The son of ex-Angolan president is conquering the world with color and sound
“I’m a gay man from Indiana, I know how to deal with a bully"
"You're a twink now, Harry!"
West Virginia's Eric Porterfield can't stop making anti-LGBTQ comments
The bill failed to get passed twice; will it fail again?
His Latest Film Shelved Amid Child Sexual Abuse Allegations
The words "He is Gay" were written on the wall with his blood
Did your favorite artist take home a Grammy last night?
The Twitterverse clapped back with a ton of shade
"A player said to the whole team, ‘We only lost this game because we have a sissy in the team.’"
"[Ruben Diaz Sr.'s] sentiments are antagonistic, quarrelsome and wholly unnecessary."
“I’ve been in this neighborhood five years. I don’t believe it, not around here."
"The Church... is sending a sad, regressive, and life-altering message to our children."
"Ryan Evans ("High School Musical") walked so Cryus Goodman could run"
"Neither you or your story’s straight. It’s such a shame. For a second put yourself in my place."
His goal is "to combat the Marxist waste that has spread in educational institutions."
He also says gays are a bigoted terrorist group
"They hunt & travel far in packs. All they ever want is sex. They look for you, oh, to attack.”
"...the lack of sexual education creates a society that limits you to a ghetto..."
The actor analyzes a film scene and his own accomplishments in film.
From calling him homophobic slurs to holding a gun against his head.
To gay dads trying to adopt get asked to become sperm donors.
The soul singer disappeared in 1971. Her music is now nominated for a Grammy
Religious rights should not be regarded as sacrosanct in my opinion.
The age of movie musicals has returned.
Bisexual twitter's either claiming bi pride or chanting queer bait.
Micky’s Bar Patron Entered The Establishment With Weapon
But can it get past the president?
The skier channels his inner Nancy Pelosi
He welcomed his first child via surrogate on Monday, February 4.