2018 Winter Olympics

Gus Kenworthy Trolls Ivanka Trump as The Winter Olympics Come to an End

Gus Kenworthy's last day in South Korea has been filled with what looks to be a ton of shade and we are here for it and then some.

As the Winter Olympics come to an end (the closing ceremonies air tonight on NBC), Gus has taken the time to do some serious reflection about his experience over the past two weeks, while throwing some major shade in the process. 

He has easily become one of the most talked about Olympians both before and during his time there, due to his outspokenness about the current presidential administration, his beautiful kiss that he shared with his boyfriend on national television, and most recently the criticism over South Korean dog meat farms.

He took a photo of all of his fellow Olympians from Team USA but asked a question regarding why in the hell Ivanka Trump was there in the first place.

He also shaded our current administration when he shared his opinion on the last time Russia won something big outside of the Gold Medal for Men's Hockey this time around,

But, he ended things on a really positive note when he discussed his new and amazing friendship with figure skater Adam Rippon.  Awe.

Thanks Gus for the amazing entertainment you've provided over the past two weeks.  It's been fun.


Awesome! Out LGBTQ Athletes Have Won Seven Medals at the 2018 Winter Olympics!

The Winter Olympic games have a total of 15 out and proud members of the LGBTQ community competing for the gold, and so far, the numbers we've pulled in have been very impressive.

A total of seven medals have been won by four of our LGBTQ athletes this time around, including two gold, two silver and three bronze.

Here is a look at who won what so far (and congratulations to all who have competed and represented for our community!) 

Eric Radford: One Gold, One Bronze

Ireen Wüst: One Gold, Two Silver

Adam Rippon: One Bronze


Cheering on our Olympic Angel today. Get it, G!!!

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Brittany Bowe: One Bronze

Ireen can now call herself the most decorated LGBTQ Olympian of all time, as she has a record 11 wins under her belt, passing Australian swimmer Ian Thorpe who had 9.  Impressive indeed.  Congrats to all! 


Gus Kenworthy Hangs with His Hunky Boyfriend and... a Raccoon?

Although he was unable to place at the 2018 Winter Olympics, Gus Kenworthy seems to still be getting his life while spending time in Pyeongchang, South Korea. 

This includes heading to a very specific type of cafe with his adorable boyfriend Matthew Wilkas where they hung out with a furry friend and looked to have a blast while doing so. 

The two hit up a local raccoon cafe (yes, that actually exists), which Gus called the highlight of his trip to South Korea.

The photo set includes Gus cuddling up to a couple of raccoons and looking quite cute while doing so (we see you with that beard, Gus!)  Good to see he's enjoying his last couple of days in South Korea with so much adorableness around him. 

Adam Rippon And Leslie Jones Did Olympics Commentary Together

Well, Leslie Jones has done it. She’s gotten herself a sports commentary job… and she’s doing it with Adam Rippon too?!

It seems the Saturday Night Live/Ghostbusters comedian is a big fan of Olympic sports (specifically, figure skating). Her entire Twitter feed is full of her comedic Olympic commentary.

As such, it’s only natural that NBC decided to have her over to do a special commentary gig. And who should decide to join her? None other than Olympian Adam Rippon.

While Rippon rejected NBC’s offer to spend the rest of the 2018 Winter Olympics commentating for them, he did decide to pop in and give it a one-time try.

Along with Scott Hamilton, Jones and Rippon commentated on Canadian ice skating pair Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir.

Partway through the performance, Jones asked, “Are they getting in trouble for how sexy they are?”

In reference to Virtue, Rippon said, “I watch her, and sometimes I feel like I can feel my hair growing!”

"What's that like?" quipped Scott after that.

Jones then said, “She just makes me feel like a woman.”

“I get that," responded Rippon.

You can watch part of their commentary below.

Gus Kenworthy Bows Out of the 2018 Winter Olympics with Grace & Dignity

Gus Kenworthy has been one of the most talked about athletes at the 2018 Winter Olympics games, as the 26-year-old has made a variety of headlines since the events started almost two weeks ago.

Unbeknownst to him, he shared a major (and adorable) kiss with his boyfriend on national television, and even got a funny dig on Vice President Mike Pence after he broke his thumb late last week. 

He unfortunately, however, did not get a medal this time around for freestyle skiing (he won the silver medal at the 2014 Olympics in Sochi), but shared a very poignant message about his time in Pyeongchang on Twitter Sunday. 

Regardless, the gay community is very proud of the efforts that Gus and Adam Rippon have put forward in the 2018 Winter Olympics for our visibility and standing up for what we believe in, and there isn't a big enough medal to give either of them for that.

Great job Gus! 

Gus Kenworthy Breaks His Thumb. So Why's He So Happy?

Olympic skier and hottie Gus Kenworthy posted today that he broke his thumb during competition. While the injury is painful, it won’t stop the cutie from competing. Gus is looking on the bright side and is glad that he will now have a more formal excuse not to shake Mike Pence’s hand as he leads the Olympic delegation.

Out Olympians Adam Rippon and Gus Kenworthy have been very vocal in opposition about Pence in this role since his policies do not align with, and even ostracize the LGBTQ+ community. Kenworthy and Rippon have teamed up numerous times throughout the games to let Pence know that they are watching.

A big ‘THUMBS UP’ to the scruffy athlete of our dreams on another jab at Pence.

Move Over Rippon: Meet Gay Figure Skater Jorik Hendrickx

Move over Adam Rippon, because there's another out and proud figure skater who may be stealing your spotlight tonight.

Jorik Hendrickx, who hails from Belgium, will be competing in the individual men's figure skating program tonight in Pyeongchang, South Korea. 

He told OutSports that he has been out in his private life for four years now. Even though he was out privately, he made the decision to not come out during the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, Russia, due to the country's well-known anti-LGBT views. He finished 16th overall that year. 

“I remember avoiding questions about the gay rights in Russia,” he said. “Not because I was embarrassed, I was just not ready. Now I’m totally fine and happy with the person I am right now.”

Now, he is out and proud and has discussed his sexuality similarly to what Rippon has said in the past as it doesn't have any meaning once they hit the ice.

“There is no difference in being a gay or straight athlete,” he said. “Sexual orientation is irrelevant. I think it shouldn’t matter what your sexual orientation is because sport should be about the performances and results. My sexual orientation doesn’t make me more special than any other Olympian. We are one big happy family.”

He also has a younger sister, named Loena, representing Belgium in the same sport as him!  Werk Hendrickx family!

Best of luck to Jorik in tonight's competition.

Eric Radford Just Won Another Medal… And Then Retired?!

Eric Radford is one of only four openly gay male athletes who participated at the Winter Olympics this year, and he’s been representing both Canada and gay men very well.

A few days ago, we shared with you that Radford and his pairs skate partner Meagan Duhamel had won the gold medal for the team event. Now, we’re happy to share with you that Radford won another medal.

Radford and Duhamel won bronze for the individual competition of the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.

But, it seems that Radford wants to end on a high-note as he’s announced his retirement.

“It’s the sweetest (ending) it could possibly be right now,” he told the National Post.

“I don’t think that there’s any better way.”

“We were saying backstage… you really just want to end on a really nice note.

“That’s a small goal we have.”

He later tweeted out a goodbye to sport.

Canadian Figure Skater Eric Radford Took Home The Gold

We have even more exciting news to share with you all concerning openly gay athletes and Olympics Medals.

We shared with you earlier that Adam Rippon had earned a bronze medal for his solo run, and now it seems another gay athlete took home the gold.

When we first introduced you to Eric Radford, we shared that he was yet another openly gay athlete going to the Winter Olympics.

Radford, along with his team skate partner Meagan Duhamel, represented Canada well and ultimately earned 73 points in their Team Free skate competition.

That high point score earned the two the gold while the Russian team got silver with 66 points and the US team received bronze with 62 points.

Now, not only is this Eric Radford’s first time going to the Winter Olympics as an openly gay man, but this win makes him the first openly gay athlete to receive a gold medal at the Winter Olympics.

Congratulations Radford!



Fox News VP Slams Olympic Team USA For Their "Darker, Gay, Different" Agenda

Fox News Executive Vice President John Moody says the US Olympics team is “darker, gay, different.”

Moody made these comments through an op-ed for Fox News (that's now been taken down) and said that Team USA doesn’t have a chance at the 2018 Winter Olympics.

He thinks this is because athletes were chosen for PR reasons, and not because each person went through the intense and multi-step process of qualification.

To introduce his stance on this, Moody referenced a USOC official who praised the team for its diversity. Then Moody reversed that statement by saying there’s an “’embarrassing laundry list of how many African-Americans, Asians and openly gay athletes are on this year’s US team.”

He added:

“No sport that we are aware of awards points – or medals – for skin color or sexual orientation.”

“Unless it’s changed overnight, the motto of the Olympics, since 1894, has been “Faster, Higher, Stronger,” he wrote.

“It appears the US Olympic Committee would like to change that to ‘Darker, Gayer, Different.”

“If your goal is to win medals, that won’t work.”

Of course, many people were offended by John Moody’s statement and called him both racist and homophobic.