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West Hollywood Honoring Stormy Daniels!

West Hollywood Honoring Stormy Daniels!

ChiChi LaRue Is Getting In On The Fun!

#ICON! People may throw the word icon around too much nowadays, but one famous Porn Star may be worthy of the title. Stormy Daniels, who you know far beyond her adult films, has been vocal about her alleged affair with the guy in the White House, Donald Trump. Many have criticized Daniels over her allegations, her unusual professional life, and her every being. On the flip side, many have applauded her courage and commitment to stating the truth, especially if it means taking a dig at the controversial President of the United States. However, one friendly gayBorhood on the West Coast is taking the time to honor Daniels.

According to the LA Times, West Hollywood, California has declared May 23rdStormy Daniels Day and will give her a key to the city of West Hollywood. Yes, you’ve read that correctly. This isn’t a drill: The gayest city in all of Southern California is really doing this. West Hollywood Mayor, John Duran, and other members of the WeHo City Council will present Daniels with the key at the famed sex shop, ChiChi LaRue’s, named after a Drag Queen who has on-again-off-again problems with addiction and once asked fans to pay for his rehab. WeHo officials told:

"In these politically tumultuous times, Daniels has proven herself to be a profile in courage by speaking truth to power even under threats to her safety and extreme intimidation.”

Daniels is doing a press junket in ChiChi’s from 7PM-9PM, selling t-shirts and taking photographs. Afterwards, the buxom blonde is heading to popular gay nightclub, The Abbey, to live it up.

While I stay as neutral as possible in politics, I’m so stoked that Daniels is coming to my neighborhood! I’m definitely going to be at this event and hope she’s as tasteful as I’ve assumed. If any town is going to honor Daniels, it’s definitely West Hollywood – and the LGBTQ community. I mean, we glorify porn stars each day, why not honor one who has actually pushed through to achieve a difference in the society?

Are you happy with WeHo honoring Daniels?



Hate Trump all you want, but this is a disgrace.

A forgotten washed up over the hill pornstar making a last ditch cash grab by trying to fluff up the shriveled remnants of her "career" before forever disappearing into obscurity while being stage managed by some scumbag lawyer trying to dig himself out of millions of dollars in debts.

And this is what passes as a "profile in courage," "speaking truth to power" ???

A poster in the L.A. Times said it best :  "What a joke. West Hollywood is run by a bunch of children.
What's next, giving Ed Buck a humanitarian award for his charitable outreach work to homeless persons of color?
PS -- for you out of towners who don't know about local political hero Ed Buck, google him real quick -- he has some real interesting hobbies, and for some strange reason homeless prostitutes seem to OD on meth in his house."

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