Oh My God: Kellan Lutz Bulges Out in What Men Want

I took my boyfriend to see the Taraji P. Henson flick What Men Want over the weekend. It's essentially an updated version of the Mel Gibson movie What Women Want from 2000. 

Taraji plays a sports agent named Ali Davis who is determined to become partner at her agency. She expects this to happen towards the beginning of the film but is let down when another younger male counterpart gets the position over her.

This makes her irate in the aftermath as she can't seem to figure out why she didn't get the position. Ali later on goes to her friends bachelorette party, which included a reading by a psychic in the form of tarot cards.

Ali drinks a potion given to her by the tarot card reader after complaining about her not getting promoted and heads out for the evening with her girlfriends. She parties it up at the club before getting accidentally knocked out and ends up in the emergency room. 

It's here where she develops the abilities to hear men's thoughts. This ultimately gives her the advantage at work to navigate getting the coveted partner position she desires. 

The benefits of this go beyond the workplace. Ali lives in the same building as a superbly hot guy she refers to as "Captain F***tastic"... played by Kellan Lutz. She can't figure out if he's into her but that quickly changes when she's able to read his thoughts. Turns out that he thinks she's with her assistant Brandon (Josh Brener) as he's always riding the elevator with her. Brandon is gay, so she's able to act on getting what she wants based on her hearing Captain F***tastic's thoughts. 

Captian F***tastic enters the elevator during one scene in his workout gear, where his sweatpants leave very, very little to the imagination. You can totally see what Kellan is packing for a split second in the movie... leaving this writer to want to give What Men Want a much higher review.

Ali takes advantage of him in the elevator and they start to make out. He then carries her into his huge apartment, where she freshens up in his bathroom before realizing what an absolute freak he really is. 

Kellan's character gets his leather fantasy on by strapping up in a swing, where Captain F***tastic invites Ali into his dungeon for some very naughty action. She's not really down for this and leaves immediately. Oh well.

If there is one reason to see What Men Want, because the film was simply meh, it's Captain F***tastic. I clearly wasn't expecting to see Kellan like this... but sure glad he decided to get a little kinky in his hilarious role. 

"What Men Want" is playing in theaters now. This segment aired on the KTLA 5 Morning News, Tuesday, February 12, 2019.

Enjoy the chit chat, but if you want to see Kellan, jump to 2:40 .



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Nyle DiMarco Invites Us into His Bed on Valentine’s Day

Nyle DiMarco doesn’t really have to do anything in order to showcase what a handsome beast he really is.

The former America’s Next Top Model winner has once again made us think naughty things of him. He posted a seductive video and photo on Instagram Tuesday, February 12, where he asked his followers what they were doing on Valentine’s Day.



wyd on valentine’s?

A post shared by Nyle DiMarco (@nyledimarco) on

Both the photo and video are incredibly sexy, as the 29-year-old posed shirtless on a random bed. The clip he shared allowed viewers to get as close to him as possible, with the camera zooming in on his piercing eyes.

The Instagram upload was enough to make some of his followers sweat, notably RuPaul’s Drag Race winner Raja (Sutan Amrull). He admitted to being way too “nervous” to introduce himself while they were at Life Ball in June 2018.

Nyle has a history of making his followers weak in the knees. He’s shared his booty for the world to see in the past as well as leaving little to the imagination at the beach.

I’m pretty sure that several people would clear their schedules for him this Valentine’s Day. Hand included.

Woof: 10 Hot Instagram Photos Of Colby Jansen

For those of you into the furrier types of men that are out there (raises hand here), Colby Jansen is your guy.

The undeniably handsome fella has become a jack of all trades in the adult industry by going outside of the lines of what one can do when it comes to the variety of scenes they can perform in. Colby has done gay, bi, trans, BDSM… the list goes on and on.




The #trailer is here! Every daddy was once a boy. @colbyjansen and @_patrickwallace are “Matt” #comingsoon

A post shared by Matt (@mattshortfilm) on


He’s also won multiple awards in the process and has transitioned into the world of mainstream with the short film Matt, costarring actor Patrick Wallace. The trailer for it was released earlier this week, with the tagline being “Every daddy was once a boy.”

Colby’s Instagram page is one of most popular out there in the gay porn universe, where he boasts thousands of followers thanks to the endless amounts of selfies he posts.

Here are 10 that will no doubt get your engines going.



Check my twitter for the full pic and click link in bio for access to my private snap!

A post shared by Colby Jansen (@colbyjansen) on

Naked Colby




A post shared by Colby Jansen (@colbyjansen) on

Freshly Shaven Colby



Kicking off my Hustlaball weekend with a quick pic with @tyrobertsxxx

A post shared by Colby Jansen (@colbyjansen) on

Boxing Colby




A post shared by Colby Jansen (@colbyjansen) on

Look At These Guns Colby



Couple dudes watching football.

A post shared by Colby Jansen (@colbyjansen) on

Doggie With Colby



The name’s Bondage. James Bondage.

A post shared by Colby Jansen (@colbyjansen) on

James Bond(age) Colby



Only a privileged few get to have this view in person. #LookUpAtDaddy

A post shared by Colby Jansen (@colbyjansen) on

Look Up At Daddy Colby



‪Happy Hogmanay! Lang may yer lum reek!‬

A post shared by Colby Jansen (@colbyjansen) on

Cheers To You Colby



Leg Day.

A post shared by Colby Jansen (@colbyjansen) on

Leg Day Colby



Double booty freak out

A post shared by Colby Jansen (@colbyjansen) on

Dat Booty Colby


Strip Down: 5 of the Most Iconic Television Shirtless Moments

Television has been a wonderful place for many of us to gawk at the insatiably hot guys that appear on the small screens in our home.

This has included several of them taking their shirts off in a variety of ways that never fail to impress us with how good everything looks underneath that item of clothing.

Some of these shirtless moments happened many moons ago, while others continue to happen in the world of pop culture. All of them, regardless, are hot… and worth taking another look at.

Here are five of the most iconic shirtless moments in television history.

Eric Dane in nothing but his towel on Grey’s Anatomy

Adam Levine during the Super Bowl 53 Halftime Show

Shirtless party time with KJ Apa on Riverdale

Mark Wahlberg's Marky Mark Debut

Mario Lopez - NIP/TUCK SE04 - EP03 (HD)
make action GIFs like this at MakeaGif

Mario Lopez showering with Julian McMahon on Nip/Tuck.



Instinct Insta Hottie of the Week is Philly-Based Cutie Craig Gilmore

Great smile? Check. Furry body? Woof. Cutie from the east coast? Ding. Philadelphia-based Craig Gilmore is our pick for Instinct Magazine’s Hottie of the Week.

Aesthetically Craig is instantly pleasing given his adorable smile, beautiful eyes and chiseled body. The Pennsylvania native also has a pretty sweet job on top of his insatiable features, being a director of finance for BMW. Our engines are currently revved up.

We always like to get some fun facts about our HOTW (Hottie of the Week) from the subject themselves, and Craig provided some interesting ones for the world to know.

  • Pretty happy guy here surrounded by amazing friends.
  • I belong to a gayme night group (aka game night). We do fun things together such as camping trips, tubing , skiing, holiday parties and constantly coordinating events together.
  • I love traveling to pride events around the world and meeting new people and experience many different cultures. Heading to Los Angeles next week then road tripping to Palm Springs for IBC (International Bear Convergence).
  • I love to dance and socialize and make new friends and build people up, not tear them down. 
  • I like to volunteer for the Philadelphia LGBT youth center whenever time allows ( gayme night as a group cooks food and serves underprivileged LGBT youth about three times a year)
  • I also donate to the HRC (Human Rights Campaign) and Stonewall Sports.

Want to know more about the sexy and charming 35-year-old? Follow him on Instagram here.



#done #lmao #toofunny #pizza #philadelphia #gayborhood

A post shared by Craig (@82cdgmac) on

Take it Off: 5 Famous Men Who Have Guest Hosted at Chippendales

Jersey Shore star Vinny Guadagnino is the latest famous stud to toss his hat (and shirt and pants) into the Chippendales arena.

The legendary male review show, which has been going on for decades, has seen its share of notably hot men who have come through for at least one night to get the crowd of women's (and some gay men) hearts rate up.

Take a look at five (besides Vinny) who have bared almost all for their hundreds of customers.

Jaymes Vaughan. Jaymes was a Chippendales dancer before his appearance on The Amazing Race in season 21. He and fellow dancer James Davis made it all the way to second place on the Emmy-winning reality show back in 2012.

Joey Lawrence

Joey did a limited engagement in Las Vegas back in June of 2012. Now we get to see him almost bare all on Celebrity Big Brother.

Tyson Beckford

The iconic supermodel showed off his physique several times with Chippendales, notably late last year (shower, anyone)?

Jeff Timmons

Jeff is arguably considered to be the buffest boy band member in history... if you don't include his fellow 98 Degrees bandmate Nick Lachey. His appearances with Chippendales eventually led him to create his own exciting show called Men of the Strip. 

Ian Ziering

Ian made his Chippendales debut 6 years ago, where the former 90210 star appeared to have sported his most chiseled figure yet. Enough to make Steve Sanders jealous, perhaps?


Jake Gyllenhaal Bares His Butt in New Netflix Film

Jake Gyllenhaal is truly the gift that keeps on giving when it comes to him showing off his ASSets on camera.

The Oscar-nominated actor's amazing physique is on full-display in his latest film called Velvet Buzzsaw, which premiered on Netflix Friday, February 1.

The film, directed by Nightcrawler’s Dan Gilroy, is about the terror wrought after a famous artist uses human blood to paint his work. The artist’s paintings then start to come to life and start killing whatever’s in arm’s reach. Velvet Buzzsaw costars Rene Russo, John Malkovich and Toni Collette

A couple of scenes in the film show Jake pretty much naked. One is when his character Morf is typing on a laptop in the buff and the other shows him getting out of bed with his buttocks exposed.

This is far from the first time that we have seen Jake's booty on camera. There was also that time that he showed off his cakes in the military-themed film Jarhead

Kudos to !! OMG BLOG !! for the screen grabs. Link here.


This Week's Instinct Insta Hottie is Singer and Actor Phillip Evelyn II

New York City's Phillip Evelyn II is sexy hunk of a dude with a heart just as big as that massive chest he's been sporting.

The Big Apple resident was another easy choice for Hottie of the Week, given his incredible aesthetics and interesting background.



Phillip describes himself as a man of many talents: singer, actor, poet and model. What's even better for a lucky suitor out there (or more) is that the 35-year-old is currently single. Perhaps that will shift gears after thousands of people will see this article (on top of the thousands who check out his Instagram every single day?)

Here are some fun facts about Phillip (that he shared with me himself):

I'm a huge homebody. 

Singing is when I feel the most joy.

Cheesecake is my favorite dessert.

A bag of Sour Patch kids is an essential movie snack. 

I listen to Chamber/Chorale music a lot.

Vocally, I was classically trained.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch is my favorite cereal. 

I love breakfast food ANYTIME of day.

I was raised in Georgia.

Half of my family is from Jamaica. 

I'm a romantic.



When asked what he has done for our community, Phillip had this to say:

"Community is only as strong as the sum of it's parts. Frankly, just being a black gay man within our community is a revolutionary act in and of itself."

"I am a walking intersectionality. While speaking truth to power within our community, I also make a conscious effort to uplift those voices within our community that often times remain stifled. A prime example in this case would be the voices of black trans women. I've pointed out before, as it goes without saying, that there are marginalized within the marginalized."

"I try and use what social media platform I have to shed light on the issues that plague our community within."



Want to know more about Phillip Evelyn II? Follow him on his Instagram here.

Michael Fassbender Earns the Title of Biggest 'Show-er' in Hollywood

Michael Fassbender may have lost both of his Oscar nominations, but there is one title he's just earned that could be seen as a fair tradeoff. 

Mr. Man recently compiled a list of the biggest "grow-er" and "show-ers" in Hollywood, where the Shame actor takes top prize for the latter. Hustle & Flow star Terrence Howard won for being the biggest grow-er. Congrats to both?

The website did this by watching over 8,000 naked movie scenes to compare and contrast which guys start small and could end big and who is a pure flop from the moment they are seen in the buff.

Eric Balfour, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jude Law are on the lower end of the totem poll whereas Omar Epps, Liam Neeson and Ben Affleck scored high.

So congrats to Michael on ranking highest. It must be an incredible honor... for your package. See the list here.



All The Shirtless Hunks Appearing on Celebrity Big Brother 2

CBS kicks off the 2nd season of Celebrity Big Brother tonight!

The cast this time around is fairly decent compared to what these kinds of shows usually get, where none of them are A-list (except for Kandi Burruss and Tamar Braxton TBH) but none are D-list either.

Many are in between, which makes this go around that much more interesting. Furthermore, several of the men competing this year are smoking hot and worth buying the live feeds just to see them in various states of undress.

We perused their social media accounts and found their sexiest photos, many of which find them without a shirt on... or more. Take a look.

Joey Lawrence (Actor)



Chillin in the amazing Cali sun. A blessed Friday afternoon no doubt! Love y'all!! Have a kick ass wknd! Xo

A post shared by Joey Lawrence (@joeylawrence) on

Ryan Lochte (Olympic Swimmer)



Happy 4th!!!

A post shared by Ryanlochte (@ryanlochte) on

Jonathan Bennett (Actor and TV Personality)



“All I want for Christmas is a real good tan”- @kennychesney

A post shared by Jonathan Bennett (@jonathandbennett) on

Ricky Williams (NFL Legend plus... THAT BEARD!)



Hook ‘em.

A post shared by Ricky Williams (@williams) on

And let's add in James Maslow from CBB 1 into this group... just for fun and stuff.