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InstaHottie Of The Week: Chris Jones

We are giving you all the treats this week aren’t we! Hunks twerking at the gym, Drag Race conspiracy theories, and now, our second InstaHottie of the week!

Chris Jones is a fitness fanatic, comic book nerd and comedy genius. We caught up with the handsome Chris this week, and got a bit of an insight into his life, and we wanted to share with you his massive biceps…

Hi Chris! Great to catch up with you! Where am I speaking to you from today?


A pleasure! Calling in from London, England here!


Taking a look through your Instagram, it’s obvious you’re quite the superhero and comic book fan. Is this a childhood love that extended into your adult life?


YES. So I was reading and collecting comic books as a kid but I was always really embarrassed by it. I went to a school where everyone was quite cool and sporty, and there was me who was a bit overweight and loved comic books. I used to hide them in case my buddies came over but one day I discovered my class mate was the our newspaper delivery guy, and he said "by the way, I love the comic books you get. I read them before I deliver them through your door!" From then on I realised, hang on, this is actually a very cool thing. And now look, superheroes are literally all over the place. Being an adult comic book fan is pretty cool, as now I have no issues walking into a store and buying whatever I fancy reading and even the odd action figure...or costume..! 

Do you have a favourite Superhero?


This is a big question. Thanks so the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I love Star-Lord. A real dude with no super powers but is dorky and kick ass? Yes please. My favourite character from the comic books would have to be Rogue from the X-Men. Especially 90's sassy Rogue! Her mutant powers are to absorb another persons memories, powers and life essence on skin contact so she is isolated, but she developed a fun and confident persona to mask that. I think I liked her so much, especially when I wasn't out yet as she was sorta relate-able, yet strong. 

You’re big into fitness, you have your own website and you talk a lot about your own experiences with the gym. How important is fitness to you in your day to day life?


I wasn't the fittest person growing up. I was literally the kid that was never picked for a team or came last in every school race. I started to work out and get in shape in my teenage years and it really helped with my confidence. It's very important to me, but it doesn't take over my life. If it did, I would probably have ripped abs...I don't have ripped abs. I like burgers too much!


So you’re this week’s InstaHottie at Instinct, but aside from fitness, you’re also a funny guy! Is comedy something that comes naturally to you, or do you actively put it into your work?


I think it's safe to say being a total doofus is natural, so therefore so does any sort of comedy. I've never been cool. I'm cool with not being cool. So I'm pretty honoured being Instinct's InstaHottie. Does it come in the form of a badge or something? I don't think I'll be ready to let go of the title after a week, you see.

 You are often featured in gay media, sharing gym tips with the community. There’s quite a standard in the LGBTQ world that guys feel they have to look a certain way. Do you feel it’s important for guys to feel comfortable with themselves when working out?


Feeling comfortable is obviously ideal, but when we're all nervous starting out. What I will say is 'hey, no one is watching. Do your thing and know you will walk out feeling amazing about yourself.' We all have our reasons for working out, and yes there's so much pressure from the media in general for men, gay or straight, to look a certain way. I'm in an ok shape, I'm a regular guy and I'm certainly not a ripped cover model! So it's a thrill to be featured in any gay media, to move away from a certain super model aesthetic and hear from the guy next door, an everyday Joe.


You seem to be in the cutest relationship with your boyfriend, also called Chris, does he share your love of comic books and fitness?


Haha! Chris does not share my love of comic books and he enjoys fitness in a different way. I hate cardio, he is very good at it. He ran the London Marathon a few years back. I know I couldn't do that, but there I was cheering him on. I love that we're into different things, it's what makes our relationship interesting.

Favourite machine at the gym?


I would have to say I do love the bench press. Not only can you feel a great chest pump, but your shoulders and arms get a blast too. Also a great little hit before heading anywhere you wanna impress!


All-time favourite song?


Has to be "Absolute Beginners" by David Bowie. I pretty much listen to anything Bowie daily.


Celebrity crush?


Chris Hemsworth. Chris Evans. Chris Pratt. It's a Chris thing.


Which Spice Girl do you identify with most on an emotional level?


I want to say Posh Spice, but it's more like Sporty Spice. She just looks...comfortable. 


Boxers or briefs?




And finally, what’s next for Chris Jones?


I launched earlier this year so I'm focusing on that, while still freelancing and have also signed with CMManagment so who knows what the future holds. But you can book me. Please book me. For anything. I can read you a story? Or tell you why the Mirror Universe Story line in Star Trek: Discovery potentially creates an issue with the canon? No? C'mon! 

Follow Chris at his website: 

And on his Twitter and Instagram: @chrisjonesgeek