RPDR Wins Outstanding Reality Competition Program Emmy!

What a night for RuPaul’s Drag Race! They took home the award for Outstanding Reality Competition Program at the 70th Annual Emmy Awards on Monday night.



It’s the first time that an LGBTQ themed show has done this, as the only previous winners in this category have been The VoiceTop Chef and The Amazing Race.

RuPaul (who won Outstanding Reality Competition Host for the third time last week) accepted the award on stage with Michelle Visage and several members of the show’s staff behind him. He finished the speech with what he says on every episode of RPDR, “If you can’t love yourself, how the hell are you gonna love somebody else, can I get an amen?”

Congrats to RuPaul’s Drag Race on their win!

EXCLUSIVE! Alexis Mateo on Drag Pageants, “Vanjie” and Not Punching Manila Luzon

Alexis Mateo is one of the most beloved drag queens to have ever competed on RuPaul’s Drag Race. She stormed through season 3 and made it all the way to the end alongside runner up Manila Luzon and eventual winner Raja. A short while later she competed on the first season of All Stars with fellow s3 competitor Yara Sofia, where they both made it very far.

Alexis is also a true pageant queen who has made a name for herself in that circuit way before entering the werk room on the Emmy-winning reality competition series. She struck gold in 2018 by winning Miss Gay Florida, something she has attempted to do for over a decade.

She also has a legion of new fans thanks to her drag daughter Vanessa Vanjie Mateo being on season 10 of RPDR, where she made the biggest impression out of pretty much the entire cast even though she was the first one to be eliminated.  

Alexis chatted about what she’s doing to win Miss Gay Florida once again, as well as what it’s been like for her and Vanessa over the past couple of months and if she regrets never punching Manila while on RPDR. Check it out.

How often do people still come up to you and say “BAM!” 

"BAM!" Every day I get people coming up to me and saying “Bam!” I say “Bam!” when I need to feel pretty and amazing. Is like a boost of energy. So, every time someone says that to me...I get excited again!

What did it feel like to win Miss Gay Florida 2018? 

Winning Miss Gay Florida America was a great moment for me. I have been trying to win since 2007 and finally it was my time. After my 39th birthday, I was having a hard time in my personal life, and winning the title helped me stay focused and has given me a new opportunity in my career.

Do you think pageant queens still get a “stigmatism” (quoting Trinity Taylor) in the drag world? 

Yes, pageant queens are the most prepared and competent drag queens in our community, but for some kind of reason the TV show uses the term "pageant queen" as a negative thing. Rupaul was never a pageant queen, so I guess they try to put us down. But, season after season, the pageant queens finish on top because we really know how to compete and how to do drag correctly.

What are you doing to Miss Gay Florida 2019? 

To win Miss Gay America I’m trying to be ME.  I want to show them who I am and what makes me unique. I will show my heart and I will be ready to present a mature Alexis Mateo.

Are you shocked at how the RPDR audience was so galvanized by your drag daughter Vanessa Vanjie Mateo? 

To be honest, no. I knew when I met her that she was a star. I was just very happy that the world saw what I saw in her. I’m very proud of Vanessa and now the word “vanjie” will always be part of our culture.

Will you two ever collaborate on some music together? 

There will be many surprises very soon with Vanjie... 

Did you regret not punching Manila Luzon in either season 3 or All Stars 1? 

No, I don’t regret it. There is still plenty of time to still do it! Noooo, I love Manila and I’m a big fan of hers, now, so I never would.

What else is coming up for Alexis Mateo?  

Planning to tour very soon and continue to work on some TV shows, music and even a YouTube series for Latin America. So, stay tuned and wish me good luck this October 3 to 6 in St. Louis, MO as I compete to become Miss Gay America.

You can follow Alexis on Instagram here and YouTube here.

Why ‘Drag Race’ Deserves to Win the Emmy For Outstanding Reality Competition Program

The 70th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards takes place this Monday night, September 17th. It will be broadcast live on NBC and hosted by Saturday Night Live cuties Michael Che and Colin Jost.

It’s an evening where the biggest stars from television and more will be present for an evening filled with hilarity, emotion and a bunch of jabs towards our current administration (par for the course). There will also be a ton of LGBTQ representation during the ceremony, in particular with the show RuPaul’s Drag Race which is up for Outstanding Reality Competition Program for a second year in a row.

RPDR already took home a bunch of honors at the 2018 Creative Emmys this past weekend. This included RuPaul himself winning Outstanding Host for a Reality or Reality-Competition Program and season 3 contestant Delta Work (Gabriel Villarreal) for Best Contemporary Hair Styling - Television and New Media Series (shared with Hector Pocasangre).

The only award left that they are nominated for that hasn’t been presented yet is Outstanding Reality Competition Program, which will be given out during the live show. In my honest opinion, RPDR deserves to win this more than any of the other shows nominated for several reasons, five of which are listed below.

Enough with The Voice and The Amazing Race Winning

The Voice has yet to produce a star (please correct me if I’m wrong), yet they’ve had a bajillion seasons at this point. To me, that show is about molding the careers of the judges that come and go on it and not the contestants. Drag Race has produced 126 stars at this point, all of which are household names who sell out shows on a global level and have become very profitable in the process.

As for The Amazing Race, its enough already. The show has won 10 times and I forget that its even on the air at this point. The only other series besides these two that have won in this category is Top Chef. All three are up against RPDR this Monday night alongside Project Runway and American Ninja Warrior.

Ru Won Outstanding Host for a Reality or Reality-Competition Program 3 Years in a Row

It takes a village, and that village deserves an award just as much as Ru. Why not just do a two-in-one and give them that Emmy just like they did with Outstanding Host? Yas, gawd!

The Show Island Hopped to a Much Bigger Network

When your show is that fantastic, that amazing and that major that it goes from a barely known network (LOGO) to one of the most watched and in demand ones like VH1, you must be doing something right. Nothing against LOGO, as they gave it a platform for it to begin and eventually blossom, but it was only a matter of time for them to jump ship and go elsewhere. This transition from one to the other happened in 2017 when season 9 began and shows no signs of ever going back to where it started.

Catchphrases, Stunts, Lewks, Etc.

The impact that RPDR has had on our society is like nothing else that’s out there. It’s inspired a ton of catchphrases (VANJIE DUH) and has allowed each contestant to become their own brand which is something that would’ve never happened many moons ago.  Every other show that is nominated in this category has that ability too, but no one does it bigger or better than Ru’s hit show.

Cultural Impact for the Gods… Hunty

This show is watched by millions of people from all types of backgrounds, sexual identities and more with little to no judgement about the audience who tunes in. Even in the LGBTQ community, drag was considered to be alternative and a bit out of left field and now it has become more mainstream than even Ru expected. That sort of a cultural phenomenon, which happened within a world that used to be shunned and is now universally loved and appreciated for the most part, deserves to not be awarded but praised with a s**t ton of respect. Here’s hoping Ru and co take home the gold this Monday.

This was created by one of our Contributing Writers and does not reflect the opinion of Instinct Magazine or the other Contributing Writers when it comes to this subject.

Laganja Estranja Opens Up About Her Budding Career & Never Ever Doing ‘All Stars’

Laganja Estranja has done a really great job at many aspects of her professional career, from drag to dancing to singing and more. Something that this particular writer finds very impressive is that she’s been able to do a complete 180 on her public perception since she appeared on RuPaul’s Drag Race five years ago.

The then 23-year-old was polarizing during that season for her somewhat over-the-top personality that kept audiences glued to their screens every single Monday night. Good or bad, you enjoyed watching her no matter what. Since then, she’s proven to be so much more than just a personality on a reality show by becoming a major force in and out of the drag world and has won millions of fans over in the process who have really gotten to see who she is outside of the series that helped make her famous.

In an Instinct exclusive, Laganja discusses so much about what’s going in her world right now including new music, her time on another popular reality competition series, that amazing friendship with Gia Gunn and why she will never do an All Stars season… ever. Take a look.

Hey Laganja, thanks for doing the interview! It was great seeing you this summer on So You Think You Can Dance. What was that process like and are you happy with the overall result?

Honestly being on So You Think You Can Dance really changed my perception of what filming reality TV can be like. You must understand, on RuPaul's Drag Race, we are put under extreme situations that are meant to cause a bit of commotion. For SYTYCD, it was much more about the talent on stage and the form of dance, which is my strongest suit. Overall, I am extremely pleased with the result. When I left their facility, I felt respected. I created space for someone like myself, someone in the LGBTQ+ community, to belong in that competition. 

Do you think the RPDR fanbase was able to see a different side of you?

I absolutely think the RPDR fanbase saw a different side of me, and not just because I was out of drag. It's been five years since I filmed RPDR, I have done so much maturing in that time. I think I spoke with grace and humility while still delivering that "Laganja" flair. 

Let's chat about RPDR. It's been almost five years since your season aired (many people think yours was the best). How do you look back on it all this time later?

It was the BEST season, hands down, and we all need to face that music and dance OCKURRR!! When I look back, honestly, I'm thankful I survived. I'm grateful I had an incredible support base around me and #BUDS who loved me unconditionally. I laugh when I think about first meeting Gia (Gunn), I cry when I think about how many people I disappointed. But overall, I'm proud of the work I did as a 23-year-old who wanted nothing more than the world to love him but didn't necessarily have the tools with which to make that happen. 

A lot of fans have wondered why you haven't been on All Stars yet. Will we see you on the 4th season?

No All Stars for me. I have nothing but respect for that competition, but I know it's not a good fit for my sanity. My health and well being have to be more important than my need to succeed. 

I see you have an upcoming album coming out. Can you tell us more about that?

Exhibit A is coming soon but that's all I can really tell you about it, of course!! What I can say is it's filled with some of the best drag race music you've ever heard. WHAT! I'm not afraid to say it. I have worked so hard with my team at Big Snow Entertainment, and we believe in our product with all our hearts. I am really hoping this will launch my career into a new direction. I know the drag world is saturated with music, but I'm ready to prove why I will be Exhibit A

I know you are BFF's with the one and only Gia Gunn. What has been the funniest moment in your friendship?

Every day with Gia is an adventure. We are not called "Team Too Much" for no reason! But honestly living with her and watching her transition before my very eyes, I have learned so much about myself and gender fluidity. I feel blessed I have a sister in this game. And just like family, we have our ups and downs, too. But real friends stick with one another and grow together, and we both know we've just begun our journey. 

Will we be seeing you on your drag mother Alyssa Edwards' Netflix show?

What won't you be seeing out of Dancing Queen coming this October 5th?!? Stunts, shows, shenanigans. It's going to be a GAG for sure!

What are you most hopeful about this point in your career?

I'm hopeful I can keep believing in myself and financially afford my dreams. I dream of selling out theatre houses and having a full-on production of my own. I really want my music career to succeed more than anything! And I want a husband and kids and a life full of laughs and love.

You can follow Langanja on her Instagram and Twitter here. 

Incredible Artist Creates Mind-Blowing 'RuPaul's Drag Race' Animations!

One of my favorite things that have come out of RuPaul's Drag Race isn't exactly RuPaul himself, nor the queens, nor the catchphrases that many of us use on a daily basis. It's the amazing types of art that creative minds imagine then bring to life on and off social media that really blows many of us away. 

Take for instance Norweigan Sindre Johnsen, who caught my eye a couple of days ago due to his incredible animation that he has created for many legendary Drag Race queens. 

What really got me excited over what this amazing talent was able to do was take a modern Drag Race star and place her in an early 90's video game like Super Mario Bros. Those games were so much fun to play for me as a kid, so to take a throwback like that and put them into 2018 with stars from the biggest and best reality competition show on television is truly awe-inspiring.

Take a look at the assortment of what Sindre has been able to create with stars like Aja, Shangela and more. "Halleloo" to this! Want to know more about Sindre? Following him on Instagram here and Twitter here.






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Big Apple Realness: The Top 10 'RPDR' Queens From New York City

Perhaps I’m a bit biased (as I live here), but it doesn’t come as much of a shock to me that queens from New York City have won 4 out of the 10 regular seasons of RuPaul’s Drag RaceDusty Ray Bottoms said it right about how “competitive” the drag scene is here, as we have birthed some of the most legendary queens to have ever graced our presence on and off the hit reality series. 

Over the past decade, the show has given tons of Big Apple queens the star power that they deserve. Whether its touring in every crevice of the world, booking gigs with entertainers outside of the drag community and even producing major motion pictures, these “All Stars” have worked their butts off to get to where they are today.

Take a look at who we think are the 10 best queens from New York City to have ever competed on RuPaul’s Drag Race. Do you agree or disagree? Let us know.

10. Miss Fame (Season 7). Easily one of the most stylish and gorgeous queens to have ever competed on RPDR, Miss Fame came into season 7 as a frontrunner from the start due to her being one of the bigger names in the drag community. She made it halfway to 7th place but has since then become a force in the fashion industry, making the pages of Vogue and being a spokesperson for L’Oreal Paris. Not too shabby for a queen who used to hang with chickens on the farm.

9. Ivy Winters (Season 5).  Ivy brought theatrics and tricks to her drag that combined her incredible drag aesthetic with something you would see at a fabulous circus of sorts. She also is the considered to be one of the most congenial queens (won Miss Congeniality in her season) to have ever competed and continues to be a force in and out of New York City all these years.




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8. Monet X Change (Season 10). Another deserved Miss Congeniality queen, Monet came into the most recent season as a fan favorite from the get due to her bubby personality and fantastic wit. She’s heavily rumored to be on the upcoming season of All Stars, which gives this writer hope that a New York queen will finally win a title on the RPDR spinoff.



@sheacoulee - the sister I always wanted!

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7. Miz Cracker (Season 10). Monet’s season 10 castmate also came in very popular yet had a hard time actually winning a challenge until her buddy Miz Cookie arrived and helped her score her only win of the season (so wrong).



Caption this...

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6. Peppermint (Season 9). Peppermint was already a New York City legend prior to entering the werk room on season 9 but only elevated that status as the competition went on. She became runner up to another New York based queen, and since then has released some stellar music with openly gay rapper Cazwell and landed a starring role on Broadway.



@ageofaquaria I'm that one crazy aunt who doesn't dress her age! We all have one...and it's me! Tita Manila

A post shared by Manila Luzon (@manilaluzon) on

5. Manila Luzon (Season 3). The first true NYC queen to have a shot for the title and gave eventual winner Raja a good run for her money. She won three challenges, had a killer aesthetic and a very memorable lip sync to Donna Summer’s “MacArthur Park.” Another queen to be rumored on AS4... will she finally get what’s hers and take the crown?

4. Sasha Velour (Season 9). Did anyone predict Sasha would win early on in S9? Not so sure, but she shut down that mindset pretty much from the get that season. She’s one of the rare queens to have never LSYFL and made up for that in the finale with a reveal that no one saw coming. Her avant- grade type of drag is widely considered to be one of the best out there, as she continues to stun the world with each new look she creates.




@benjitobypants last night at home before he goes off to college. I'm so emotional right now!!!!

A post shared by Bob/ Caldwell Tidicue (@bobthedragqueen) on

3. Bob The Drag Queen (Season 8). Just an unstoppable force of hilarity and personality that millions fell in love with in season 8. A true force to be reckoned with this has gone onto bigger things post Drag Race.

2. Aquaria (Season 10). Easily one of the most fashion forward queens to ever compete and is wise beyond her years when it comes to mastering her craft of drag (she’s only 22). Came into the show a bit of a brat but softened up and earned a ton of respect from her fellow sisters and the show’s fan base in the process. Expect to see her on several catwalks and the face of many makeup and fashion brands very soon.



WHOEVER STOLE MY FAVORITE BRUSH AT WIGSTOCK........ FUCK YOU! #probablyladybunny #shadyassqueens #canthavenothingnice

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1. Bianca Del Rio (Season 6). I mean… was there any other choice? Bianca has topped the lists of several RPDR countdowns as many consider her to be the best queen to have ever competed on the show… period. She’s sold out packed audiences on a worldwide level, hung out in bed with Joan Rivers, and created two motion picture movies over a 4-year-span. Not too bad for this self-described “clown.”

This was created by one of our Contributing Writers and does not reflect the opinion of Instinct Magazine or the other Contributing Writers when it comes to this subject.

The Backlash is Real For Bianca Del Rio Following Tasteless Jokes About Sexual Assault

No topic should be off-limits to a comedian; that said, certain hard topics demand more gravity, creativity and care than others, at the risk of turning everyone off.

RuPauls Drag Race season six winner Bianca Del Rio is embroiled in controversy following some pretty tasteless jokes she made last month during a set at Montreal Pride.

As reported by Pink News, Del Rio went after Drag Race season 10 contestant Blair St. Clair, who told RuPaul that she had been sexually assaulted in the past. Del Rio insinuated that St. Clair’s narrative was strategic, as she dropped the bombshell when she was at risk of being eliminated.

“Then you’ve got that other bitch—‘I was raped!’” Del Rio chided.

This is when the audience turned on Del Rio, booing the performer. But that didn’t stop her from escalating.

“No, f**k you, you notice she wasn’t raped until she was in the bottom two? Think about that, that’s strategy. F**k you, rape is funny if you haven’t had it. And if you weren’t raped, remember this–you ugly.”

More, louder boos (the performance was recorded, watch here).

But Del Rio kept digging a whole, making it worse: “Oh we’re supposed to have sympathy? F**k you. It is what it is, faggots.”

Lovely. Such tact. 

The producers of Montreal Pride released an apology for the remarks in an official statement, saying they will take “the necessary steps to ensure that such situations do not happen again.”

As of this writing, Del Rio has offered no apology for her comments. The performer’s real name is Roy Haylock, the most successful Drag Race contestant ever.

St. Clair was quick to tweet her thoughts about the jokes:

“In the U.S. someone is sexually assaulted every 2 minutes, but people persist in thinking that making rape or sexual assault jokes is ‘comedy.’ It is not,” she said in a tweet which swiftly went viral. “Rape jokes contribute to rape culture.”

Also reported by Pink News, other LGBTQ+ performers and sexual assault survivors have some choice words for Del Rio.

Katie Russell of the charity Rape Crisis England & Wales, points at the likelihood that sexual assault survivors were present in the audience:

“The overwhelming likelihood is there’ll be multiple victims and survivors of sexual assault, sexual abuse and rape in any audience of any show, many of whom will understandably be upset and distressed by so-called ‘rape jokes,’ or have memories or flashbacks of their own experiences triggered by this kind of material. Sexual violence and abuse victims and survivors deserve to be able to enjoy stand-up comedy and nights out as much as anyone else. And as a society, we need to stop making light of these topics.”

Sexual assault survivor Jen Powell, who performs as drag king Adam All, doesn’t mince words, saying, “Rape is never funny. Making a joke out of it makes light of a very serious problem in our society, normalizing it, allowing people to see it as trivial or minor, that it happens, suggesting that people should just get over it.”

For more on this story, including other LGBTQ+ performers’ take, and words from sexual assault survivors, visit Pink News.

Where do you stand on this? Let us know in the comments.

Pearl Reveals She's Not Invited Back to 'All Stars' After Discussing Her RuPaul Claims

Pearl uploaded a 7-minute video onto her YouTube page on Thursday, appropriately titled "Nothing You Say Matters Unless the Cameras are Rolling" in reference to comments she made about RuPaul on an episode of Hey Qween recently.

The clip she posted had to do with the fallout from that interview, where she talked about an alleged moment that happened between her and the show's titular star in the early stages of season 7 (she eventually made it to the final 3 alongside Ginger Minj and Violet Chachki). 

“I felt like the only way for me to get any way on the show was to build some kind of relationship with the judges,” she said during the interview. “We were filming a segment, just kind of chatting, banter whatever together, and then the camera went down for a moment and I turned to RuPaul and I said ‘Oh my god. I just want to thank you so much. It is such an honor to be here, such a pleasure to meet you. You have no idea, like what this…’, just giving her that whole everything I wanted to say to her.”

“And she turned to me, and she said, ‘nothing you say matters unless that camera is rolling.’,
 Pearl claimed. “And that broke my spirit. And that is the reason why I had one foot in, one foot out the entire time on that show. And maybe that’s me being petty, and maybe that’s me thinking that it should have been something that I never should’ve expected it to be. But in that moment, it was so heartbreaking because I idolized her, worshipped her, and I just felt that it was so disrespectful. I had never even been to LA before: it was so Hollywood, rotted, like how could you say that to somebody that is just obsessed with you?”

The interview drew a mixture of criticism and support for Pearl, where some other queens like Laganja Estranja and Gia Gunn have weighed in with their two cents about the ordeal. 

Now Pearl has spoken out about it all, where she said that the headlines from the matter are "over exaggerated" and "should be taken with a grain of salt." She claimed that she wasn't trying to "drag" RuPaul or call her names, but simply try to open up about a situation that happened between the two of them that "set the standard for how I behaved on the show."

Pearl also said that she wasn't expecting to go into the interview talking about the matter at all. Hey Qween host Johnny McGovern brought up RuPaul "multiple times" during the chat before she decided to "talk about this moment that I've been holding in for a very long time."

She also hopes that future RPDR contestants don't have the same experience that she went through, and to "know what to expect and not take it as personally I did."

A big reveal that she mentioned during the clip was her claims that a producer of the show called her after the interview aired and said that she wasn't invited to participate in any future All Stars seasons.

Pearl talks about so much more about it all in the clip below. Take a look:


Drag Superstar Alyssa Edwards Takes Center Stage on Netflix's 'Dancing Queen'

Alyssa Edwards has become one of the biggest stars to come out RuPaul's Drag Race. Her unforgettable one-liners, hilarious (and sometimes completely unaware) comic abilities, fashion sense and overall persona have easily made her so well-liked and appreciated that she has earned her own show on Netflix as a result called Dancing Queen.

Dancing Queen is a hysterical and heartfelt docu-series set in the dancing, prancing, world of the multi-talented, multi-layered Justin Johnson - aka Drag Superstar Alyssa Edwards - as he juggles his dance life, drag life, family life, and love life.

Filmed in Justin’s hometown of Mesquite, Texas, Dancing Queen goes behind the makeup and into the drag performer’s highly competitive Beyond Belief Dance Company as he prepares a young class for an intensely competitive season.

Alyssa is the first queen from RPDR to have her television/streaming series. Others have had comedy specials air (notably season 6 winner Bianca Del Rio), however the 38-year-old talented artist holds the honor when it comes to this sort of elevated exposure.

The show also has some special guest stars, including Shangela and Laganja Estranja, both of whom are in the Haus of Edwards. Dancing Queen ultimately goes beyond the confined walls of RuPaul's Drag Race and into Alyssa's own colorful and incredible world. "I hope to help them in finding their own crown, because mine is staying on my head," she says about the amazing dancers at her academy. 

Dancing Queen launches globally on Netflix October 5, 2018. For more information on the show, click here.

Other RPDR Queens Chime in On Pearl’s Accusations of RuPaul

The floodgates were definitely opened earlier this week, when season 7 RuPaul’s Drag Race star Pearl opened up about an incident that allegedly happened between her and the show’s titular host.

Pearl, who became a runner-up for the crown in 2015, spoke out about Ru during a segment on the web series Hey Qween!, which is hosted by Johnny McGovern.

The alleged situation happened while Pearl and the rest of the queens were recording covers of Ru’s songs. The Emmy-winning host surprised them by showing up, and Pearl took the opportunity to thank him for being such a hero for the young queen.

“I felt like the only way for me to get any way on the show was to build some kind of relationship with the judges,” she said. “We were filming a segment, just kind of chatting, banter whatever together, and then the camera went down for a moment and I turned to RuPaul and I said ‘Oh my god. I just want to thank you so much. It is such an honor to be here, such a pleasure to meet you. You have no idea, like what this…’, just giving her that whole everything I wanted to say to her.”

“And she turned to me, and she said, ‘nothing you say matters unless that camera is rolling.’,
 Pearl claimed. “And that broke my spirit. And that is the reason why I had one foot in, one foot out the entire time on that show. And maybe that’s me being petty, and maybe that’s me thinking that it should have been something that I never should’ve expected it to be. But in that moment, it was so heartbreaking because I idolized her, worshipped her, and I just felt that it was so disrespectful. I had never even been to LA before: it was so Hollywood, rotted, like how could you say that to somebody that is just obsessed with you?”

The alleged situation is one that has sparked a ton of comments on social media, both Pro-Pearl and Pro-RuPaul. “That is sad that she said that. People look up to her to be a role model, so she should check herself,” and “Get a life Geez. Everyone is a victim lately,” are just two of the many thoughts that RPDR fans have shared since word got out about Pearl’s claims.

Two other RPDR queens have now spoken out about the situation and their thoughts on the matter. Laganja Estranja and Gia Gunn, both from season 6 who had memorable showing in arguably the greatest season of Drag Race ever, shared what they think about the whole ordeal.

"I think what happened to Pearl has happened to several of the other girls,” claims Laganja. “I have no personal experience with this, as any time I have approached Ru with realism, I have received the same back. That being said, I’ve heard similar stories about her teaching the girls the ways of Hollywood. In my eyes, as insensitive as it may have been, it was her way of passing the knowledge she has fought to learn down to the next generation. I myself hope that I am able to be more cognizant of others' emotions and intentions as my success rises, but it’s really hard to say what RuPaul feels. I sympathize with Pearl as my spirit would have been broken, too. It was so hard for me when I got kicked off the show and did not receive any acknowledgment from RuPaul. But after I talked to him about the situation and my feeling on his podcast, ‘What’s the Tea?,’ he’s always been sure to give me a hug when he sees me. We must remember that man fought so long and hard to get where he is and synthesize with him, too!! No one is perfect, not even our Mutha!!"

"As contestants from RPDR we all have a different story and experience to tell,” says Gia. “I have also concluded that the RPDR experience also means something totally different to one another.  Some will retire from drag, therefore will never open their mouths or "bite the hand that feeds you."  However, for me personally I couldn't agree more with Pearl, as I can relate and also validate my sister's point of view.  I never worshipped RuPaul or her show, matter of fact, although I was a fan I never wanted to be on her show. Somehow or another I was blessed and have made the best of this blessing that did indeed change my life.  Moving to LA to build a stronger relationship with the entertainment business, I never realized how actually cruel and cut throat it is.  I now understand why some celebrities do indeed commit suicide or harm themselves due to feeling "alone" because it's clear that feelings don't exist in this industry.  Everybody has a pay check to collect and its dollar amount certainly has nothing to do with how you feel.  RuPaul has created a movement, yes, but is she the only person to be thankful for?  Absolutely not. We as a community don't give ourselves enough credit for creating all of what we have, after all if it weren't for us alumni who travel the world spreading this message of "everybody say LOVE”, I really don't think there would be much love to be had. With that being said, at the end of the day it really depends on how bad you want "it."  Whatever it may be.  Some will do what it takes to rise to the top, including being cold and harsh to those who support you.  But what I am discovering is that there is a way to still "make it" and feel good while doing what you're doing.  At the end of the day I believe in the traditional saying that my parent's instilled in me since a young age: ‘treat others the way you would like to be treated.’  However, with experience from my transition I have learned it's impossible to live by that saying if you don't treat yourself with love and kindness.  At the end of the day, none of us owes RuPaul anything, just like she doesn't owe us a simple ‘hello.’  Nobody ever said the truth is fair and we as people cannot run from the truth either.  Therefore, stay tuned for my book where my real truth will be ruvealed...pardon me, REVEALED!"