Early Reviews of Deadpool 2 Say There's A Same-Sex Romance In The Film

Warning: Spoilers for Deadpool 2 down below.

Deadpool 2 is officially coming out this weekend and reviews of the film are now dropping.  One of the talking points about the film is the inclusion of LGTBQ superheroes. Not only do we have the bisexual character Shatterstar in the film, but it seems we also have a lesbian couple as well.

The first Deadpool film introduced us to teenage X-man Negasonic Teenage Warhead (played by Brianna Hildebrand). Now, this sequel is introducing us to her girlfriend.

Early in the film, the X-Man character greets Ryan Reynold’s Wade Wilson with her girlfriend and fellow mutant Yukio (played by Shioli Kutsuna).

The film makes a point of expressively stating that the two are in a relationship by having them hold hands and Wade openly commenting on the fact that they’re a couple.

This is a great achievement for the Fox film.

While a few LGBTQ characters have appeared in superhero films so far, including pansexual Deadpool himself, most films haven’t addressed the sexualities of these characters. This is both because of time constraints for the movies and also because movie studios don't want to offend other countries and lose valuable money.

As such, you have to be a comic book fan, or at least be in the know about comic book lore, to know that these characters are in-fact LGBTQ.

Possibly part of the reason that Deadpool 2 is being so open with this lesbian couple is because the film is already banned in several countries such as China for graphic violence, nudity, and bad language. With the big money spending juggernaut already banning the film, Deadpool 2 can openly express LGBTQ life whereas other films have covered it up.

That said, Shatterstar (played by Lewis Tan) never has his sexuality explored or noted in this sequel film.

As for Deadpool himself, there’s no chance that he’ll be getting himself a male lover anytime soon, because he’s still dating his girlfriend from the first film.

As Reynolds said on the subject earlier this year:

“The only thing that you have to consider going forward is, ‘Are we being faithful to the canon that we nurtured and created?’

“One of those things is that Deadpool is in love with Vanessa. Deadpool isn’t in love with Vanessa just because she’s a woman.

“He’s in love with Vanessa because he loves her.”

Meet The Man Playing Bisexual Superhero Shatterstar in "Deadpool 2"

Ladies and gents, we told you that there would be an LGBTQ character in Deadpool 2 (besides Ryan Reynolds’s titular pansexual character), and we’re more than pleased to introduce his actor to you.

Though the official list of who’s in the movie and what roles they’ll be playing hasn’t been released, U.K. actor Lewis Tan himself spread the news of his role.

In an Instagram pic, shared below, Tan hinted towards his role with the now famous shot of Deadpool and his group of X-Force heroes. Tan captioned the picture, “The gang is all here. Recognize someone? #xforce #deadpool2”


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Given the fact that 3 and a half of the five people’s faces are clearly visible, most are guessing that Tan’s implying his role is the one face we haven’t seen but who’s name we already knew. Lewis Tan will be playing a Bisexual superhero named Shatterstar.

If you haven’t already read our post sharing that Shatterstar would be in the film, we’ll give you a quick rundown of who the character is.

Shatterstar originated as a time-traveling warrior from another planet. Once he found his way on Earth and a part of the X-Men affiliate team called the X-Force, Shatterstar found himself evolving as a person. Not only did he gain a new grip on life, but he also developed a close-friendship-turned-romance with fellow Bisexual mutant Rictor.

In 1991, the two went through a rollercoaster of other relationships and heroic trials before they reconnected and shared what became the first gay kiss in Marvel comics.

Now, actor Lewis Tan will get to represent that historic character on the big screen in Fox’s Deadpool 2.

The Iron Fist and Into the Badlands actor seems to be excited for the role and has plenty of experience wielding two swords and using them in action-packed entertainment. We look forward to see him bring Shatterstar to life in the new film that comes out on May 18.


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