Is This What His Profile Meant By 'Wet and Wild'?

You tend to find all kinds of weird, funny, and crazy videos when scrolling away on social media, but this video is one we often come back to for it keeps our attention for a good minute.

In the quick video originally posted about a year ago, we see a very brave man barefoot water skiing with all his clothing on. But don’t worry, those clothes won’t be there for long.

Not only does the man go through the effort of peeling off his soaking wet clothes while speeding across the water, but he also goes through the trouble of placing the articles of clothing into the boat besides him.

Honestly, we’re impressed. And no, it’s not just because the guy's hot (though, that too). Imagine how physically demanding it was to have to hang on to that handle and stay standing straight(-ish) while also disrobing at so many knots. There’s a reason why this guy’s body is so flexed in the video.

Are you cheering for him to wipe out?  Will he? If he does, will the underwear come off, too? You'll have to watch the video to find out.


Yes, this video was from a little while back, but it does remind us of a few things:

  • some people do wild and crazy things.
  • everything looks better wet.
  • some men are a little more talented than others.
  • some men are a little more crazy than others.

and last, but definitely not least:

  • it's time to get working on that summer body.