Tom Daley Gets A Lift From World's Strongest Man

Out gay Olympic diver Tom Daley was hoisted up into the air by the "World's Strongest Man."

Last night, the BBC held its annual Sports Personality of the year presentation, at the Echo Arena in Liverpool. And on hand for the even was Eddie "The Beast" Hall, the current World's Strongest Man titleholder.

With Daley there on red carpet duty, Hall couldn't resist the opportunity to show off his amazing strength by lifting the diver high above his head, with one hand.




In case you've found yourself wondering why Tom's speedo is so tiny, last year he explained on the Graham Norton Show:

“They have to be small because everything has to stay in place."

“If you’re spinning around the last thing you want to do is have something come out of place!  And when you hit the water you don’t want things flapping about because it would hurt.”

H/T: Gay Star News