August Ames' Brother Blames Cyber Bullies for Her Suicide

One of August Ames' family members is speaking out nearly a month after the former porn star committed suicide on December 6th of last year.  

In an exclusive interview with The Sun, James Grabowski that the onslaught of cyber-bullying she received shortly before her death was partially to blame for why she took her own life.

August found herself in a major social media battle back in early December, when she tweeted about not wanting to work with a male performer who had prior experience in gay porn. This led to a ton of backlash from both the straight and gay porn community, with gay porn star Jaxton Wheeler going as far to tell her to take a cyanide pill.  He has since apologized for his words

Her older brother James stated, “She seemed 100 percent normal and happy when I spoke to her the day before she passed - so all this bullying about her being homophobic that was her boiling point," he said.

"I truthfully think she just couldn’t take it any more.  It had happened before that - people had hated on her for a while and she got upset but she always bounced back. But this time she just couldn’t."

“She was not homophobic she just did her homework with the line of work she’s in - and didn’t want to do work with people who weren’t being tested. And people took it the wrong way."

He goes on to say that "At the end of the day, social media killed her. And even now people are still saying stuff on my Instagram - sexual, nasty, dirty things."

Since her passing, James has had it rough when it comes to dealing with his sister's death, especially with it happening right before the holidays.  He now plans to take his grief and raise awareness about suicide and depression.

“Depression is not a joke,” he said. “Bullying is not a joke. Anybody and everybody - if they see it should stand up to it."

He finished the interview with a message to the cyber bullies who not only harassed her but him too: "No one has the audacity to say these things in person - they hide behind their keyboards. But they will get what is coming to them one day.”



What bothers me about this is the dishonesty surrounding the discussion and the actual reason why he was called out.

The vast majority of people who called her out criticised the stigma she was spreading with their tweet directly or indirectly towards gay men and homosexual sex as if heterosexual sex and being a heterosexual porn actress were totally free from STDs. Except for one tweet I don't recall people driving her to suicide. But then she has a history of depression due to sexual abuse and which made her ponder suicide way before this incident.

It is problematic to call people who appropriately criticised her unfortunate tweet because when you label fair criticism of stigma as "bullying" you want to silence people. LGBT people have alwys being the object of stigma and now this is causing that once again LGBT and allies cannot defende themselves from stigma and homophobia.

Likewise, LGBT people have been drive to suicide and are still the object of enormous psychological abuse but those same people who are using her passing to spew out their homophobia never cared about LGBT people's lives and never stood up for them.

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