Take that, Biebs!
Cuddle up.
Schedules are cleared.
Drool time.
The Super Bowl MVP had to think hard on this
Adam Levine can be added to this list.
Woof, grr and stuff.
The out Olympian has been cast in one of our favorite TV series and we're shook!
One in particular plays for our team.
This isn't the first time we've seen those cakes.
Which birthday suit's your favorite?
He can keep you warm in the most frigid of weathers.
Take. It. Off.
He claimed to be the only guy in the audience while there.
So fetch.
His Big Apple looks quite tasty.
Oops! Rewind. Oops! (NSFW)
Spraying ourselves with water like Blanche Devereaux as we speak.
'Parks & Rec' > 'Guardians of the Galaxy'.
He's also shirtless on the Freeform series.
Number one might not me much of a surprise.
Nothing "cruel" about his "intentions" here.
They will be suitors in the brand new Snatch Game of Love.
Ho, ho, ho.
Award-winning adult performer objects to being called 'gay for pay'
NSFW = Naughty Santas Flashing Wood
Bryan Hawn & Vlad Parker uncover the science of being a 'Bro'
Our surfs… are up.