Discrimination on Hookup Apps

We’ve all seen it. “No fats, no femmes, no Asians, white only” the list goes on and on. It’s one of the most topical points of discrimination among online dating and hook up apps. Maybe you’ve even felt this rejection in other areas of your life.

Late last year, Chappy App launched in the hopes to rid the effects of discrimination users feel when looking for a match.

Statements such as the ones above may be confused for preference, but in reality, they create hostility and division among the LGBTQ community, further perpetuating the stereotypes that we are all superficial.

Well, one particular guy has had it! Sinakhone Keodara, CEO and founder of the Asian Entertainment Television company, has had enough.

Keodara posted a call on Twitter in hopes of spearheading a class action lawsuit against hookup app giant Grindr. Keodara is fed up with the app allowing users to write ‘no Asians’ or ‘not interested in Asians’ or ‘I don’t find Asians attractive’ in their profiles. Again, is this preference or racism?

Keodara’s goal is to find men in all 50 states to join him as co-plaintiffs and hopefully bring down Grindr for their lack of attention to this issue. He hopes to speak up for all the Asian men who have “been offended, humiliated, degraded and dehumanized.”



Just last week we reported about the Muscle Bear Facebook group that discriminated against new group members by saying:

If you are Asian or African, do not join the group because it will be blocked from this group.

Super cute, guys!

It’s obvious that every single person has a bias, but what everyone should also have is a filter. Just because you’re thinking it or wishing it, why would you degrade or ridicule others? It’s a matter of common decency. Trust me—if you’re a d*ck, no one’s gonna wanna f*ck you anyway!

Let’s see where this Grindr lawsuit is headed. Grindr has not responded publicly to Keodara’s post. Does this have potential to create change for all apps?

h/t: Sinakhone Keodara Twitter