"They had my password and they knew a pornsite I visited"
“My roommate became ill, was hospitalised, and died overnight.”
Eye-witnesses and anal exams used in court case to find 2 men guilty of homosexuality.
Charged with Hate Crime since he attacked the men because he “does not let gay stuff go on.”
As of August 2018, only 14 U.S. states, D.C., and some counties/municipalities have passed laws banning conversion therapy.
Enjoy it while it lasts.
Should we be alarmed about this vaping/smoking trend in the LGBT Community?
I feel like I’ve missed the boat in some ways.
And its related to some gay men's favorite activity.
AT&T, Tim Cook, Imagine Dragons & LGBT performers make a big statement in Utah.
You betta work...
The CDC's new study says there's more work to be done.
Feeling stigmatized and ashamed of who you are can, of course, lead to self-destructive behavior.
The study combined data from the CDC to find these results.
"I don’t bat an eye when I disclose to potential love interests my HIV positive status, but I found myself nervous to tell him."
Was accued of kickboxing only to get closer to men
75% of LGBTQ survey responders say they have experienced “everyday discrimination”
We're a believer. What was the catalyst for him to change his body?
A humourous yet saddening reality check of current blood donation laws in many countries.
The "Keep It Up!" multimedia program includes a video game, a soap opera, interview videos, and animated storylines.
Is it shocking that 33% of us can’t afford a $500 emergency?
It defines “sex” as “a person’s immutable biological sex as objectively determined by anatomy and genetics existing at the time
Can sexuality dictate if you are more at risk of heart failure?
"They are punishing people who are actually reducing their risk.”
The researcher says the study has been compromised.
The sociology professor is testing how penis size affects men's lives.
Should We Be Limiting Our Playful Thumbs?
After consenting to a screening his doctor canceled the test
A new study shows risk factors, and measures for prevention and management.
For your workout/entertainment enjoyment