Which Oscar-Winning Actor is Selling His Used Jockstrap on the Internet?

Who would've thought that a burly, hairy and sexy dude would ever sell a used jockstrap on the internet?  One that isn't gay, we mean.

A very famous, Oscar-winning actor is selling his used jockstrap as well as other personal belongings on the web, as he is getting rid of a ton of old things he acquired during his marriage to a fellow actor that is now in the midst of a divorce.


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We are talking about Gladiator star Russell Crowe, who is going through a major divorce from Aussie actress Danielle Spencer and is selling a ton of his personal items online that he amassed during their 14 years together.

One of these items includes a jockstrap he wore in the film Cinderella Man, or as it is listed on Sotheby's website, a "brown leather boxer's protector". The details of this jockstrap/protector say "featured in the scene depicting the Heavy Weight Championship bout, James J. Braddock vs. Max Baer on 13 June 1935, brown suede leather with elastic support.  Accompanied by a letter from Russell Crowe stating his ownership."

It's current estimated value is between $500-$600.  So if you are curious to know how Russell potentially smelled during his time in this film (although that scent might be a bit weak all these years later), then click on this link and bid on your chance to "hypothetically" get in his pants.