Cheyenne Jackson's Nude Gay Scene Is Here!

The new indie musical Hello Again marks Cheyenne Jackson's sophomore nude performance following his epic booty debut in Ryan Murphy's (of course) homosexually-charged AHS installment - American Horror Story: Hotel. Now the truly ageless forty-two-year-old openly gay actor is back to putting his assets to good use by getting pounded like there's no tomorrow in Hello Again! Jackson's character Will Drake on AHS: Hotel definitely wasn't shy about his homosexuality, and now that Jackson's only other nude performance shines bright through yet another gay character, he's become the gay actor to watch out for. 

Why does this matter? Because, even though Jackson stands at 6' 3" and gives M4M realness, he is at the end of the day openly homosexy in real life (and his relationship with his hubby is adorbsies,) and by edging out straight actors for gay roles - not to mention not worrying about being pigeonholed as a gay character actor - he's telling audiences that gay is okay and industry insiders that it's time to cast gay characters in gay roles. AND to not be afraid to allow them to be sexual beings, versus, with all due, asexual Bert and Ernie couples like Cam and Mitch on Modern Family. With all due.

While I am not about to NOT see cutie straighties Armie Hammer and Timotheé Chalamet tongue maul each other's faces in Call Me By Your Name, I do have reservations about straight actors taking on gay roles. When they garner praise for specifically embodying traditional/stereotypical gay characteristics, a part of me dies. Here's the Hello Again debriefing (LITERALLY):

Ten lost souls are followed through 10 periods in New York City history, falling in and out of relationships with each other.  

TL;DR. The flick isn't really wowing critics and it kind of looks like a pile, but if you want to see what sounds to be an amalgamation of Rent and Across the Universe, you can now rent Hello Again on YouTube and Google Play. Or, or, you can hit the NSFW link below for Cheyenne's completely wild nude bottoming scene!

Head HERE (site NSFW) for Cheyenne Jackson's nude scene