ALC 2014

Register for ALC 2014!

Whether you're a veteran who has taken some time off or a newbie who has always wanted to ride, there is no better time than this week to register for AIDS/LifeCycle 2014. Why?

Because registration fees have been lowered to just $50—but only through Feb. 2!

The AIDS/LifeCycle ride is a 545-mile, seven-day bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Every year, this landmark ride through beautiful California delivers a life-changing experience for thousands of participants from all backgrounds and fitness levels united by a common desire to do something heroic. Approximately 2,500 cyclists and 600+ roadies come together from nearly every state and more than 12 countries around the world to raise money for the ALC beneficiaries: the San Francisco AIDS Foundation and the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center.

And we want YOU to join us and build on last year's record-breaking year!

But don't just take our word. Check out Instinct's "Why I Ride" series over in our ALC section and see why members of our community have joined the ALC family.

Head over to right now and enter discount code "INSTINCT2014" for the $50 registration fee. But this special is only good through Feb. 2.

Why I Ride: Amanda Newstetter

I have wanted to do this ride for a number of years but had a daughter at home and the timing never quite worked. This year my daughter went off to college and I realized the timing could work given my empty nest. As I sat down to put together my fundraising letter, I realized that May 2014 would mark my 30th anniversary...

Finding Community In Caring

Have you followed our AIDS/LifeCycle coverage over the years and thought, “Damn, I really want to give that a try, but I’m not sure it’s for me”? Well, we’re here to tell you that YOU BELONG HERE! But don’t just take our word for it. Meet ALC vet Keith Stryker and find out how the life he saved on the ride ended up...

Resolve To Ride This Saturday!

Did you resolve to drop a few pounds or add some muscle in 2014? (Be honest, who didn’t?!) Well AIDS/LifeCycle is helping you stick to your healthy-living resolutions with this Saturday’s Resolution Ride in Los Angeles!

The Resolution Ride is a stand-alone, two-route ride open to any and everyone. You don’t even have to be registered for AIDS/LifeCycle to participate! And aside from...

Why I Ride: Dan Burns

Why do I ride?

When I sat down to write this I realized it wasn't that simple of a question to answer, having been involved in HIV/AIDS for nearly 20 years. My riding began in 1998 when I hopped on my bike for the first time from Boston to New York to save lives and remember those that had passed. At that...

Why I Ride: David Shaul

I moved to New York City to work in the Broadway theatre scene in the early ’80s in the middle of the AIDS crisis. Within a matter of a few years, in my mid 20's, I started to deal with the horrific sickness and death of friends and colleagues, many of whom were my age. Young, gay men like myself were dropping as if...

Why I Ride: Erik Zamora

When I began my recovery from meth addiction three years ago and entered 12-step programs, I was faced with a reality I had been ignoring for years: HIV is still an epidemic in my community. When I was using, no one talked about the risks of HIV and no one ever disclosed their status, despite the multitude of partners and the rare use of condoms....