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LGBT Couples Surveyed - Large Majority Uncomfortable Showing Affection When Traveling Abroad.

When planning a gay honeymoon or trip, do you consider traveling to more accepting countries than others? Does your sexuality play a big role in picking a destination?

Straight couples most likely do not worry too much about showing affection for one another when they travel, but the same is not true for LGBT couples. A new survey shows that  there is an overwhelming fear of puishment and negative response when LGBT couples travel abroad and show affection to their partner. A shocking 5 percent of LGBT couples surveyed by Virgin Holidays said they felt comfortable showing affection to their partner abroad. How does that compare to straight couples? Survey results showed that 84 percent of straight couples were comfortable showing affection to each other.

One thousand LGBT couples were surveyed and 80 percent of them said they did not feel safe holding hands abroad. Roughly half stated that they did not even hold hand in their resorts, which are usually more accepting than within the city or rural areas.

But this is not just a yes or no survey of would they show affection overseas.  Virgin Holidays allowed for more elaboration on this topic.  They found out that 1 in 10 respondents said they had been threatened with physical violence while traveling and at least one-third experienced discrimination abroad, including being laughed at or verbally abused.

With the help of a poor straight couple (actors) and the results of the survey, Virgin Holidays turned the table on the breeders, showing how it might be to be a gay couple traveling and facing discrimination.

"At Virgin Holidays, we believe everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, has the right to be whoever they are, wherever they are," said Sir Richard Branson.

"That’s why it is shocking that in today’s society some of us can’t even enjoy a simple holiday without fear of discrimination. It’s fantastic that Virgin Holidays are raising awareness around this important issue."



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