A New Queen Is Crowned At A Nearly Decade Absent Atlanta Pride Event

A historic Pride pageant has returned and has crowned a new Queen.

The Miss Atlanta Pride Pageant has returned after being gone for almost a year, according to Project Q.

According to Jamie Fergerson, Atlanta Pride Committee executive director, the original drag pageant faded away in 2009 due to its huge expense, logistical leaps, and

lack of community appeal.

“It was an event that was expensive and difficult to run, and people had lost interest in the community, so we stopped having that in favor of other programming,” she told Project Q. “For the last year or so, we’ve heard more interest.”

The call for a revival of this event came from entrepreneur Keith Young who is the co-owner of the Midtown Tavern and the after hour event series called Xion. Young reached out to drag performer Celeste Holmes and husband Billy Ledford as they were the last people to organize the event. They then agreed to help bring a return to the Miss Atlanta Pride Pageant.

“I’m excited for it to be back, because Atlanta Pride is one of the largest in the country,” said Holmes. “It’s definitely the mecca for the South. To have a Miss Atlanta Pride Pageant and have someone represent Atlanta Pride all year long at events is going to add to the cache of what Atlanta Pride is and will expand the audience even further.”  

But not only did the winner of the September 30th event earn the title and responsibilities of Atlanta’s Pride Queen, but she also earned a heap a rewards.

The winner of the event received a crown, $500 in cash, a spot in the Atlanta Pride parade, a photo shoot with local photographer Just Toby, a gift certificate for a wig by Jonathan Nieves, a spot in the Shooting Stars Cabaret in Piedmont Park during Atlanta Pride, and a cast slot in Holmes’ drag show in Midtown Tavern after the pageant.

And who won the title? Miss Sheena Cassadine!

Cassadine and her fellow contestants were judged on Pride presentation, talent, and evening gown categories (according to this Georgia USofA pdf about the rules and regulations).

In the end, it was Cassadine who took home the title and all the prizes that went with it. Now, Cassadine will act as a representative of Atlanta’s gay community for the rest of the year. Congratulations to her!

h/t: Project Q, Georgia USofA,

Man Fighting A Drag Reading Pleaded Guilty To Stalking A Singer And Sending Him Nudes

A man who’s trying to stop his local library from hosting a Drag Queen Story Time has also been connected to stalking and sending nude pics to another man.

Christopher Sevier is currently the lead activist against the city of Lafayette hosting a Drag Queen Story Time at the city library. He does so in the name of the antigay hate group called the Warriors For Christ and Special Forces of Liberty, according to The Daily Advisor.

But, it looks like Sevier shouldn’t be the lead figure in any kind of movement, especially an antigay one, considering his legal past.

Court records from the last decade show that Sevier has a problem with stalking people.

The first incident happened back in 2008 when Sevier got into legal troubles with country singer John Rich. It first started out as a fight over song rights, but the situation soon escalated thanks to Sevier.

Rich later filed for a restraining order on Sevier after noticing the man was stalking him. Unfortunately for Rich, Sevier blatantly ignored that restraining order.

Allegedly, Sevier messaged Rich about private information such as conversations about Rich’s young children. In addition, Sevier even sent Rich a seemingly-naked picture of himself draped in a blood-soaked American Flag, according to the Tennessean back in 2014.

In that same year, Sevier was also accused of stalking a 17-year-old girl. Sevier then confronted the girl at a coffee/ice cream shop in the Nashville-area. During that confrontation, Sevier mentioned information about conversations the girl had previously.

“He knew the conversations that I had had,” she said. “So I was scared.”

Initially, Sevier claimed that his interactions with the two were legal. Sevier says that he was legitimately attempting to end the song rights litigation by reaching out to Rich. Meanwhile, Sevier says the interaction with the girl was his attempt at being “friendly” and helping her get modeling work.

That said, Sevier later pleaded guilty after the chargers were reduced to misdemeanors.

And those are just two of allegedly numerous other criminal issues involving Sevier, according to the Daily Beast. This includes not paying child support, failure to show up to court hearings, violating his restraining order, and assaulting his father-in-law (a fight that resulted in the injury of his then-7-month-old baby).

So again, we must say that the Warriors For Christ and Special Forces of Liberty might want to leave this Drag Story Time alone and instead focus on who fights with them. We think these Christians should be very concerned with the legal history of their outspoken comrade.

h/t: The Daily Advisor, The Tennessean

"Moonlight" Writer Tarell Alvin McCraney To Make Play About First Drag Queen Presidential Candidate

Tarell Alvin McCraney is putting on a play production about the first drag queen to run for U.S. president.

McCraney was the playwright of In Moonlight Black Boys Look Blue, an unpublished semi-autobiographical play about a poor gay, black man in Florida. That play later became the inspiration for the Academy Award-winning film Moonlight.

Now as Playbill reports, McCraney is sharing his next project, which happens to be about Joan Jett Blakk.

Blakk, the persona of Chicago-born Terence Smith, is America’s first drag queen presidential candidate. She announced her presidential run at the 1992 Democratic National Convention

In addition, Blakk ran with the slogan “Lick Bush in ’92," and the slogan “Lick Slick Willie in ’96!” when she ran again in 1996.

McCraney will be honoring the history of Joan Jett Blakk with the new play titled Ms. Blakk for President.

The play will be produced at the Steppenwolf Theatre Company in Chicago, and McCraney is enlisting the help of SpongeBob Squarepants: The Musical director Tina Landau. On top of that, McCraney will star in the role.

“Tina and I want to focus on something that is current and bold and allows me to use some tools that I haven’t exercised in a while; my acting,” McCraney said after the production was announced. “We couldn’t be more excited to bring Ms. Blakk for President to Chicago.”

Need to know more about the production? Well, the Steppenwolf theatre company has you covered with the following description:

“Meet Ms. Joan Jett Blakk as she sets off on her journey to run for President of the United States. Inspired by the true story of America’s first black drag queen presidential candidate, Joan’s story begins in Chicago; it’s 1992 and, with the AIDS crisis at its height, Joan and the newly formed Queer Nation Chicago have big goals in mind. Joan sets off on an exhilarating and dangerous journey to drag queer politics out of the closet and into a future where ALL are visible and ALL have a place at the table. Part campaign rally, part nightclub performance, part confessional, and all PARTY!, MS. BLAKK FOR PRESIDENT takes us into the heart and mind of one of Chicago’s most radical and influential citizens.”

“Watch out for Ms. Blakk: she's not afraid to drag the competition.”

This has been an exciting couple of years for Tarell Alvin McCraney.

Not only did he play inspire what became an Academy award winning film, but he also became the chair of the playwriting department at the Yale School of Drama (his alma mater). Plus, he’s the resident playwright at the Yale Repertory Theatre.

On top of that, McCraney is having his Broadway debut with his play Choir Boy, about a young gay. black man who sings in the choir at his Christian boarding school.

We look forward to McCraney’s future projects and seeing Ms. Blakk for President’s opening in Chicago on June 3, 2019.

Drag Star Eureka O'Hara Gave Zachary Quinto A Drag Makeover

Ever wondered what Zachary Quinto looks like while in drag? Well, wonder no more as a recent video just solved that mystery.

The famous Broadway and TV star sat down with famous drag star Eureka O’Hara to get some makeup tips and a full makeover.

While getting the makeover, Quinto shared that he has done drag before for a college theatre gig. The two also talked about Quinto’s childhood, being a gay youth, coming out, and working in the entertainment business.

Whether you’re looking to hear the best makeup tips from a pro, to get to know Zachary Quinto a little better, or to see what he looks like in drag, this video’s got you cover. Go check it out below.

Oh, and for the record, Quinto’s drag persona is Noa Fence, so write that down as claimed.

Divine Remembered at Hairspray Anniversary Event

This Monday July 23rd, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences held a belated 30thanniversary screening of John Waters’ 1988 hit, Hairspray. The 35mm screening was accompanied by a Q&A with John Waters, Colleen Fitzpatrick, Deborah Harry, Ricki Lake, Clayton Prince, Mink Stole, and Pia Zadora. The event (hosted by Moonlight director, Barry Jenkins) was reminiscent of “a high school reunion” and brought the cast together in Los Angeles’s Samuel Goldwyn Theater.

John Waters, an open gay man and icon, is best known for his cult classic films from the 70’s but gave us something that still lives on today- Hairspray. At the event, Barry Jenkins joked that when he sat down to have a cocktail in John Waters’ home, Waters let him know the cocktail had been paid by Hairspray. It inspired a stage musical, it inspired a movie remake, it inspired a live tv musical on NBC, and it inspired the hearts of many to be a bit more open and a bit more fun. During the event, Waters was clear about what he set out to do and what he succeeded in doing- telling a story about segregation, both racial and sexual, and how when we let things come together it all works out.

However, Hairspray would not be Hairspray without Harris Glenn Milstead, better known by his performer name- Divine. Divine appeared in most of John Waters’ work in drag and came to be earn the title of “Drag Queen of the Century” from People magazine. His contribution to our society was unashamed drag, unlimited fun, and letting us know it was always okay to be exactly who we wanted to. Before the Q&A came to a close, Clayton Prince who played Seaweed took a moment to remind us of how much Divine contributed and to have a moment of remembrance for him. Divine will always be remembered by his cast mates, friends, and fans.


Is Miss Vanjie Returning For Another Drag Race Season?

Is Miss Vanjie Returning For Another Drag Race Season?

We’ve Made Some Interesting Discoveries!

#MISSVANJIE! Who isn’t obsessed with RuPaul’s Drag Race season 10 contestant, Miss Vanessa Vanjie Mateo?! I mean, the name in general – she’s crazy – and we’re crazy about her! We aren’t the only ones, even RuPaul, has worn Vanjie attire on the red carpet for the 2018 Time 100 Gala while the rest of the season has felt Miss Vanjie’s prescence as they blurb her catchphrase AKA name in nearly every episode. Hell, I think my roommate is about to throw a fit because I’m still screaming Miss Vanjie while leaving for work every morning. Please believe me when I say, Miss Vanjie is the best addiction to plague society: She’s harmless – she’s Vanjie!

Clearly World of Wonder Productions would be a fool not to capitalize on the Miss Vanjie phenomenon. They already arranged for Vanjie to join RuPaul during a keynote speech at DragCon LA 2018 to everyone’s surprise. It’s safe to say Vanjie is the winner of the season – she’s a viral sensation and the rest of the Queen’s fan bases won’t hold a candle to Vanjies – not even YOU, Aquaria! We haven’t seen the last of Vanjie on our screens and I must speculate her return for season 11 of Drag Race! Hear me out:

Well, Miss Vanjie is canceling a handful of performances. Our favorite queen has a six-week gap immediately following the Fourth of July and heading into mid-August. Why would a Drag Queen be canceling performances? It’s not like they’re taking night classes or continuing a college degree. They’re so obviously going on Drag Race! Drag Race is a Queen’s destiny now. The Scorpio, a gay bar in North Carolina, has apologized to their patrons for Vanjie canceling a performance. Hmm… check out their apology below and a time gap in Vanjie's schedule below:

In a recent interview with PopBuzz, Vanjie states she’d go back to Drag Race for any reason. She tells:

“If they asked me, of course. Bitch, if they asked me to come clean the bathrooms, I would do it. If they say 'Miss Vanjie, we can't bring you on, but can you please be the janitor for All Stars?' I'd say, yes of course. Give me the gloves, Mary. Let me start cleaning.”

Okay, so WoW isn’t wasting any time jumping from season to season of Drag Race. We didn’t even have enough time to fully be upset over mediocre Trixie Mattel unfairly winning Drag Race: All Stars 3 before we saw a group of new queens literally the next week. The next Drag Race season is arguably probably cast, so we’re due for filming soon. What better time to film than the summer? Season 10 will be wrapping up and followed shortly by the Fourth of July so the busy crew can enjoy a week off with their families. Right? Right. This only means, to me, our girl Vanjie will be making an appearance on season 11. It’s not like queens from season’s past haven’t been brought back before in a regular season. Remember Eureka who’s being shoved down our throats, Shangela who is the most robbed Queen in the show’s history, or that woman who wouldn’t stop talking about her CuCu?! Yeah, they all returned for a new season and did well…besides the Cucu head.

Anyway, take this for what its worth. Possibly nothing but speculation…but let’s hope we can see Vanjie one more time.

Do you think Miss Vanjie will be appearing on the next season of Drag Race?!

RuPaul's New Netflix Sitcom - "AJ And The Queen"

As if perpetually-in-motion RuPaul didn't have enough on his plate, now we get word that the queen of all queens will sashay to Netflix for a new hour-long, scripted comedy series titled, AJ and the Queen.

Michael Patrick King (2 Broke Girls, Sex and the City) will team up with the two-time Emmy Award winner for the new original comedy series.

According to Deadline, King and RuPaul will pen the new sitcom which will feature RuPaul as "Ruby Red, a bigger-than-life but down-on-her-luck drag queen who travels across America from club to club in a rundown 1990’s R/V with her unlikely sidekick AJ, a recently orphaned, tough-talking, scrappy 11-year-old stowaway."

So, two misfits - one tall, one small - sashaying across the country, spreading a message of acceptance and love.

And apparently Mama Ru will lay a killer musical number on us in each of the drag clubs visited.


Kind of like BJ and the Bear meets Touched by an Angel, just with a lot more sass and style.

According to reports, Netflix has ordered a 10-episode first season.

Check the video tease Netflix tweeted out:

Local Philly Drag Queen Aloe Vera Recovering After Being Assaulted, Held At Knife Point



A local Philadelphia drag queen was attacked and had to go through surgery.

Aloe Vera, real name Anthony Veltre, was assaulted late last week. The attack by a 34-year-old man named Carmelo Villanueva was so serious that it prompted the need for jaw surgery.

As a police report states, Vera was attacked by Villanueva around 10:30 pm on April 29. Vera was walking around the 2000 block of Tasker Street when Villaneuva approached. He then punched her in the face multiple times and threatened to use a knife.

While Villanueva escaped from the scene of the crime, he was later found and apprehended by police the following night. Then Villanueva was charged with aggravated assault and lesser offenses in connection to the crime.



That said, Villanueva got released on bail later that day. Though, he still has to go to a preliminary hearing on May 15 at the Criminal Justice Center in Philadelphia.

Ben Waxman, a spokesperson for the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office, said that Villanueva will be thoroughly tried for his crimes.

“Obviously, this is a serious crime and we’re going to pursue justice in this case as aggressively as possible,” Waxman told Philadelphia Gay News.

As for Aloe Vera, she underwent jaw surgery at Jefferson University Hospital on May 1. That said, Vera is in need of financial help to pay off that surgery. A fundraiser is being held for Vera at the ICandy Nightclub in Philadelphia’s Gayborhood later tonight (May 7).

If you can’t make that event, there’s also a GoFundMe page where you can donate to support Aloe Vera.



h/t: PGN

Drag Queen Succeeds On American Idol!

Drag Queen Succeeds On American Idol!

Does A Gimmick Immediately Guarantee Success?

#KAY. Are you watching ABC’s current reboot of American Idol? I won’t sit here and lie to you, I’m not at all. To be honest, I really am only watching clips from their stellar marketing team who has a clip of various contestants pop up on my social media every time I scroll. Haven’t we all seen highest-paid Judge, Katy Perry, flirt with some cute Californian Construction Worker? While Perry is giving her best attempt at delivering as the judge-to-watch, it doesn’t help that this show has clearly lost it’s flavor. We’ve all spit out the gum.

One particular character – or contestant – who caught my attention recently is Adam Sanders AKA Ada Vox, a singing Drag Queen. Vox was previously on Idol in boy form and made the Top 50. There’s no doubt Vox has an incredibly powerful voice. However, I cannot help but feel this was his last ditch effort to achieve the fame he desires. As we’re all familiar, you essentially do need a gimmick to reach for reality television fame. Perhaps Vox is a singer and thus hasn’t auditioned for RuPaul’s Drag Race. Vox gets put through to the next round, but not before he received a bunch of odd compliments from the judges like Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie. The whole interaction is really forced and pretty awkward.

Okay, so I’m really excited for Vox! I truly am- anyone who reaches for their dreams and refuses to stop makes my heart glimmer. However, I cannot help but wonder if this whole gimmick of being a singing Drag Queen is only…a gimmick. Clearly, this person didn’t succeed because he wasn’t as talented or marketable previously. Now, he walks in as a Queen and has Perry screaming YAS and we should all be reanalyzing his talent? I mean, let’s get real: American Idol has become a joke. Everyone needs a story victimizing themselves in order to get airtime – because for some reason we’re supposed to vote for who we feel the worst for? It’s all really confusing in the end. Is Vox supposed to come out in drag every time we see her? Because that’s what I’m anticipating. Literally, each time she is photographed – we are only seeing her in this artistry. The only Drag Queen who has succeeded in both male and female form is the ultra-fabulous RuPaul- and there won’t be another one anytime soon. Wish you well, Vox- but I’m not buying it.

Check out Vox’s newest audition below:

This post is the opinion of this contributing writer to Instinct Magazine. Opinion pieces do not always reflect the stance of the magazine or the other contributing writers.

RuPaul Talks About Having An Open Relationship!

RuPaul Talks About Having An Open Relationship!

“If He Needs To Do Something Else, I’m Fine With That.”

MAMA! Oh my goodness, what is up with gay couples not being monogamous?! It wasn’t long ago Ricky Martin spilled the tea about his open marriage and we begged the question on if we should support the polygamy. I’ve witnessed quite the debate regarding open relationships on social media in the past. The two sides of the argument are: Negative for having society look at the LGBTQ – or more specifically, gay – community disgracefully for sexual promiscuity. On the other hand, many support multiple partners although you’re married or dating, as gay relationships are completely different from our heterosexual allies. While it’s become known many gay celebrity couples don’t tend to sleep only with one another, would you ever imagine RuPaul Charles would be a part of the polygamy wave?

According to Vulture, in the very same article which had half of the community turning against him: One quote was overlooked. RuPaul believes the success of his 24-year relationship – now marriage – to George LeBar – is being open! Yes, as in, sleeping with other people if you gotta get some cake while it’s hot. The article prefaces RuPaul’s statement with the fact RuPaul and George live in separate states for periods of time. RuPaul tells:

“[George] and I are very respectful of one another. He and I know that on this planet where there are millions and millions of people, the person I have found on this planet that I like the very most is him. And I know that for him the person he loves the most on this planet is me. I know that; there’s no doubt in my mind. So if he needs to do something else somewhere else, I’m fine with that. He is respectful of me. He would never turn it into something that would make me feel uncomfortable, and I wouldn’t do that to him either. To have that on this planet is crazy. It’s rare. The truth of the matter is that there aren’t many people that I like. I’m usually bored by people, you know. I’d rather be alone reading a book or something.”

This may be an unpopular opinion, but I’m completely for this! While an open relationship likely isn’t in the cards for me; relationships are unique to the two parties involved and it’s really no one’s business. To be honest, I’m shocked RuPaul admitted such a personal detail. However, it seemed to be overlooked with the controversial Transgender comments.

Through all of this, we recently informed you a study has shown the younger generation of gays want relationships with only two persons involved, so perhaps there’s hope in the future for those who don’t approve.