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A British Store's Selling Gay And Lesbian Adam and Eve Biscuits

A British department store is selling same sex Adam and Eve biscuits for Valentine’s Day.

Fortnum and Mason is offering an interesting product for Valentine’s Day. They are selling Adam and Eve tea biscuits. While they sell the typical one male, one female version of the Biblical characters, they are also selling gay and lesbian versions.

The store has decided to sell Adam and Steve and Eve and Naimh (pronounced Neeve) biscuits as well. (Though, this writer doesn’t know why they didn’t just go with Madam and Eve).

“Delicately hand-iced exclusively for Fortnum’s, these gingerbread biscuits are baked to perfection to make a most memorable and, indeed, delicious gift for your loved one this Valentine’s Day,” according to the site’s description.

The cookies sell at £15.00 (which is about 20 US dollars).

“Fortnum’s has always been for everyone, with excellent taste, and we are delighted with the response to this collection. We can’t think of better biscuits to enjoy with a cup of tea this Valentine’s Day,” the company told Pink News.

While US company Williams & Sonoma is the American version of the brand, they are not collaborating with this special sale. Sorry fellow Americans.