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Norwegians, Twitter Claps Back at Trump with a Crappy Hashtag.

How far can a nation's jaw drop after listening to yet another non-presidential statement by our electoral college elected leader?

But his comments are not staying within our borders and are affecting the world as a hole, um, or whole.

The US President has provoked fresh controversy after allegedly asking a group of senators why the US had to allow in immigrants from “s***hole countries” in Africa and the Caribbean rather than from places like Norway. 

He was immediately denounced as a "racist" who praised white immigrants over ethnic minorities with the UN calling the comments “shocking and shameful”. -

Shithole, pussy, covfefe ... what a great edumakashun we are all receiving from our president. Our founding fathers and past presidents like Reagan and Lincoln would be proud. People that are not swallowing the medicine the president is handing out are the Norwegians. 

Norwegians are not wanting to be associated with such negativity, racism, or elitism and have expressed solidarity with Haiti and several other African nations by saying they don't want to go to the United States and have been using Trump's alleged words to call the US a “shithole." 

Here are a couple of fun, accurate, head-nodding tweets using #shithole and #shitholecountry in response to the latest mouth diarrhea coming from the Whitehouse.