The sociology professor is testing how penis size affects men's lives.
Try it! It's so easy and cute!
There was a gay surprise at today's game between Russia and Suadi Arabia.
Show your pride with your Apple Watch, Henny!
Comments include, "Bet you wish you’d worn a rubber now slut.” and more.
The study associates dairy and animal protein with the highest risk, but fish and eggs are safe.
This research is a breakthrough in how science sees transgender life.
While many compalin about the new audio messages, the app itself completely shut down.
The company once fought against NC's Anti-LGBTQ laws, so advocates worry this is the company selling out.
The collaborative study was conducted with 55 HIV-positive, meth-using men receiving effective anti-retroviral treatment
After several data leak/sharing scandals, Facebook announced it wants to share more of our information.
Better than PrEP/Truvada? They're saying yes for several reasons.
Doctors at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine conducted the breakthrough surgery for 14 hours.
New infographic may help better your game.
The popular social media app announced it will be following China's censorship laws.
Are you down to play?
New HTC Ad may be misleading about capabilities of new phone
New study says don't complain about not having friends if you don't want to to do this...
Could we ever see Alaska, Bianca del Rio, Alyssa Edwards, Trixie & Katya smart homes?!
Did you like or reblog any of these accounts?
In a video interview, Wylie shares how his company collected data through FB and then targeted users with political ads.
Share the magic of love with these gay couples
The app offers a feature to add fake facial hair, fake tattoos, and fake muscle definition.
The survey asks its gay male respondents about preparation practices, condom use, and how often they have sex.
The study involving white t-shirts had partners react to their man's 24-hour BO.
Oh, but nothing could be that simple. It'll mean three times the work.
Some worry that having a Chinese government will bring anti-gay policy into the gay app. But should they?
The decision has already been made for you. Good luck!
This could help same-sex couples give birth to children biologically related to both partners.
Our Suspicions Were True!