"We cannot let the current troubles keep us from our mission."
Shocking video of how Grindr can be used to find all users' exact locations, homes.
But why did Crews only now share the letter from March?
"It's more important than ever to tell stories about the lives of LGBTQ people."
The 24-year-old pop star might be off the market already...
This myth is the concern put forth by transphobic people and anti-LGBTQ+ groups.
This would mark the 21st person in the nation since the start of the year.
Sia is openly bisexual and has always been an advocate for the LGBTQ+ community.
When asked about motive, the attacker cited a “gay panic.”
"I was angry"
The composer was friends with Duke Ellington and openly gay as early as the 1940s.
Is this a bad sign for the neighborhood's historic Latinx community?
"This story is the RuPaul saying: ‘If you can’t love yourself, how the hell are you gonna love somebody else?’”
'I’m not discouraged. I’m inspired,' she tweeted after her loss.
0.2% of the participants said that they were bi or gay.
This is not the first time German officials have worked with US intelligence.
Why doesn't Emma Stone have an Instagram? New Yorkers, and Billy Eichner, would like to know!
The series will be based off of a real gay couple from Virginia.
“Love whoever you want, just love hard”
Gays & lesbians tend to be older than straight couples when they marry
In various tweets, Curtis has not held back.
NJ Republican says he still opposes adoption by LGBTs
"Society is very unfair," one parent said.
N. Ireland is only part of Western Europe without same-sex marriage
“We intend to argue that Section 377A is absurd and arbitrary."
“If anyone out there is struggling, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. YOU ARE LOVED AND YOU ARE ENOUGH."
A larger than life diva, one of the largest schools in the US, and a national conference help Fort Lauderdale welcome all.
In a new interview, McCartney shares details about some self-love from back in the day.
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