Andy Cohen Opens Up About Dating And Using Gay Apps

Andy Cohen seems to be getting more personal than ever and we don't mind!

In his talk with Attitude Magazine for their October issue, Cohen was asked about his attitudes towards sex. In his response, he shared that he doesn't hide anything when it comes to talking about sex.

“I talk about poppers and about bottoms on my show,” he said during the interview. “That’s the thing, I’m really open about who I am and am unapologetic, so I think there’s something freeing in that.”

Andy Cohen has been out since the 1980s and says he’s gotten used to talking about his sexuality. But according to him, and shared in Queerty, that wasn’t always the case.

“I came out in 1988, at the height of the [AIDS] epidemic,” he says. “I was so scared to have sex. And it’s why I’m alive today, because I was really scared.”

“It was a scary time to be gay, it was a scary time to be sexual… It’s always kind of there in one way or another. It’s not something you can erase from your experience.” 



Now, he says what really scares him is getting out there to date.

“I think it’s harder for other people to sit down with me and have a date because they have preconceived notions,” Andy says.

“If I had never dated myself or I didn’t know me and it was just based on TV, I don’t know what I would think. I have no idea.”

But what about dating apps like Grindr and it’s new Kindr campaign? Well, Cohen says he still uses them… on occasion.

“I have been, kind of on-and-off because it’s challenging,” he explains. “It’s weird. It was probably more uncomplicated hooking up before I became famous.”

“I still hook up,” he adds. “I mean, a guy’s gotta eat!”

Thanks Andy for being open and honest about being just like us when it comes to trying to find fun as well as "the one."

h/t: Attitude Magazine, Queerty

Naughty Boy: Britney Spears Spanks Andy Cohen During Her Concert

Andy Cohen got to experience what many of us would love to do on any given day: get spanked by the one and only Britney Spears

The Watch What Happens Live host joined the pop legend on stage during her tour stop in New York City this week (Radio City Music Hall to be exact) where he became her "victim" of sorts for a short period of time.

He got down on all fours at one point and took it good while Britney did her song "Freakshow" from the 2007 album Blackout. The funniest part about all of this was that even when she saw him, and kind of knew who he was, she still didn't remember his name. "I think you all know who this is … Give it up for him!” she exclaimed.

Britney also threw him some shade after she signed a t-shirt for him and he walked off the stage. "Ow … ears … he’s loud.”

Naturally Andy shared all about the naughty experience on his Instagram Wednesday, captioning it with "“He’s Loud!” - @britneyspears#ItsBritneyBitch (by the way crawling onstage is my new favorite thing in the world and I want to do it every day)."

Andy also discussed the situation in length on his SiriusXM show Radio Andy, where he knew he was going to be on stage ahead of time but didn't want to know anything else.

He also mentioned not taking an edible prior to it happening, because he didn't know how "that would go on stage." Good thinking. 


Andy Cohen Gets Asked Just How BIG it Is

The thirst is real for someone who clearly has a thing for Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen

Instagram, which has slowly become the thirstiest of all social media platforms, has developed a new function in the stories portion of their app that allows people to ask random questions to whomever they follow.

Andy, who has been a king of sorts when it comes to asking celebrities awkward and very uncomfortable questions, had the tables turned on him when he answered a variety of Q's while waiting at an airport on Monday.

Inevitably, the questions were going to get dirty (as they have been for many other people who use Instagram), and one follower dared to ask the question that many have wondered: "Have you measured it?"

For this answer, he didn't have to say a word. His face said it all:

Not sure if that gives a clue about what his package is really like, as he's truthfully giving a response that many celebs usually give him after he asks some jaw-dropping questions (cue the "lady pond" one he asked to Oprah Winfrey many years back).

Enjoy the taste of your medicine, Andy... wink wink. 


Andy Cohen Talks About His Close Relationship With Singer John Mayer

It’s no question that Andy Cohen and John Mayer are close, but is there any romantic or sexual energy between the two?

This is a rumor that’s been going around for years and especially in the past few weeks after Mayer serenaded Cohen for his 50th birthday, and Cohen finally set the record straight.

Talking to CNN, Cohen shares that the two are just good friends.

“Listen, we have a very sweet friendship, and we are together all the time,” Cohen said.

He also added that he’s not offended by the rumors as he gets where they’re coming from.

“I think that I was not surprised because we also have a great love for each other. So, it just seems like the obvious assumption.”

But Cohen didn’t make the situation better after he shared that the two are constantly calling each other and that they had a Facetime conversation at 2 that very morning.

Even worse, when he was asked what kind of man he’s looking for in a partner, he joked, “Someone who is like John Mayer.”

After that, he gave a more serious answer.

“What am I looking for?” Cohen added. “I’m looking for someone strong, independent, smart, who has their own thing going on.”

Bravo's Andy Cohen Celebrates Israel's 20th Anniversary Of Pride In Tel Aviv

Today, a quarter of a million people from around the world gathered in Tel Aviv today to march in the largest ever pride parade in the Middle East where Bravo’s Andy Cohen served as this year’s International Ambassador.

At a press conference for Pride Week, the television personality was effusive about the energy of the people attending the Pride celebrations.

"I live in New York City and this is my first but definitely not my last time in Tel Aviv," Cohen told the media. "I am a proud gay Jewish man and the only gay host in late night TV. I have been struck by how incredible it is, not only to be here, but as a proud gay Jewish man surrounded by my people."

"It's also an amazing thing seeing gay pride flags flying everywhere next to the flag of Israel," he added.

"Celebrating Pride in Tel Aviv is a beautiful celebration of gay rights and visibility in a region where many of the neighbors cannot live as their true selves or be who they were born to be, which makes it all the more special for this massive coming together in support of equality to be taking place in Tel Aviv." 

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the City’s first pride events, and the parade paid tribute to the pioneering activists who played a key-role in promoting LGBT rights and visibility in Israel.

From The Jerusalem Post:

The theme of this year’s event is “the community makes history” as the LGBTQ community celebrates  three historic milestones: 10 years to the founding of the Gay Center in Tel Aviv, 20 years to Tel Aviv’s first Pride and 70 Years of Israeli Independence.

In keeping with the growing number of participants in the parade every year, the Tel Aviv municipality is expecting record numbers this weekend - more than then 200,000 that attended last year.

Andy Cohen Discusses Those John Mayer Dating Rumors

Andy Cohen addressed rumors that he's dating John Mayer during a special episode of Watch What Happens Live this week.

The "Heartbreak Warfare" crooner took the role as host for Andy's 50th birthday celebration on Monday night, where he performed Diana Ross' "It's My House" much to Andy's delight.

They got into some interesting conversation after the performance, where John playfully flirted with Andy by saying "I sent you a video message from a sauna the other day." Andy shot back with "I messaged you back writing, 'I love it when you message me from the sauna'". 

The comedic flirting continued between the two, when prompted John to ask "Do you think people wonder if we’re in a secret relationship? We get a lot of nods from behind the bar," regarding the friends standing behind Andy. 

Watch the clip below to find out what awkwardly happens next:

"Project Runway" Is Returning To Bravo In Season 17

After 11 seasons on Lifetime, Project Runway is moving back to Bravo for upcoming season 17. NBC Universal made the announcement Monday at its upfront in New York City. “Project Runway is coming back where it all started; it’s coming home on Bravo,” said the network’s Andy Cohen.

The fashion design competition, hosted by supermodel Heidi Klum, was a smash hit from the get-go at Bravo, where its first five seasons aired from 2004-2008. In a shocking move that prompted a string of lawsuits, The Weinstein Co. struck a deal to move it to Lifetime without giving Bravo a chance to match Lifetime’s offer.

This is just the latest installment of the fallout in the wake of The Weinstein Co.’s downfall after co-founder Harvey Weinstein was exposed as a serial sexual predator last year via Pulitzer Prize-winning stories in The New York Times. A+E Television Networks, the parent company of Lifetime, terminated its deal with TWC on Jan. 10, ending their commitment to air any further seasons of the show.

Project Runway was created by Eli Holzman. In 2008, it won a Peabody Award "for using the 'television reality contest' genre to engage, inform, enlighten and entertain.” All seasons thus far were filmed in NYC, with the exception of season 6, filmed in Los Angeles.

The program has been nominated for dozens of Primetime Emmys; Klum and Tim Gunn won for Outstanding Reality Competition Host in 2013. The popularity of Project Runway has also spawned spinoffs like Under the Gunn and Project Runway: Junior, and several international iterations all over the globe.


Andy Cohen Can't Find Love... Because He Keeps Getting Kicked Off Dating Apps!


He might have fame, fortune, and Daddy with a capital D good looks, but the one thing that still eludes reality television mogul Andy Cohen? Love! The forty-nine-year-old openly sexy celebrity will appear on Thursday's Elle, but thanks to this sneak peek we can get a taste of the juicy goss audiences are in for!

Cohen - who as of earlier this month is single after splitting from boyfriend Clifton Dassuncao - has been hitting dating apps looking for his next love connection. However, because the apps (he only opens up to using Tinder, so get to swiping boys) filter out fake accounts - including celebrity imposters - he keeps getting kicked off because of his famous visage! Here's what he has to say about one of these unfortunate but hilarious experiences:

There is a gay dating app that I’m on that I keep getting kicked off of because they think I’m impersonating Andy Cohen, and they’re like 'Your photos don’t meet our guidelines.'

Now we wait and see how long it takes for Cohen to turn this into a reality series. You guys went IN on Andy after he stepped in for Kathy Griffin to host this year's New Year's Eve on CNN, and while I get that (I really really do) I still think he's adorable. My thirst wins again! Check out the video below and let us know if you'd swipe right for Andy.


When Asked If The Johnny Weir Fighting Was True, Adam Rippon Said...

Adam Rippon’s shined a light on the rumored rivalry between him and NBC commentator Johnny Weir.

Rippon made an appearance on Andy Cohen’s “Watch What Happens Live,” and was asked by a caller if the Page Six story about the fighting between him and Weir was true.

Rippon’s response?... Yeah, it maybe is.

More specifically, he said, “Um, maybe” followed by a head nod.

The rumor was the Johnny Weir felt upstaged by Rippon’s shining presence at the 2018 Winter Olympics. That said, Rippon had no intention of going after Weir’s spotlight. He was just being his authentic self and putting in the work of an Olympic athlete.

“I think maybe. But you know what? I’m not coming for his job. I’m not coming for his gig," Rippon added.

On top of that, the two men barely had any actual interaction while in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

Despite these possibly true rumors, Rippon respects and appreciates Johnny Weir. If Weir hadn’t come out in 2011 after his second time in the Olympics, Rippon might have had a harder time as an openly Gay Olympian.

“We’ve always reached out to each other, and I’ve always, liked, thanked him because I kind of feel like, he kind of, like, helped make my way a little bit easier,” Rippon.

With that, Weir’s rep team officially denies the claims of Weir feeling put off by Rippon.

As they told the HuffingtonPost, “The Page Six story was completely false. Johnny is proud of and stands behind all the athletes and their accomplishments.”